Reasons Fort Washington Residents Consider Pain Management

Complete Information Residents Consider Pain Management

Residents Consider Pain Management: Dealing with chronic pain can be a tricky issue for most people in the state of Maryland, leaving them with few options besides surgery. Fortunately, the relatively, albeit tried and tested, new concept of interventional pain management has helped scores of residents deal with excruciating pain.

Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of people are turning to professionals for pain management in Fort Washington to lead more fulfilled, pain-free lives. The treatment helps them deal with severe conditions such as Bursitis, Herniated Disc, and Spinal Stenosis, among others.

If you happen to be among the residents who suffer from chronic pain that affects your ability to lead a normal life, this popular form of treatment will suit you well.

What is Interventional Pain Management?

This is an integral part of medical science dedicated to finding, diagnosing, and effectively treating all possible pain-related disorders. It is a unique multidisciplinary approach that aims to use minimally invasive procedures to improve the quality of life for residents of Fort Washington.

Generally, any pain relief team in the region (and almost anywhere else) consists of physicians, surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and internists. Some clinics in the area also employ occupational therapists in each team to help patients make a successful long-term recovery.

Besides the usual treatments, pain relief specialists in the region provide valuable guidance on essential lifestyle modifications. These added benefits most often include customized diet charts, exercise recommendations, and help with smoking cessation.

Why Residents of Fort Washington Use These Treatments

Here are certain other typical reasons most people in Fort Washington opt for interventional pain relief treatments.

  • For a Diagnosis of the Cause of Pain

Fort Washington is one of the most progressive regions in Maryland, home to over twenty-four thousand and two hundred people belonging to diverse backgrounds. Unfortunately, many residents have to deal with incredible pain without apparent medical reasons. Even certain specialists can sometimes fail to accurately determine the cause of pain in some patients. In such scenarios, intervention pain relief specialists play a critical role in finding the root cause of residents’ pain.

For instance, consider the sizable number of residents in the region who experience sharp neck pains that shoot down their arms due to spinal nerve inflammation. A local pain management doctor can detect this correctly while also identifying the exact nerve root and injecting it with suitable medication.

  • To Avoid Surgery 

Several folks in the Fort Washington region wish to avoid surgeries whenever possible, as the cost, complications, and recovery options are too risky in some instances. Although many of these worries can be minimized in the hands of expert surgeons and top-quality nursing care, they still prefer non-operative remedies over risky surgical procedures.

Therefore, many opt for pain management in Fort Washington as an effective alternative to surgery. Besides injectables containing numbing medication and steroids, local interventional treatments often include other pain-blocking procedures that do not involve surgery. Selective nerve blocking and epidural injections are excellent examples of these treatments.

  • When Pain Persists After Traditional Treatments

A typical issue most residents of Fort Washington have to deal with is the unpleasant prevalence of pain in the neck, back, and spine, despite repeated conservative treatments. Many people resort to home remedies unsuccessfully when all else fails. However, pain management professionals will testify that their methods are highly effective in treating acute, chronic pain.

Local clinics are equipped with advanced high-imaging systems that enable the doctors to administer nerve blocks, epidurals, and other essential medication to specific regions in your spine and neck. These are minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures that bring lasting relief to residents that suffer from intolerable pain for various reasons.

  • For Post-Surgery Pain Management

While many Fort Washington residents avoid surgery successfully, others are not so fortunate, especially if the issue is a highly critical one that cannot be dealt with in any other way. But a common problem many residents in the region face is that their post-surgery pain refuses to leave despite following their surgeon’s instructions. This problem can quickly escalate and become a severe issue as it hampers the recovery process.

Fortunately, pain management specialists in Fort Washington offer therapy to treat this kind of persistent pain with utmost efficiency. They use injections and other treatment methods to decrease the pain levels quickly. Also, they monitor progress and advise patients on the acceptable amount of daily activity levels as the treatment continues.

Moreover, interventional pain management doctors in Fort Washington are experts in spinal and nerve surgeries, using state-of-the-art equipment for all their procedures. So, one option is to get the surgery done at one of these pain relief specialist clinics.

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