Runprinter Masks Reviews [Sep] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Runprinter Masks Reviews 2020

Runprinter Masks Reviews [Sep] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> Take a look at this review of an ecommerce store selling a huge variety of face masks and neck gaiters.

Are you looking for an ecommerce site that sells custom face masks featuring eye-catching designs? If so, then let’s take a glance at 

We found online posts from shoppers enquiring about Runprinter Masks reviews and decided to review this site for our readers who often shop products online. 

Given the current state of the world, the demand for face masks and other similar products like neck gaiters has gone up. Customers are looking for e-stores that sell well-designed masks at affordable prices. 

In the United States, online shoppers are keen to know about this webshop that sells custom face masks. Read on to know if the site is legit or dubious. 

What is

The webshop is an online destination for customers looking to buy custom face masks and neck gaiters. The site has a huge collection of face masks. Customers can customize their masks by adding more filters for enhanced protection. 

The face masks and neck gaiters feature eye-catching designs. Interested buyers can purchase the masks in bulk. The site offers discounts on bulk orders. The website shares that the masks are anti-dust and come with multiple protective layers for effective results. 

The masks come with adjustable ear loops. The fabric used to make this mask is polyester. Though these masks look appealing and affordable, is the site safe for online purchasing? Here we check Runprinter Masks reviews available online and evaluate various aspects of the webshop to answer this crucial question. Specifications:

  • Website type – an e-store selling custom face masks 
  • Shipping time – 4 to 7 working days
  • Shipping cost – displayed at the time of checkout 
  • Return – no returns available
  • Exchange – no exchange 
  • Order cancellation – within 2 hours of placing the order
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard
  • Company email address – no info shared
  • Company contact number – not provided
  • Company address – not mentioned 

Advantages of buying masks from

  • The webshop offers custom face masks.
  • You can buy face masks as per themes. 
  • The face masks are available at economical prices.
  • The site offers discounts on bulk bookings.
  • The site has a wide variety of products to pick from. 

Disadvantages of buying masks from

  • The webshop does not accept returns. 
  • The site is not listed on social media websites. 
  • The e-store is relatively new. 
  • The site does not share any detail related to the company. 

Is legit or scam?

The site is SSL certified, thereby ensuring the protection of user data. The site appears to be regularly updated, and all the products are clearly displayed. The webshop shares sufficient information about the masks. The customer reviews on the site indicate the site’s genuineness. 

However, we stumbled upon a few aspects of the site that make us uncertain of its authenticity. The website’s domain has been running for the last 3 months and 10 days. The ecommerce site is not listed on any of the popular social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Also, the site does not display any company info like email id or address. Therefore, at this point, we can’t say for sure whether the site is legit or scam. 

What are people saying about

The site is new, yet, there are countless customer reviews available on it. Most of the Runprinter Masks Reviews listed on the site are positive. Buyers appear to be impressed with the comfort, style, and design of the face masks sold on the site. 

We continued looking for the site reviews to find out if the products and the e-store is legit or scam. From checking social media websites to popular websites, we did it all. However, we couldn’t find reliable reviews of the site. The lack of reliable reviews makes us unsure of the site’s trustworthiness. 

Final Verdict 

After examining Runprinter Masks reviews and other facets of the webshop, we found that the site is just three months old. The site is SSL certified and appears to be authentic. The descriptions about the products are clearly displayed, and the site shares plenty of info about its services.

However, the lack of information related to the company, the unavailability of company contact info, absence from social media sites, etc., make us doubt the web shop’s legitimacy. 

In case you’ve used this site for buying masks, then we urge you to share your experience in the comments section on this page.

9 thoughts on “Runprinter Masks Reviews [Sep] Legit or a Fake Scam?

  1. Why would anyone expect to be able to return a mask? I’ve ordered about 20 masks from runprinter. They are awesome – fit well, wear well and come with filters.

  2. I ordered 6 Christmas masks on November 23rd. The add said ships from the United States, ships the next day and receive in 5 days. They took my money the next day. Two weeks later I emailed them to ask about my masks since they were supposed to come in five days. They replied back and said that I shouldn’t worry that the masks that the masks had been shipped. A few days later I emailed again. They sent an email that said. Pleas be patient as it takes longer for items shipped from outside the United States. This time they sent a tracking shipment details . It said it was shipped from China on December 12th. The add said ships from the us. I explained that I planned on wearing the Christmas masks for the first 3 weeks of December to work. My work closes for two weeks forChristmas december 19th. My masks were supposed to arrive November 28th according to there add. I told them I would like to cancel my order and get a refund because the masks won’t be here in time to wear for Christmas. They refused and said to continue to be patient. I gave them 3 weeks for an order that was supposed to come in 5 days. So far it’s December 18th and they are still in China.

  3. Ordered a mask for ny grandson in November. Sent an email asking where my irder was and rec’d a reply that it wld be delivered soon. It is now 20 Dec….no mask rec’d. I recommend you DON’T order anything from them.

    1. I ordered masks also quite awhile ago and still have not received. I paid through PayPal but looking back have not found a run printer charge. Were you charged by runprinter or a different name. I was stupid and didn’t write down the date I ordered it.

  4. I ordered a mask on November 21 it was a baby Yoda mask I wanted to wear it for Christmas and it still has not come I haven’t been able to contact the company I tried emailing him and I have not responded gotten a response yet I highly suggest that you do not order from this company because he won’t get what you ordered the tracking number that they sent me I called the post office and they said that was not even a tracking number so there was nothing they could do I’m outThe money and I still have no mask.

  5. I’ve bought several hundred masks from runprinter for my husband and I since October. I’ve never been disappointed with any of them. I like them because of the large size of the medium mask. My husband is 6’4″ and a big guy and runprinter masks cover his face from his nose bridge to under his chin. With a runprinter mask and the pm2.5 filter, you get seven layers of protection in the mask. I’ve had them answer any questions I’ve asked in a timely manner. Been very happy with them and recommend them.

  6. I’ve been ordering my masks from this company since April l2020. They take a few weeks to come in, but have never not shown up. I love them and so do my customers. I reorder direct from the promotional emails they send, but originally found them on Facebook.

  7. I have ordered several times from Runprinter and they are excellent on everything. You get what you order, the prices are good, the the materials are very good, great number of selections, shipped as promised. I have no problems at all with this company. A+ rating.

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