Ppyfood com Reviews [May] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Ppyfood com Reviews 2020

Ppyfood com Reviews [May] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping platform for different categories of products.

Ppyfood com Reviews: Do you wish to buy different types of products in your budget, which is also available on one destination? Online shopping is a fun way to buy different products conveniently. The products are delivered right at your doorstep like a gift. But choosing the right products that fit your style and requirements can be a tough job to handle.

Finding an online shopping site which will have not only custom products but also different clothing and accessory items, is rough. The website which provides unique products just made for you, in a cost-effective manner is so good to be true. But there is one shopping site which is said to deliver you different types of unique products cost-effectively, known as Ppyfood com. But, Is Ppyfood com Legit or Scam? To see that, keep on reading this article till the end.

What is Ppyfood com?

It is an online shopping site for all kinds of different custom products available in one place, and also cost-effective for your pocket. This website also sells different unique clothing and accessory items fit for every style and requirements. Various products like a small DIY polishing machine, Magic auto-cleaning robot, mini welder, foldable drones, neck hammock, a dog ball launcher, etc. are also exclusively available here.

Whether the products are related to the clothing category or accessory categories, they have enough designs for everyone. This site also sells premium quality formal shoes and casual shoes for men like loafers, serpentine leather shoes, alligator grain hasps shoes, tassel business shoes, etc. The beautiful accessories are also available on this site like necklaces, shorts, etc.

Professional tools and suppliers like brake caliper tool, bearing puller, tool punchers, chainsaws, auto-feed soldering iron, etc. are exclusively available on Ppyfood com. Kitchen and cleaning items like painted kitchen rack, cleaning sponges, pipe inner cleaning brushes, etc. are also sold by this website. This website has already gained its customers from the United States following other countries.

Specifications of Ppyfood com:

  • Website: The website sells various custom, clothing, accessory items.
  • Email:cjian950@gmail.com.
  • Modes of payment: PayPal, VISA, Maestro, MasterCard.
  • Cancellation of products only accepted before the shipping.
  • Return period is valid until 15 days after the delivery.
  • Shopify powers this website.
  • Delivery: 5-20 days.

Is Ppyfood com worth your money?

According to Ppyfood com Reviews, this website sells different products which are cost-effective, the website is free from any scams or suspicious activities which makes Ppyfood com a legit site. The website encourages the uniqueness in their products which are uniquely fit for you. This website also offers free delivery on all orders above $40. Hence, this website is worth your money.

Positive remarks:

  • Different products from different categories are available in one place.
  • The price of the products is budget-friendly.
  • The items are of premium quality.
  • Easy returns and refunds.
  • The website is free from any scams.
  • Different modes of online payment is accepted.

Negative remarks:

  • Delivery can delay depending on the region.
  • Only online modes of payment is accepted.
  • The site is still new and in severe market competition.

What are people saying about Ppyfood com?

The customers are happy with the customer service provided by the website. Customers also appreciate the newsletter they get from the site. Some customers have complained about the delay in their deliveries but said it was worth it. People liked the outlet of different unique products available on this site.

For some people, the products seem costly, and for some people, it was a deal to grab. The customers trust the website as they didn’t felt unsafe while using this website. Although few customers were unhappy because the site doesn’t show their remarks on the website. But, if we compare the people comments, then this site has gained more positive feedback.

Final Notes:

Ppyfood com reviews say that if you are looking for a website which will meet your uniqueness correctly, then this might be the best site for you. The products are cost-effective and designer at the same time, which makes it a great deal to grab. The website provides excellent customer service.

The website is free from any suspicious activities and scams, which makes it safe for users. The website is running smoothly. Considering everything about this site, we think it can be your favourite shopping site. Hence, we recommend that you go and make purchases on this website.

0 thoughts on “Ppyfood com Reviews [May] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. definitely a scam – this dudes email is on like 10 different pages all are shut down. Repeated attempts to contact no response – no item received

      1. SCAM ! ! ! As far as I’m concerned. Purchased May 3, 2020 an Over the sink Shelf/rack . Package of one 3 in x7 in wire basket arrivedd July 8,2020. Disappointed is putting it very lightly. Emails will NOT deliver to complain .Rip off DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BUSINESS

          1. I ordered the fancy above the sink dish drainer back in May of this year.
            Still do not have it. The company email has been full for months.

          1. Same thing here! Exact same thing. So disappointed! I really wanted the shelf, but so glad I did not lose out on any more money than I did. Still so frustrating!

    1. I’ve ordered from ppyfood and never received it. I emailed them and got a returned ,no user email, back. They scammed me $50. My moms Mother’s Day present. scam. Asshats

    2. Definitely a scam take your money In a heartbeat and nothing ever received. Ordered a smokeless grill back in May and to date mid July have not received nothing not even a response to several inquires.

    3. I agree- I think this is a big scam!! I placed an order on 5/10/2020 and have never received it. I tried ALL Customer Service contact options and all are closed down!!! There is no way to reach their customer service via phone or email!!! This is very odd and not a legitimate way to do business!!!!

    1. Same here l

      Order the over tge kitchen rack in April.

      There customer service email replies provides untraceable tracking info.

  2. Same here. No delivery, no response to my emails. I’m very disappointed, because I ordered a birthday present, and it never arrived.

  3. On 05/03/2020
    I ordered a product from ppyfood and paid for it I have not received it
    It is now June
    When will my order be delivered?

  4. I ordered the golf game and only received 1 golf ball in the mail and can’t find anyway to contact them. Definitely a scam

  5. Order in early May got a email on may 12th saying it has been shipped and have received nothing. I try to email but says the email dont exist! Ill try to call Monday the number the site is offering is 1 376 562 9856.. See if I can get a live person it 9am to 5pm EST

  6. I ordered over the kitchen sink dish rack in May 2020 and the site they give you to track yor order does not exist!!!

  7. Definitely a scam I ordered the over the sink dish drainer May 2 today is July 3 and still nothing I paid for a fucking tracking number and that’s it definitely a scam stay away!

  8. This site is a scammers sites, they charge you but you never get what you paid for it. I recommend you guys to file a complaint and notify the buss. Bureau of your state. Also report it to PayPal if you paid using them.

    They promote in Facebook and is not only one person advertising, is several people advertising the same item that you would never see:(

  9. I ordered kitchen rack, On April 28th, received something July 3rd, but wasn’t what I ordered , way smaller than picture, can’t use it

  10. I ordered a kitchen rack and only got one small piece for it. Says completely delivered after waiting 4 months! None of the emails or numbers work at all. Guess I’m out money.

  11. Ordered recliner chairs. Received a Small folding chair for about a 3 year old child. It’s so small it fit in my mail box. It’s not a kit.
    Took about 2 months to receive. RIP off , scam. Stay away from ppyfood.

  12. Absolutely a scam. Ordered the over the sink kitchen rack. Nearly 3 months later I received a slender wire basket shipped from China. Report to Facebook and PayPal. AVOID this company!!!


    This website is a fucking joke. Paypal was no help. Ordered an over the sink dish rack and received a small basket. Paid for 10 day shipping. Ordered May 2nd. Item was Delivered July 14th. Not even what I ordered. Return address on the shipping label is Jon 2352 Bent Creek Rd Auburn, AL 36830. Paid a total of $29.97 and paypal said I needed to Internationally ship the item i received to the following address
    Hong Kong SAR China
    Needless to say that wasn’t an option for me. The email I had for the seller was cjian950@gmail.com PayPal said that was my only option I argued and they settled the case for me for $20.00 I lost $9.97. They are a scam and a rip off. BE WARNED DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SELLER!!!!

  14. Ordered a bbq smokeless grill from lady harborful on Facebook back on May 17, 2020 and to date, July 20, 2020 have not received the item ordered. The email cjian950@gmail.com is bogus. It bounces back as npt existing. Have tried multiple times to contact. Given shipping information which is not valid. What a scam this is. Credit card charged but no merchandise received.

  15. I ordered a item for the kitchen and have received a shelf from the item a complete and utter scam

  16. Consider this:

    1. No, shipping is not free all over the world when you buy more than $40.
    2. I didn’t get the most (the more important part) of my stuff.
    3. My subsequent emails could not be delivered.
    4. Once everything was paid, there was no more way to log in.

  17. DON’T. It is a scam I fell into. They charged me and then sent (very late) a completelly different thing. Almost impossible to contact them, then refused to reinburse no more than 30%. Went to controversy on PayPal and they offered reinbursement but only if I returned the item to China, which would cost more than the article itself. This, despite the article was sent from an address *in my own country*, not in China.
    DON’T DO IT and also think very carefully if you need to use #PayPal. Customer protection is a joke.

  18. SCAM!! Ordered 2 items, about $50, and never received them! Put in a dispute, and it was denied because they said it was delivered. We have a security camera, IT WAS NEVER DELIVERED!I’m without product and almost $50!

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