Royal Ltd Scam (Feb) ALERT of Latest Scam for Customers

Royal Ltd Scam 2021

Royal Ltd Scam (Feb) ALERT of Latest Scam for Customers -> Must read this current news as it helps to know on stop being foolish with fake sites.

Are you a United Kingdom citizen? No matter where you’re living in. It is necessary to check the Royal Ltd Scam report that might help you to save yourself from fraudsters. 

Recently, royal ltd has warned people of their country to stay alert from fake emails and messages telling about a missed parcel delivery. 

With this email, users are requesting to pay the fee and share their details to receive their parcel. Hence, they advised everyone not to open and follow this link. 

What does Scam involved?

We strongly advise all United Kingdom citizens not to follow such scams. The Royal Ltd Scam has increased rapidly; thus, royal Ltd personally warned the people not to open that link, fake messages, and emails asking customers’ details. 

While checking this out personally on the web, we found a user that share details on Twitter with caption phishing messages “your parcel is missed and waiting for delivery” please share your details, including name, phone number, etc., in the following link. 

When you open that link and fill out the details that might create a significant risk for you. Hence, we advise you not to open such links and follow them. If you have ordered something, then contact customer support of that company only. 

What are Royal Ltd Scams?

Here I am going to list the type of scams that people are receiving. 

  • One of the biggest Scam that mainly people trust is the E-mail scam. The users are receiving mail with an interesting subject like your parcel is arrived but unable to deliver. In the same email, they offer you a link to receive that package. If you haven’t received it yet so be alert. 
  • Text messages scam is another format used by fraudsters. There they will send you a link denote bit. lyk or other to reschedule your parcel. When you open that link, it will take you on a scam webpage. 

Each user can receive different kinds of emails or text messages. But you must beware of such messages and stay safe. 

Steps to Check Fake Emails

To state whether the Royal LTD Scam or fake, follow the given steps:

  1. Most imposters use attractive and General Subjects
  2. They used fake Email id.
  3. They sent links to claim user’s information.
  4. They often state fake messages like a parcel is waiting, unable to send, and more.
  5. Ask for money to deliver your parcel.
  6. Force you to share your details. 
  7. Ask you share bank details
  8. Ask you share your date of birth, phone number, and address.

How to stay protected? 

  • If you are forced to ask the details, don’t do this. 
  • We advise you to ignore such messages.
  • Cross-check the order and dealer details before giving any response.


If you ever spot Royal Ltd Scam, then ignore them and do not open any link. If fraudsters are clever, they don’t like foolish. Have you ever stuck with fraudsters? If yes, share your experience with us. 

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