Ramraj Mask Reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site?

Ramraj Mask Reviews

Ramraj Mask Reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site? -> We have analyzed face masks in this review, that got recently launched on a well-known website.

Have you shopped for Face masks online? It is a prerequisite in this covid 19 pandemic spread for every individual to have a mask. You might be using too and if planning to buy from Ramrajcotton.in, we suggest you read this post that will review the masks. We are here to provide you with Ramraj Mask Reviews for the online buyers so that they can know its legitimacy and then shop for it.

The website may be a known one, but its new products are genuine or not has to be analyzed first. Thus, we will give you detailed information on the masks that they sell through their website. They sell their products in the United States, India, and many other countries. Before buying the masks, we would like you to go through the analysis properly and get the required information.

Know about Ramraj Mask

The masks by the name of Ramraj are available on the website Ramrajcotton.in, which is quite a mature site. It sells many products apart from the masks that were recently launched for selling. The masks are available for men, women, kids and in quite a reasonable price. They are available as knitted masks, flexible masks, and those with an adjustable earloop.

They can be purchased from Ramraj website which has different payment modes available to buy the masks. The masks are delivered to the United States, India, and other countries too. Know about the features in the following article.

Features of Ramraj Masks

  • Masks Type – Knitted, woven, Flexible masks
  • Prices – Starting 125 INR
  • Fabric – Woven, Spandex, Polyester, Cotton
  • Adjustable – Yes
  • Colours – Available in a few colours
  • Filtration – Anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, Anti-dust
  • Other features – UV disinfectant, CE certified

Worthy features of Ramraj Masks

  • The masks are available in a range of fabrics.
  • They are washable and reusable.
  • Protect from droplet infection and are comfortable to breathe.
  • The fit is perfect for everyone
  • They have adjustable features.

Worthless features of Ramraj Masks

  • The masks are recently launched and cannot be trusted easily.
  • There are no positive reviews available for the masks.
  • They have to be disposed of in 30 days.

Are Ramraj Masks Legit?

To know about the genuineness of the masks, we researched for Ramraj Mask Reviews but were unable to find any feedback. The makers are in the market from quite a long time and can be trusted, but the absence of any positive review creates suspicion. The website selling them is also 15 years old and can be trusted for its authenticity, but the masks are too new to be trusted easily.

There is no presence of mask reviews on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too. The makers have only posted videos on the features of masks for selling them, on the internet. Such videos cannot be used for judging the genuineness of the masks, and only customer reviews can be helpful in this regard.

What do Customers say about RamRaj Masks

After searching for the Ramraj Masks Reviews on the web, we could find only one feedback available on the website blog. The customer who had purchased the mask online had not received the same and was sounding disappointed. Such feedback also cannot reveal about the genuineness of the mask and can only tell about the selling website and its services.

The masks are available on an ecommerce platform like Amazon as well, but there are also no reviews available.

A true picture of their genuineness and usefulness can be taken only from a customer who is using these masks. They are available on offline stores as well and can be judged by purchasing them from those stores located in Telangana, India. The absence of Ramraj Mask reviews online has made it difficult to consider them as illegitimate or unusable.

The Final Thought

Looking at the various positive and negative features of the masks, we can say that they look genuine and useful to use. However, not much feedback is available for the newly launched masks, and so cannot be judged correctly without using them. Customer reviews play a big role in judging a new product that comes in the market, but they are not available for this product.

Hence, we recommend the buyers to buy them offline where they can analyze the masks correctly and then use them without any doubt. Otherwise, there are many options available online, which they can use for buying masks that have good feedback.

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