Project Hazel Mask Price (Jan) How Much It Costs?


Project Hazel Mask Price (Jan) How Much It Costs? -> Wants to know the details of the smartest mask of the world? Please have a look at our content and learn about it.

Friends, we have come to know about the smartest mask that has extraordinary features. So, in today’s we will share this mask’s details as it has some unique features that cannot be found in an ordinary mask, so Worldwide people are eager to know Project Hazel Mask PriceWe will share the specifications of the mask so that you can quickly know about its speciality. 

What is Project Hazel Mask?

Project Hazel Mask is far away from the regular face masks that we wear.The mask provides the highest protection to the people. It has made use of surgical N95 respirator, which has high bacterial filtration efficiency. It foes do not allow any fluid particle or a droplet to pass through the mask.

This smart mask has a detachable ventilator that helps regulate the air and pass a purified air that gives a surety that the air passes through it is 95% free of airborne particles. Worldwide it is becoming famous as the smartest mask. 

This mask can be charged as a particular charging case is aligned with a UV light is present in the mask which kills all the bacterial particles and viruses as it gets set. It does not allow your voice to get muffled up as it contains a built-in map and amplifier to help you out. Having such advanced features, we would question about Project Hazel Mask Price. So, friends, the Razor is working on it, and we are unaware how much this mask would cost if released into the market.

Specifications of Project Hazel Mask

  • Type of product – the world’s smartest face mask
  • Filter used – surgical N95 respirator
  • Ventilation – active ventilation kills 95% airborne particles
  • Voice camp technology – The mask has an inbuilt mic and an amplifier.

Pros of Project Hazel Mask

  • The mask has a clear and transparent design due to which we can interact with people more easily.
  • The UV light will glow automatically in the dark. It will further kill bacteria and virus.
  • The mask will have replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators.
  • The charger used to charge the mask will be wireless so one can use it easily.
  • It is a waterproof mask and environment friendly.

Cons of Project Hazel Mask

  • The mask has not come into existence, yet its just Razor has shared its idea.
  • No details of the date of release of the mask and its price is available.

Is Project Hazel Mask Legit?

The mask has many exciting features that would attract all of us. Above than an average and ordinary mask, no one of us has come across any such mask in the market yet. It will be brought by Razor who has been working since 1998 for their customers. They always make unique products that are usually not available anywhere. It is one of the trusted companies. This mask project will bring a significant rise in its popularity as the voice amp technology, low light mode, N95 respirator, wireless charging, and active ventilation are some of the features that make it the smartest mask.

The product is socially active, and people are eagerly waiting for its release and wants to know Project Hazel Mask Price. As is not available in the market, we can’t know about its reviews. But the extraordinary features and social media presence made us believe that it is a legit product. 

What are people saying about it?

Since this mask has not been released by Razor yet, so no reviews are available till now. People have viewed the post of product on social media and also liked it. No reviews are known. The product seems to have many features, so after release, many people would try out, and we would get its reviews. People do have questions related to Project Hazel Mask Price, but no information related to it is available yet.


As this mask will not be like ordinary masks that we usually wear. So, we all are waiting for its release. The product seems to be legit as we explored this out by checking it out on various factors. People are waiting to use this product and share their reviews. Razor masks are present on social media. It is designed in such a way that one can feel comfortable after wearing it.What about Project Hazel Mask Price? It has not been told yet, but surely it would be expensive as they are giving an advanced feature mask to you.

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