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Safedavaoqr Davaocity com {Nov} Register to Get Qr Code! >> Read about the contact tracing method adopted by the government of Davao city, and register.

The pandemic has made everyone worrisome about their health. And countries all around the world are trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus by various methods. Some states are now even seeing the second wave of the pandemic.

Are you also worried about the pandemic? Do you know the measures taken by your government?Due to the rising number of cases in the Philippines and Saudi Arabiathe government has decided to implement a new method to chase the contact tracing between the public. 

The Safedavaoqr Davaocity com in Davao City is the method which will help reduce the number of Covid-19 cases in this city.

Let’s read more about this story.

What is Davao City? 

The Davao City or the City of Davao is a highly urbanized city located on Mindanao. This city is the commerce and the industry hub for the islands of Mindanao. And therefore, it has a lot of people who are active due to continuous trading. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines‘ number of cases has been rising steadily, and Davao City has the highest incidences. 

And therefore, to curb the spread of the virus, the government has released the Safedavaoqr Davaocity comIt will help in increasing the contact tracing between the people. 

What is Safedavaoqr Davaocity com?

The “Safe Davao OR (DQR)” is a new method to increase the contact tracing system. This method was issued by the Davao City Mayor, Inday Sara Duterte, to be implemented from November. 

This method mandates that all individuals, whether they are residents, or non-residents, who need to move around the city for business to do work or even essential services, have to present their DQR codes. 

These codes can be made by submitting the documents and registering via the https // LoginHowever, the government has advised its citizens to avoid sharing their details and the internet’s DQR codes.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

People are worried due to the risen number of cases of the coronavirus. But they also need to work to survive in this pandemic. Many people are concerned about their security like this may lead to leakage of their data.

Others are worried that it can lead to malpractice and confusion between the non-tech people. Many people don’t have smart devices and therefore might not be able to go for Safedavaoqr Davaocity com; in this context there have been no guidelines by the government. Moreover, the government will take no liability in case of the theft of data.


The Covid -19 pandemic has taken a toll on the governments and the citizen alike. People are worried about getting necessities like food and clothing. Due to the rising number of cases, many are now concerned about their health and living in this pandemic. 

Although, the people have to register on Safedavaoqr. Davaoct. Com is an excellent initiative by Davao’s government, where people’s concerns should not be undermined.

Therefore, the government and the citizens should work together for the effective implementation of the DQR codes for effective contact tracing.

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