Renovation Island Website (August) Let Us Talk About It!

Renovation Island Website 2020

Renovation Island Website (August) Let Us Talk About It! >> This article sheds light on the renovation project of an island resort situated in the Bahamas.

Have you done with armchair travel? Then, let us get into the virtual Caribbean adventure and following the Canadian renovation professionals of HGTV, Bryan, and Sarah Baeumler. Both of these specialists take the project of restoration of the whole island resort in a countryside island, situated in the Bahamas. The HGTV is a channel that broadcasts real estate and home designing shows and based on the United States.

As we all know, people are excited to know all ins and outs of this Renovation Island Website because it is an enormous project for these renovation and redesigning experts. So, let us delve into the details of this renovation island. 

A few words about Renovation Island

As it has hinted from above, HGTV is a broadcasting platform for real estate and renovators. There is a popular series of HGTV, referred to as “beach programming,” and includes some popular series like Mexico Life, Beach Hunters, Caribbean Life, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, and so on. Renovation Island is another unique and awesome renovation show set entirely based on a remote island named The Bahamas. 

The new series “Renovation Island” has made its first debut on HGTV this year on June 7. This series of HGTV go along behind the Baeumlers through this adventurous wild renovation project. Let us know more about the backstory of this renovation project and how the idea has emerged.  

Who is Bryan and Sarah?

As we mentioned earlier, they are the husband and the wife who love to renovate various places. Bryan is a legal contractor, and Sarah has vested design aesthetics, running their undertaking. 

Presently, they are about to transform the 10-acre of property into an island with eighteen luxurious hotel rooms, breezy resort facilities, and twenty-two oceanfront villas.

With their bijou staff, both of them face an enormous to-do list of design and construction projects that must be fulfilled within a timeline of six months. Also, it comprises the renovation of the bar, restaurant, club, spa, and pool.      

The backstory of Renovation Island

The story began in 2017 when these renovation experts went for a family vacation to the beautiful Island, The Bahamas. During this vacation, they took a day trip to the South Andros and fell in deep love. 

Then, they came up with a bold idea to pack up the family and move to this tropical Island. They intend to renovate the uninhibited 1960’s era island that they had seen. Yes, the decision is to restore the entire resort. They want to change the whole look of this fortuitous Island into a top-class boutique hotel. 

What’s more?

During a small conversation between Bryand and Travel Weekly, we realized that their top priority is sustainability as well as environmental preservation in everything they do. These critical aspects always consider when it comes to source ingredients, choosing your partners, and setting up relationships either with the tour partners or with employees and suppliers. 

The renovation project has tied up with a non-profit, Reef Rescue network, that gives direction to restore and rehabilitate of coral reefs, as in The Bahamas. 

What do fans think about this Renovation Island?

As we headed to the social media handles of the HGTV, get to know that fans are too happy and excited to see this renovation series. Moreover, they are curious to see the name of their resort and when it will be done. 

All fans love to see the efforts that the husband and the wife put into the flabbergasting look of this resort after done with the home and cabin renovation in the past. So, the viewer are filled with thrill to know when a new episode airs. 

Wrapping up: Renovation Island

After getting into this massive series of HGTV, we get to know that fans of HGTV have still connected with it through the social media podiums. The new episodes of this series are available on the HGTV GO on the same day as it releases on the TV premiers. To view more behind the scenes photos as well as exclusive videos of Bryan and Sarah, viewers can hover over to the official website of HGTV. 

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  1. Brian,
    I loved you on previous HGTV projects, BUT your wife is the most annoying person ever!!

    She never admits that she made a mistake.
    Plus she is over her head in what ever her job is on this show. Every scene she has a new outfit.
    I would have put her on a slow boat back to Canada after the first episode.
    I will not watch the new show on Aug. 30 if she has a similar role.
    All our friends agree with me.
    Please find her another job- sweeping up

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