Scented Pansy Reviews {Nov} PANTY DEAL-Is It Scam Or Not

Scented Pansy Reviews 2020

Scented Pansy Reviews {Nov} PANTY DEAL-Is It Scam Or Not >> This article is about an online store, Scented Pansy, where you can buy used women’s innerwear.

Our innerwear is as much as essential to us as our clothes. In fact, more critical. We pick our panties to make sure there are not only stylish but comfortable. But the cost of inner wear in the United States as well as in Canada is rising steadily.

But what if you could sell your used panties? Do you think this is safe? Who will buy your used panties?

Yes, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. But one such site which is gaining a lot of traction and gives you excellent Panty Deal is Scented Pansy. 

This Scented Pansy Reviews will answer all your questions and even talk about the legitimacy of this website. Let’s begin! 

What is Scented Pansy? 

Scented Pansy is a website that helps women to sell their used panties to people. The people buying these panties are generally a part of the panty fetish community. And this website promises to provide a safe place for women who want to sell their panties to celebrate their sexual expression. 

This online store, famous in the United States and Canada, is now becoming popular worldwide. They promise to provide the utmost privacy to both the sellers and buyers. Users can choose to keep their usernames anonymous to protect their privacy further.

Let’s continue with Scented Pansy Reviews and learn more about this website.

Specifications of Scented Pansy: 

  • Website Link:
  • Address: Not provided
  • Website Type: Online store to sell used panties 
  • Email:
  • Return Policy: No Return policy
  • Refund: Due to the type of the product, a refund policy is not available
  • Contact number: Contact details are not mentioned
  • Exchanges: Due to the kind of items, no deal is available
  • Cancellation: No cancellation policy is available
  • Payments: Depends on the seller of the innerwear
  • Shipping: Not mentioned; generally, the person selling their inner wears delivered with the shipping

Advantages of Scented Pansy: 

  • The website has Scented Pansy Reviews.
  • Online store to sell used innerwear
  • Dedicated page for new-comers in the community
  • Provides a safe place for its members
  • The privacy of the buyers and the sellers are protected
  • The website has a professional mail id and is not using Gmail.
  • This website is three years old
  • Useful tips on setting up, shipping, and payment methods are available on the website. 

Disadvantages of Scented Pansy:

  • Only women’s innerwear collection is available.
  • Contact details are not provided.
  • No mention of the ‘About us’ section
  • Information on the owner is not specified.

Is Scented Pansy legit or not? 

Scented Pansy Reviews found this online store that provides its users to sell their inner wears like used panties, stocking tease, used pantyhose, and bras to people. 

Generally, the people buying these products belong to the panty fetish community. Overall this website helps people celebrate their sexual expression or is a way for women to earn some extra cash by selling used products.

The seller is responsible for the product due to the nature of the products sold on this website. And since this website acts as a platform between buyers and sellers, no return and refund policy is mentioned. 

Though great Panty Deal available to its users but The returns, shipping, and the payment method are all dependent on the person selling their inner wears. And therefore, it’s the responsibility of the buyers to cross-check everything before they make a transaction.

This website is three years old and has reviews present on their website. Let’s look at what users of this website have to say.

What are the users talking about the Scented Pansy?

We have found that this website features many reviews of the people selling their products. The online store has also featured interviews of the women who sell their used inner wears through this website. 

Articles from the Puddin magazine are also featured on the website. Scented Pansy Reviews from buyers on the website are missing because, due to privacy, people are not comfortable posting their reviews or experience.

This website has social media accounts, and some reviews and feedbacks are also posted online.

Final Verdict: 

It is not a standard website, and such websites do come with privacy issues. Therefore, Scented Pansy Reviews suggests its readers beware before posting or buying anything through such a platform website. We found Scented Pansy to be legit, but since this website acts as a platform, the people buying products must be careful and do prior research.

If you have experience buying or selling products on this website, please mention in the comments section below!

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