How To Make A Promotional Video For Your Company?

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How To Make A Promotional Video For Your Company?: With the advancement in technology, we’re well aware that video content plays an essential role in marketing and selling a company’s brand.

Video marketing is a unique medium that allows you to gather a viewer’s attention quickly and for a more extended time. It sparks emotion with the viewer, motivating them to take action.

A brief about promotional videos

Promotional videos are an integral part of video marketing tailored to your target audience. Research shows that nearly 83% of marketers found a handsome ROI watching a promo video, and 68% of consumers say they get to learn about a company’s product or service by watching a promotional video. 

But, how do you create a promo video for your company? And while you are finalizing your promo video, how will you edit the promo video with an online video editor? All your queries will get resolved after reading this article.

So, let’s get started!

How to create a stunning promotional video for your company?

There are many ways to make a promotional video for your company. But most companies follow two basic guidelines for creating a high-performing promo video. These two guidelines are:

  • Follow the professional way
  • Do it on your own.

There are seven simple steps to make a promo video and do it yourself. First, we’ll provide an overview of these steps, and then we will dig deeper into each one for clarification.

Steps to make a Promotional Video:

  1. Recognize your goal and pinpoint a single message.
  2. Gather materials and choose a direction.
  3. Write a promo video script.
  4. Outline and create a storyboard
  5. Gather footage and produce your video
  6. Do post-production by editing your video
  7. Finalize & promote your video

Now, let us elaborate on these steps for you.

Step 1: Recognize your goal and pinpoint a single message

Research and planning are crucial to recognizing your goal while creating a promo video. It is essential to know why you’re doing this promo video and how you plan to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind these points while you research and set your goals:

  • Define objectives and goals while figuring out what you want to achieve with your promotional video.
  • Pinpoint the target audience once you have set your objectives and goals. Craft a single message that will lead your video creation, and want your viewers to remember.
  • Make sure you determine a video type where your target audience gets involved and wants to act.
  • Draft a schedule and collaborate in the best way to make your video cost-effective and on time.

Step 2: Gather materials and choose a direction

It is essential to know how you want consumers to perceive your brand, and for that, you need to explore your company’s brand and identify your voice and personality.

Also, you will be demonstrating your product in a real-life environment, so before just writing a script and recording the video, you need to make sure what direction your promo video will take?

So, you must define and choose the direction of your promotional video.

Step 3: Write a promo video script

A good video script grabs the viewer’s attention and defines everything a viewer will hear in your promotional video. It includes on-screen talking and a voiceover. But, before you craft a good script, you have to keep a few questions in mind, such as:

  • What is the purpose of making this promotional video?
  • For whom is this video made?
  • What desired actions would you like them to take?

Also, remember to keep your video script short, i.e., one minute or less in length. Studies recommend that short promo videos urge viewers to watch until the end.

Step 4: Outline and create a storyboard

Promo videos require visual help like enriching graphic elements or title cards. So, it is vital to create a storyboard that visualizes your promo video to outline a static draft of the final product.

Drafting a storyboard will support the next step, i.e., the production of the video. It also aids in planning your filming and editing productively.

Step 5: Gather footage and produce your promo video

After scripting and storyboarding your promo video, now it’s time to record and make your video. To gather footage and source all your clips, you can use any of the following:

  • Screen-recorded videos- while you are featuring any application.
  • Self-recorded videos- While you are featuring your product in the real-life environment, a customer, or a team member.
  • Make a video from the services provided by Online Video Editor.

It is also the best time to record the voiceover and other sound effects or music you might need.

Step 6: Do post-production by editing your video

According to your video script and storyboard, now it’s time to put all the audio and video clips in the editing phase to give it a final touch. For editing purposes, you can go for online video editors that are browser-based editors. These are free online video editors that allow you to take complete control of your video.

Also, keep in mind that you trim your promo video to keep it short and engaging to seek the viewer’s attention.

Step 7: Finalize & promote your video

Well, it’s time to finalize your promotional video to make it 100% ready. Check that all the information provided in the video is correct. Also, make sure that all the audio-visuals used are authentic and are licensed. After that, do a final revision and take a tasteful look at the video.

Now, make an eye-catching video thumbnail & start promoting your video by sharing it on your social media platforms and email marketing campaigns.

  • Follow the professional way.

You might probably make several common mistakes when you make a promotional video yourself. These may include unidentified goals of your promo video, wrong information in the script, a long video script, the mistaken orientation of the camera while filming.

To avoid these mistakes, you can enroll in the services of online video editors available free on the internet. 

Professional video production companies also offer budget-friendly packages for making promotional videos. If your company is satisfied with its budget, you can go for it.


So, you just saw and gathered all the information needed to make a professional-looking promo video. Your promotional video will now be ready to fly and get your company’s business more engagement, sales, and conversions.

Thus, by defining the goals you want to achieve and what your target audience needs, you can easily create a high-performing promotional video that is highly relevant and actionable.

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