Quality Control Process for RedRoad V17 Vacuum Cleaner

RedRoad V17 Vacuum Cleaner Best Product Reviews

Quality Control Process for RedRoad V17 Vacuum Cleaner >>Smart Home Appliance Supplier, RedRoad is known for its determination towards quality control as it is the company’s lifeline.

The supplier believes that product quality is their lifeline, and their strict quality control policies protect the best interest of consumers. The quality control starts right from selecting the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products. 

Being the Smart Home Appliance supplier, RedRoad has developed effective Quality and Safety Control System. It is evident from its million-dollar investment towards developing the Electrical Device Test Centre in adherence to the guidelines set by ISO and IEC 17025:2005 General Criteria for the Competence of Testing & Calibration Labs. 

Quality Control for Parts and Materials 

Supplier Quality Management Team at RedRoad manages over two hundred suppliers. The team comprises some talented brains with exceptional pro capabilities and an understanding of industry-standard quality control systems. So, any manufacturer looking to grow as the supplier for RedRoad must undergo rigorous audits. Besides, they have to pass the international certifications successfully, and their product must pass the verification and inspections before listing into the RedRoad’s purchase list. 

For example, the vacuum cleaner wire is designed and passed after a wire fatigue test that uses robots to simulate the human hands to twist and turn the wires. The wires are passed once they pass the test, which includes 600 000 times or two weeks of bending and griping without breakage or leakage. Other companies finish the test after 450 000 times griping, but RedRoad uses 25% more gripping and bending before passing the vacuum wires. Besides, other components undergo fatigue endurance tests before being placed on the purchase list. 

Even after becoming the supplier, every product batch undergoes screening, and the unqualified batches are transferred to a special red box for rejection. If the yield rate is found low than the standard, the entire batch will be rejected. The suppliers are strictly recommended to use only the latest technology to produce products for RedRoad.

The RedRoad Production line has created an alarm reward mechanism that the frontline workers use to monitor the quality of the components and make minor design changes. Assemblers also check for issues, and they trigger the alarm of the production line once they find any issue. If the issue is verified, the assembler is rewarded. With such strict quality control and inspection, RedRoad always promises to deliver precise and quality end products. 

The Entire Test Out Process

The RedRoad Quality Inspection Centre is a worthwhile investment for the company, and it has garnered world-class certification. The level of quality control and quality inspection has managed to mark its presence on the world’s recognized management level testing abilities. Besides, the testing results of the center are recognized in over 20 regions and nations worldwide.   

The quality inspection process includes testing on water-resistant, noise, service life of the machine, bending of the parts and components, and more. Each process has strict standard protocols, like carpet cleaning tests. The testing is done in AC rooms with consistent humidity and temperature for 24 hrs. The test is performed after ensuring the stability of different performances. For example, the products are sent for service life testing to simulate the performance under all weather conditions. 

The RedRoad Testing Centre also checks the packaging of the products and ensures that the vacuum cleaner or other components are packaged properly for cross-border shipments. The supplier has developed a consistent humidity and temperature control box where it is shipped. They put the unit into the container and check it for 45 days under 70 Celsius degrees. After that, they check if the package is deformed or damp and the label is still good or not, and finally, the vacuum cleaner. Finally, they evaluate the product and qualify it for the purchase list. 

High-quality inspection and testing is the preservation of the value of the money users pay RedRoad. No matter how expensive and feature-rich the vacuum cleaner is, it will be useless for the users to receive the product without any quality assurance.

RedRoad V17 is the new handheld cordless vacuum cleaner with strict quality inspection and testing before it is available for sale. It is a sleek-looking, exquisite, user-friendly, and durable home appliance that has been designed using industry standards.

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