Shieldstars Masks Reviews {May} Is It Safe To Buy?

Shieldstars Masks Reviews 2020

Shieldstars Masks Reviews {May} Is It Safe To Buy? >> In this article, you came to know about the website that provides you a trendy and safety accessories.

Have you ever seen a face mask that comes with unique design and Fashion? If not, then go through the Shieldstars Masks Reviews to reveal the facts you were looking for.

Athletes, gymnasts, travelers, etc. always look for mask which is comfortable and can go with the trend. It protects them from viral and air-borne infections.

People should protect themselves from reparable and inhalable dust and toxic chemical smoke. These particulates cause allergies, and many diseases like asthma and breathing problems. People with low immunity get affected a lot. 

As we say, “Precaution is better than cure.” Wouldn’t it be good enough if we protect ourselves by wearing a mask rather than getting cured by medicines? Even medical science has proved that face mask is a better option to get safeguarded by air-borne diseases.

In the United Statethe trend of Shieldstars Masks is increasing rapidly. As it is trendy and innovative, the customers who have purchased these masks are appreciating, and they are in love with it.

Is Shieldstars Masks Legit? Should you blindly go for this online store? Many questions are popping up in your head. And to clear all your queries, Shieldstars Masks Reviews discloses all the information you need to know.

What is is an E-commerce store that has set the seal on dust free and face shield masks. This store sells a variety of trendy and fancy masks. The website gives a strong feeling by using a well-designed layout. claims to have the best quality product at a reasonable price. The affordability and design of their products are attracting their customers.

You can order the product from any corner of the world. Above $69, shipping and delivery charges are free. Payments can be made through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. are giving a discount offer of Extra 5% off over $79 and also offering a promo Buy 5 Face shield- Get 15% off.

Why should you buy Shieldstars Masks?

Shieldstars Masks comes with Dust and Sun UV protection. It is soft, flexible, comfortable, and breathable. It is made of 100% Polyester Microfiber elastic moisture-wicking fabric. The 2-way Lateral stretch makes it odorless and stain-resistant. It is a non-slip multifunctional mask, great for biking, hiking, running, workout, sport, etc. This mask is excellent for summer, as well as for the winter season.

Specifications of ShieldStars Masks:

  • Shipping time- 10-20 working days
  • Shipping and delivery charges – Free shipping above $69
  • Return – Applicable within 15 days
  • Refund – Within two weeks from the date of delivery
  • Exchange – Applicable within 15 days.
  • Mode of Payment – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Email address – service@shieldstars.comWebsite –

Pros of Shieldstars Masks:

  • It has the best quality product at an affordable price.
  • It has different varieties of fresh and trendy products.
  • Provide the best quality masks.
  • The website is secured and has an SSL Certificate.
  • Always offers the best promo and discounts to customers.
  • Customers can quickly return and exchange their products.
  • Cancellation and refund policy is easy.
  • You can order the product from all the places around the globe.

Cons of Shieldstars Masks:

  • The store has provided no contact details and address.
  • We cannot find them on social media.
  • No customer reviews on the website.

Customer reviews on Shieldstars masks:

As Shieldstars Masks provides the best quality dust free mask at an affordable rate, a lot of people are into it. After purchasing the product, a positive reaction can be seen by the customers. Shieldstars Masks offers the best design, which goes with the trend and provides the best discount, which attracts the customers.

Shieldstars Masks not only claims to have the cool and trendy type of masks but also the safest mask. Shieldstars Masks reviews show that customers are happy and convinced by the masks as they can use it in all seasons.

Final Verdict:

After going through Shieldstars Masks Reviews, we can conclude that the website has been performing better in the business.

 Shieldstars Masks has made a marvelous entry in an E-commerce world. People are participating in trying the product. By completing the demands of the customers, they provide the coolest and trendy masks with the best quality at a reasonable rate. The company offers accessories for men, women as well as kids so they all can go for their choices.

 Nowadays, people need to stay healthy and protect themselves from viral infections and suntan.

Hence, we suggest you give this website a try and share your experiences.

0 thoughts on “Shieldstars Masks Reviews {May} Is It Safe To Buy?

    1. Have not shipped my order out after a month and a half. Am looking for them to refund my money. They are a terrible company. They look legit, but are NOT!!!

      1. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!! I placed an order for (11) masks on April 21, 2020. I have yet to receive anything. They provide “tracking numbers” that give you absolutely no information. It always amazes me to see people take advantage of others in times of crisis.

    2. SCAM! This group is an untrustworthy website according to the BBB. There are hundreds of people on the internet that have ordered and never received their mask. They string you along with phony emails that the item is delayed but I have found no one who has ever received their order. It appears the company is on Hong Kong and yet they claim to be a US-based company.

      Their same masks are all available immediately on other websites with fast and free delivery.

      Beware if you have other charges put on your credit card by this company.

  1. Hello,

    I would like to purchase some face shields from you, but not sure because you do not post a phone number or address which is very suspicious for business and I have read on the internet that many people feel the same way. With the COVID-19 unprdictability of delivery, etc, it is scary to buy online. How long would it take to deliver to Denver, CO?

    1. I got my mask three days after asking for a refund. Not impressed. My friend got four nice masks elsewhere for less than I paid for the one crappy one.
      Look around

  2. Ordered to face Shields 2 weeks ago I’m not seeing them unable to contact anybody I need an answer

    1. I reported to Google FTC and now reporting to my bank. Dont order from this site. They do not provide necessary information to track order even after 25 days.

  3. Do not order with them. It is a scam they will take money out and not provide shipping updates or respond to emails for support. Many people have this issue. Glad I used a burner card to order.

  4. I ordered a face mask 3/19/2020 I haven’t received it. I would like to know when its coming or what is the problem I paid for it . Did i get ripped off or what.

  5. Ordered 2 masks 4/18/2020 for $37.97. Nothing. Shipping partner is United Global Development, Inc. Have USPS tracking but it apparently means nothing as supposed items sit in Rosedale, NY. Sent email and no response. Will take it up with PayPal.

  6. I ordered 5 masks on 4/17/2020. After several attempts via email with NO RESPONSE from them I will get my money back via payment protection.

  7. I ordered masks two weeks ago. Before I ordered I emailed the company asking if they are located in the US as I will not order from China anymore. Got a response back that Yes they are in the US. That seems to be a lie bc I can’t find any info on them. I emailed them after the order asking where my stuff is and they said they will email when it ships. Still nothing.I emailed again and haven’t heard back. Even if it is legit, bad customer service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!


  9. I ordered 5 masks, but sent a cancelation immediately. They sent an email next day saying it was packaged and ready to ship, and asked if I still wanted to cancel. I emailed back yes I still wanted to cancel. I have asked many times for my refund, but no response. It’s a ripoff!

  10. is a scam!! If you put in an order, they take your credit card information to use it selling your info. on the dark web. They never send you anything. They never respond to your emails. If you ever did order anything from them, have your credit card co. cancel the transaction, & change your account to a new number.

    1. Just wondering how you know this, you didn’t claim to be a victim of identity theft or anything like that.
      I also ordered from them and am giving them the, “20 business days” end of the spectrum for to all that is going on.

  11. I also ordered a mask in late March, and it still has not arrived (May 5th) I was also given a USPS tracking number, but it is no good. Their site shows that my order is currently with United Global Development in Rosedale, NY.

    Their website shipping times are definitely unreliable, but I’ve been trying to be patient, as even Amazon shipping times are inaccurate right now. I reached out to them via email and I received 2 responses:

    Hi there,

    Your parcel is in processing now.
    when everything has been done, we will ship your parcel to you soon. When the tracking number comes out, we will let you know.
    If any doubt, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards

    After more complaining on my part, they responded:

    Dear Customer,

    It takes to prepare the parcel and the logistics.We hope you can wait a few days
    Sincerely yours,


    All in all, I’m not holding my breath that it will arrive before the pandemic is over. But until I find another source, I’ve been reluctant to cancel the order. PayPal has extended the time to file a complaint because of globally increased shipping times, so I’m not worried about losing money. I would not recommend placing an order at this point; it seems very unlikely that you will receive your product within their stated time-frame, if at all.

  12. I placed an order on April 15 for a face mask and have yet to receive an order nor an email response. I was under the pretense this company was from the U.S. but apparently not. Unforunately, through further research this company is from China. I was given a USPS tracking # but still no record of a shipment was sent out. Since this is a company abroad all consumer complaints should be submitted online at: It’s an absolute atrocity that scammers such as this company is using the COVID19 pandemic to their monetary advantage with services that have not provided whatsoever.

  13. These people are douche bags. Took my money, have never replied to my emails, never sent my item. Reported to PayPal. Hopefully I can get my money back. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE A$$ HOLES!

  14. I placed an order as well for two masks in early March. Same as everyone else, tracking shows my shipment sitting in Rosedale, NY. I have received the same blanket reply to be patient. My patience is gone. Do not order from this company if you want your mask.


    Ordered a mask April 17th. As of, today, May 8th, still nothing. Website couldn’t find my order number or track it.

    I tried to email customer support. That failed to send. No phone number. Unable to contact them. I paid a decent amount, for a mask I never recieved.

    Like others, according to the USPS number, it’s in Rosendale, NY. Total Scam.


  17. I too placed a; order over a month ago with SheildStars and have not received any communication from them since. I have continually emailed their customer service (they don’t have a phone number) Asking for a status on my order and have had NO response back. I am planning to report them to the BBB as a scam business and also my States Attorney General office.

  18. I like many others ordered 3 weeks ago. I bought 3 masks and have heard nothing from these people. That was a 60 dollar mistake and I am hoping my bank will help me get it back.

  19. I ordered and have not received any updates. After 10 days I sent an email and did get a response that things were delayed and I would ge an email when the items are shipped. Since then my order is no longer visible on there site. When using the link from the confirmation email it shows the page as “Cannot be found”. I clearly have been robbed by these people.

  20. Hello, THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! DO NOT TRY TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. I bought a neck gaiter, and a mask on April 14th, 2020. Today is May 10th. It has been 26 days now. They will not return or answer any messages. No telephone number listed. The order confirmation and tracking numbers are bogus. I called the post office, and they said the number did not exists. I am posting this information everywhere I can to warn people of the shady scam they are doing. Regards Dave Sevigny in Florida.

  21. A complete ripoff! I believe these masks are made in China. I ordered, they took my money, said the 4 masks I purchased were shipped….. 1-1/2 months ago. Never heard from them again.


  22. Similar non delivery of likely identical items from identical web stock photos from company called Dreamfitters. Orderd April 18, got a tracking number May 4th that said that on May 6th the item went into the hands of UNITED GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INC heading for Chino CA. These guys have a Bleeping Time Machine! I just canceled my card and kissed my $38 good bye. Thanks Covid.

  23. I received my order as stated on website but it took 31days for delivery. Will not order from them again. They did however respond to my delivery status 1 week before actual delivery. Received item but won’t order from them again. Buyer beware

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