Sfixx Magic Hooks Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop?

Sfixx Magic Hooks reviews 2020

Sfixx Magic Hooks Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop? -> Find out about wall hooks that claim to be multipurpose and require no drill work.

Do you want to use multipurpose hooks to hang items like bags and keys? If that is the case, lets read on to learn about Sfixx Magic Hooks. 

We came across many posts in which buyers are asking about Sfixx Magic Hooks reviews. As this product appears to be quite famous, we decided to share its info with the readers. 

Every now and then, new products take over the market and become the talk of the town. Across the United Kingdom, consumers are discussing this product. People are curious to find out about these products and whether they’re worth the splurge. Continue reading to find more useful info about these hooks. 

What are Sfixx Magic Hooks?

The reusable magic hooks by the brand Sfixx are available in many ecommerce stores. The hooks can get attached to smooth walls that are non-greasy. Unlike other such products, these hooks do not require any drilling. 

Attach these hooks to any flat wall and hang the item of your liking. The brand claims that the large magic hooks can be used for hanging items that weigh around 6 kg in total, while the small ones can endure 4kg in total. 

Whether you want to hang a tote bag or Christmas decorations, you can use these hooks and save some space. Though these hooks appear to be useful and their price seems reasonable, are they worth the purchase? 

Here we look at the various aspects of these hooks and go through Sfixx Magic Hooks reviews available online to help you make the right buying decision. 

Specifications of Sfixx Magic Hooks:

  • The hooks are reusable.
  • The hooks can be attached to the wall without any drilling. 
  • You can wash these hooks with water. 
  • You can hang items weighing up to 6kg on the large hooks.
  • You can hand items weighing up to 4 kg on the small hooks. 
  • It does not cause damage to the wall. 
  • The hooks can be used on non-greasy walls. 

Pros of buying Sfixx Magic Hooks:

  • You can use these hooks for hanging all kinds of items. 
  • The hooks can hold more than 4kg of weight.
  • You can use these hooks for home décor. 
  • You can use these hooks multiple times as they’re reusable. 

Cons of buying Sfixx Magic Hooks:

  • Not many proper Sfixx Magic Hooks reviews on the internet. 
  • There is no way to verify the claim by the brand. 

Are Sfixx Magic Hooks legit or not? 

Before buying any product, it is critical to be sure of its legitimacy. That is why we conduct a deep search to find out if a product is genuine. We use a myriad of ways to determine a product’s genuineness. 

During our search, we found that the product is yet to receive proper reviews on the internet. However, we found a page of the product on the popular social media portal, Facebook. 

The magic hooks are available on a few trusted and reliable ecommerce stores. Also, the brand Sfixx appears to be legit. All these points indicate that the products are legit. 

However, we can’t comment on the claims made by the brand regarding the products’ ability to hold heavy items, etc. 

What are people saying about Sfixx Magic Hooks?

The product has an active page on Facebook, and the brand appears to be quite popular. Yet, we could not find any reliable review for these hooks. It could be due to the fact that the product is newly launched by the brand. 


We closely examined the product and the Sfixx Magic Hooks reviews available on the internet. In our search, we found that the hooks are reusable. They are easy to install. The hooks can get attached to any flat and smooth wall without any drill work. 

The magic hooks come in two different sizes: large and small. The brand claims that the large hooks possess the capability to hold 6kg weight. On the other hand, the small ones can hold up to 4 kg weight. 

The brand, Sfixx, is an established brand that is known to launch innovative products. The product appears to be legit. However, we’re unable to verify the claim. If you want to save some space in your home, then you can give these hooks a try. If you have used these hooks before, then do leave a comment below. 

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