Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews (August) Safe?

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews 

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews (August) Safe? >> This article gives a detailed analysis of a herbal hair removal spray that promises to provide you with flawless skin in seconds.

Are you tired of that unwanted hair in your body? Are those visits to hair-removing parlors becoming too painstaking for you? Try Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray, an answer to your unwanted hair woes.

World over including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, people are attracted to quick and easy options for doing things. 

This innovative Hair Removal Spray claims to fit the bill perfectly. It gives you the choice of removing unwanted hair in the fastest and most convenient way. A real saver of time and money indeed!

But before you bid adieu to waxing parlors and bring home this miracle spray, read the following article.

Our Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews will let you know about this product better. 

What is a Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray?

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray helps in fast and pain-free removal of unwanted hair on your body. You have to spray a small amount on the body and wipe away. The product penetrates deep and dissolves the roots of the hair. The result is smooth and silky skin for almost eight weeks. The best part is that you get fewer and thinner hair growth after eight weeks. 

So easy, efficient, and simple!

It also claims to remove that irritating short stubble! 

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray is the most time saving and effortless solution to achieving flawless skin!

It relieves you of the mess, stress, and inconvenience caused by waxing and shaving.

The herbal composition of this spray allows you to use it safely on arms, underarms, legs, and other body parts. 

The spray is available at under the ongoing hot sale. You have the following options to choose from – 

  • Buy two get & 1 free, or
  • Buy 3 & get two free with free shipping, or
  • Buy 5 & get five free with 33% off.

All this sounds pretty cool, but one must thoroughly explore the product first. 

Our Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews will help you precisely with that.

Specifications of Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray:

  • Products- Herbal Hair Removal Spray for men and women
  • Parent company-
  • Website-
  • Address- Marul Company Limited, Mabledon Place, Hamilton House, London WC1H 9BB
  • Contact- not given
  • Email-
  • Package- 30 ml Hair Removal Spray for $13.99
  • Shipping time- 48 hours after payment
  • Shipping fee- $4.99
  • Exchange/Returns- Applicable within 180 days
  • Refunds- Money back guarantee 
  • Mode of Payment- Credit and debit cards, and PayPal

How to use the Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray?

  • Clean your body area
  • Spray on the field and apply gently
  • Let it remain for 6-12 minutes
  • Wipe with a clean cloth and get a smooth skin

Pros of Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray:

  • Painless, fast and effortless hair removal solution
  • Safe for sensitive areas
  • Devoid of any toxins
  • Skin-friendly with moisturizing and skin protective properties
  • Made of herbal extracts from aloe vera, allantoin, chrysanthellum, and glyceryl stearate
  • Has mild composition 
  • Better than shavers, razors, wax, or creams
  • Is available with attractive offers and discounts 

Cons of Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray:

  • The product is sold on an erratic website
  • has a dubious About Us and Contact Us page
  • Shipping free when you buy three or more products

Customer Reviews about Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray?

What if a product gives you a supple and soft skin along with the removal of unwanted hair? And that too in the most skin-friendly manner! Well, such a miraculous product should be high on customers’ demand. 

Strangely, we did not chance upon any customer reviews for Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray over the internet.

Therefore, we researched online to summarize our comprehensive Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews for your benefit.

Final verdict:

As per the description given on the website, the product seems to be simply out of the world. But as you navigate the About Us page of the site, there is no mention of hair removal spray. 

The page displays very general information and says nothing about the product that they claim to sell so strongly. The search bar also leads to some very unrelated products.

These red flags raise immediate suspicion about this product and the website that sells it.

How we wished this product was as good as it seemed, but sadly, not so!

According to our Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray Reviews, Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray sold at cannot be trusted.

Feel free to share your opinion if you have any experience of using this product.

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  1. Mifable company is not to be trusted. They took several several months to finally send product after me pestering them demanding refund which they refused to do by the way and when I finally did receive my product it was completely damaged and I am still demanding refund without any success. They are waste of time, effort, money, ect. Poor excuse of a company!

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