Seniors Beware. com {Nov 2020} Some Trick To Get Votes!

Seniors Beware. com 2020

Seniors Beware. com {Nov 2020} Some Trick To Get Votes! >> If you want to know about Joe Biden’s government’s health plan from Trump’s point of view, read.

America is all set to organize its 45th presidential elections between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In the United States, three presidential debates took place, and today the polls will take place.

Both the parties left no stone unturned to make sure that they win. One such trick that Donald Trump uses regards the country’s health care, too, for the senior citizens. This article is on ‘Seniors Beware. com.’

This article will discuss an ad campaign that the Trump government runs regarding senior citizens’ health and their problems if they vote for Joe Biden. Read the entire article to know the details.

What is seniors

The website gives you information on the health plan and health insurance planning of Biden’s government. You will find a lot of data regarding the senior citizen’s health and a comparison between what it was in Trump’s government and what it will be if Joe Biden wins the election.

What does the ad campaign say?

The ad targets the problems that senior citizens will face in Joe’s government. The ad says that in Michigan, the medical premiums went down by 53%. More information is available on ‘Seniors Beware. com.’

The ad also says that if Joe Biden’s government comes into power, the health and Medicare will change. The private insurance will eliminate, hospitals will close, and there are chances that you will not even find a doctor. 

The ad’s final line is that you have to vote for President Trump if you want to protect your medical coverage. The ad is present on the Facebook account of Ronna Mcdaniel, who is chairwomen of RNC.

What is seniors beware informing?

On the Seniors Beware. com’, there is a single webpage available. On the page, you will find six allegations that Donald Trump’s government is putting on Joe Biden’s government regarding health care.

It says that if Joe Biden’s government comes into power, there will be a raid on Medicare. It also says that the tax will increase, and the healthcare plan’s total cost will go to 2.25 trillion dollars.

Some allegations say Biden’s government will use the healthcare funded by the United States taxpayers for the illegal immigrants. Also, the website says that the hospitals will close, and private health insurance will eliminate.

What do the people say?

There are mixed views by the people of the country on ‘Seniors Beware. com.’ Some people say that this is a trick of the Trump government to win the election, and all the facts and figures are wrong. According to the survey, there are high chances that Biden will get more support from the senior citizens than Trump.  

That is why I’m government is spending 14 million dollars on its advertising targeting senior citizens’ health care.


The final line says that the Trump government is trying hard to win the election. Trump is spending a lot of money on advertising and targeting the senior citizens keeping in mind their health care as it is the most critical issue and the reason behind the website ‘Seniors Beware. com.’

There are chances that senior citizens will support at this time, but we can know the truth only after the results are out. So, choose your vote smartly as it might change your future.

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