Send Name to Mars 2021 (Feb) Don’t Miss The Updates

Send Name to Mars 2021

Send Name to Mars 2021 (Feb) Don’t Miss The Updates -> Were you part of NASA’s campaign to send your name to Mars? If you missed it out this year, get all related updates with the help of our post.

Have you already submitted your name to Mars? Are you still unaware of this Trend? If you have any questions related to the TrendSend Name to Mars 2021read this news post, and you will get the answer to all your queries. 

Czechia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Indonesia, and folks from all over the world are sending their name to Mars on perseverance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out all details below. 

Nasa’s Mission of Sending Names to Mars 2020

Maybe you have time dreamt of landing to Mars; however, it is now possible, and all credit goes to- Nasa. So what if you cannot fly to Mars? Your name does. 

Send Name to Mars 2021 is gaining popularity because the same Trend became famous during 2020 when the Mars rover mission was to take around 10 million people on board. There was a twist in this; these 10 million passengers were only flying To Mars in name form. Their names were stenciled on a small chip that was fixed to the rover. 

Update on Sending Names to Mars in 2021

On 18th February 2021, the Perseverance rover unharmed touched down on the surface of Martian in Jezero Crater. Fortunately, the rover landed safely, and around 11 million names were on board this time. 

How did NASA make the collection of names?

NASA’s campaign- Send Name to Mars 2021 is all about inviting people from every part of the world to submit their names. Every name was attached to the rover, which was riding to Mars, and this year around 10,932,295 names were submitted. These names are on the Mars surface now and are written on a tiny chip. 

How were the tiny chips made?

The tiny chips are made by engineers at the jet propulsion laboratory in NASA. All the names are stenciled on the chip with the help of an electron beam.

By using this electronic Beam, engineers were able to write names on a very tiny chip. Generally, this machine is used for making high-precision fabric. Send Name to Mars 2021 campaign was all about increasing the number of names landing on Mars this year. 

What else was included along with the names? 

The best part about this campaign was that it not included only the names of 11 million people. Still, the engineers also added essays of 155 people who became the finalists of the essay contest organized by NASA. 

Final Verdict

We hope you have found all the useful information related to this campaign. Most people were not able to believe that there is a possibility of flying their names on Mars. But the campaign by NASA proved it wrong, and around 11 million people reached Mars in the form of their names.

Send Name to Mars 2021 camping was accomplished on 18th February this year. 

Did you send your name to Mars this year? Let us know by writing in the comments section below. 

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