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If you are an avid online shopper, you may have come across the online shopping website.

Like many of its contemporaries, this online store sells an assortment of products. It is a sure-shot way to have the luxury of catering to a wide variety of consumers and not just a select category. If you continue to read this Reviews, you will find out information that you must be aware of regarding the website. 

The website has been gaining quite the momentum within the United States ever since its creation.  

There are questions such as Is Legit? Being asked about it. The review with its analysis will help you gain clarity regarding it and much more. 

What is is an online shopping website that was created on 6th June 2020. The products sold on it range from a zoom monocular telescope, faux privacy fences, and portable chain saws to hardware tools and cleaning tools. The offering is quite strange and of a mixed nature, which is baffling. 

The website seems to have the only one-page worth of products that can be obtained at discounted prices. If you are a budding movie maker, then you would like the motorized slider that can be purchased for $26.99 after discount. Does that mean Is Legit?

While there is a website description present and other necessary information like contact, shipping details, and returns/refunds available, there is a complete absence of product categorization. Clicking on the catalog section takes your page that shows ‘liquid error.’ 

Specifications of

  • Products- hardware tools, camera accessories, faux privacy fences, cleaning tools, telescope and more 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not mentioned on the site 
  • Shipping/processing time- within 24 hours of purchase 
  • Delivery time- 7-10 business days or 12-20 business days-USA/international, 30 days for deliveries in Russia/Brazil    
  • Shipping fee- Free Shipping over $39, $5.75 for 12-20 days, $8.99 for 10-15 days 
  • Return- 14 days after the receipt 
  • Exchange- not provided 
  • Refunds- information provided after returns are processed 
  • Online Payment- Visa Card, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and PayPal 

Pros of the

  • There is a company email id present 
  • The products provided are budget-friendly 
  • The layout is minimal and easy to navigate 
  • The shipping details provided are clear and crisp 
  • Multiple modes of online payment are available 

Cons of the

  • There is only one-page worth of products 
  • Similar products available on legit websites 
  • The website was created less than four months ago 
  • The refund information is not clear 
  • Free shipping available on purchase of $39 and above 

Is Legit? has an HTTPS connection or commonly known as an SSL certificate. These are commonly used by many websites to provide their customers with a sense of security. A sense of security that ensures the protection of the customer’s sensitive and personal information. 

Although there is no customer care phone number available, there is a company email id present. The website ensures that they have 24-hour support, which is enticing and makes it sound like a legitimate website. 

Since the website is new, it isn’t easy to establish its legitimacy; even the layout seems easy to navigate. 

What do the customers have to say about the

The website has numerous Reviews provided. You will see that most customers have given the products a 5-star rating and write very positively about them. This rating can be off-putting as almost all products seem to have a 5 or 4.9 rating even though the website was created two months ago. 

One customer comments regarding the expandable faux fence and calls it a great find! This United States buyer mentions of living in an apartment that has a deck. The fence helped create a private area that can be enjoyed with invasions from nosy neighbors. 

Another customer comments about the easy to install LED dream screen for the LCD television sets and calls it a must buy. However, the amount of reviews comes off as something odd because the website has a 2-month-old creation date. 

Final Verdict- 

After going through the website, it is clear that the website has some flaws and can be chalked off when you discover its creation date. 

This detail will tell you the website was created less than four months ago, and the number of positive reviews makes the website look fishy. Thus, we do not recommend making any purchase from the site.

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  1. I just ordered the 300x telescope/monocular for 39.95 + S&H – I will post here when it arrives and review. If it’s not as advertised, I’ll be sure to share that information. ..and the return process. Purchased using PayPal as safe harbor and took screen shots of all money back guarantees.

    1. I arrived over 6 weeks later and is it complete garbage. The optics are so incredibly bad you cant focus anything clearly and what you can barely see isn’t magnified at all. Don’t waste your money on this cheap garbage made in China…the king of scammers and criminals.

  2. I have order the scope for 29.95 plus s/h through my American Express card and I feel like you have plenty time to have shipped ! Please check on my order . Thank you .

  3. I have order the scope for 29.95 plus s/h through my American Express card and I feel like you have plenty time to have shipped ! Please check on my order . Thank you . 4k10 300×40 super telephoto zoom monocular .

    1. Have you received it yet? I have not. I requested a refund and they keep pushing me off. Its a SCAM I am afraid.

  4. I placed an order on August 7 for the 4k10 300×40 super telephoto zoom monocular as well. It has not shipped and I have not heard anything from you. I’ve sent an email to find out status, with no reply. My next move will be to contact BBB.

  5. I too have purchased a scope for $29 on August 14th 2020
    August 27th still not here please check on the order

  6. I have order the scope for 29.95 plus shipping and handling through my Visa card and I feel like you have plenty time to have shipped ! Please check on my order . Thank you . 4k10 300×40 super telephoto zoom monocular .

    I have emailed the company several times and keep getting pushed by. I think this is a SCAM.

  7. I have order scope , paid $58 with faster shipping , place order 8/17/2020 , today is 9/3/2020 and no scope, Regater are FRAUD company.Stay away from them.

  8. I ordered the scope thru Facebook ad. Reading thru the Facebook comments/questions, Regater stated- it is made in USA and shipped from California.
    Not true, it came from China.
    I was sent a less powerful scope- 10-100x30mm, instead of 10-300x40mm.
    Their response is “we are sure that the item had been inspected before shipped out, but in this situation, how about we provide a 15% refund to you?”
    My response back is : Do I need to start a PayPal dispute? So, I am waiting for a reply.

  9. I ordered the same scope for 58.98 and it’s been almost 2 months. No scope and they won’t respond to my emails. It’s a scam. Is there anything I can do to get my money back? Can I report them to someone?

  10. It is a SCAM! I received the scope and its only 4 inches and it doesn’t work. If you want a picture email me I have been emailing them for a month and I finally received this toy junk 4 inch scope that doesn’t even work. I have been emailing them and telling them I want a full refund and they offered me a 15% refund. Here is a copy of the email they sent me.

    Dear Customer,
    Thanks for purchasing on our store.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    We are sure that the item had been inspected before shipped out, but in this situation, how about we provide a 15% refund to you to express our apology?
    We sincerely hope you can understand and agree.
    Best regards,
    Customer Service Center

    STAY AWAY they are scamming all the other social media sites as well.

  11. The telescope does not look like the one that is sold on their website, overall shitty product of very poor quality. Tripod broke on the first day. When asked for refund they are playing goofy and are trying to give you partial refund of $3 in one email and 15% refund in another email. They clearly state “full refund within 30 days for no reason. They clearly can not be trusted!!! I will never buy from them again and I would not recommend it to anyone.


  13. I ordered some christmas lights from them through a Facebook ad On October 9th. It is now October 27th and I have not heard anything from them about shipping. They sent me 1 email saying thanks for your purchase and has a link to view order…yet when i click on it, it redirects me to a page that says store unavailable. I sent 3 emails and have yet received an answer. I have no confirmation on shipment….no tracking information….yet they did in fact take the payment almost instantly from my account. They have no contact information other than via email. Very upset with this experience. Definitely think I’ve been scammed.

  14. A complete scam. I received the telescope and it was just a cheap piece of plastic with some awful lenses on it. It barely magnifies 2X.
    They also gave me the run around and refused to give me a full refund and now they want me to pay $60+ to ship it back to China so they can refund my money. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!

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