Popumart Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Popumart Reviews 2020

Popumart Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> The post will tell you about a new online store and what it is selling.

If you are reading this post, then you too are searching for Popumart Reviewswondering what this site has to offer! 

Multiple new websites are taking advantage of the current scenario and selling products that the people won’t stop hoarding on because of the mass hysteria. 

This site that is currently selling in the United States and is not new in the market. What is it selling? is it worth your money? Are they duping you? To get an answer to all these questions, read this post till the very end! 

What is Popumart? What products are they selling?

It is an online e-commerce site that is currently selling tube masks and neck with prints on them and caps. There is no precise product categorization mentioned on the website! Clicking on their hot sale section will take you to a page that will display an array of printed masks and a single cap. 

A little bit about these masks and neck warmers on Popumart online store

  • The tube mask covers till the neck and gives protections from dust and suns Uv rays. 
  • It is made up of polyester. This means that the mask is stretchable and is a one size fits all kind of product. The fabric ensures it gives off no bad odour and also maintains hydration while warding off any moisture accumulation. 
  • The mask is non-slip and multi-functional. The product description talks about that mask has 20 plus ways to wear the mask. 
  • It will come in handy when you are out fishing, at a music festival where you may come across mosquitoes and have suns rays shining down on you. 

The cap on popumart is your regular baseball hat that will come in handy when you are out in the sun—protecting your head from overheating. The site is clean and crisp and somewhat easy to figure out! Even though there are no products apart from the face mask/neck warmer and the cap.

However, for a website that was set up in 2011, it lacks finesse and even products! Other information too on this site makes you wonder if this site is legit or a scam? 

Is Popumart legit?

A question most people ask a lot of people ask about this site is “is Popumart legit?” the below pointers will give you some clarity-


  • You will notice a lock icon right next to the website URL. Telling us that the website is locked and also has an SSL certificate! 
  • The site has a Facebook account which looks relatively recent as it lacks any images or comments. 
  • The products are affordable and inventive. 
  • The return and refund details tell you how to make a return and that in case of a refund, the money will be deposited into card/PayPal account. 
  • They accept master card, PayPal and even visa card for the online payments. 
  • They deliver worldwide. They will take about 10-12 days to provide the products to you. 


  • Numerous other reviews online regarding the popumart online store talk about the site selling sanitizers as well as other products.
  • There is no precise product categorization and only sell two products. 
  • You do not get to know if they charge you a shipping fee until you have filled out your card details. 
  • The contact information is incomplete as they do not provide a phone number. 
  • The shipping details are incomplete. Although they mention that 
  • There is no address provided, which means that they could be selling from china! 
  • There are no customer reviews available! 

To conclude, it is impossible to tell if the popumart site is a scam or not as some points talk in favour of the site while some say otherwise. Could they be working or reworking on the site? There is no way of knowing! 

The site lacks transparency which may leave a lot of potential customers confused. Could this be worked on by the website?

Final Verdict- 

While the products and prices may seem enticing, it is essential to be a wise shopper. A lot of people complain about not receiving their products and losing money after ordering. 

Websites must provide its customers with more transparency; this really helps build trust! Don’t you think? If you have purchased Popumart recently then do share your experience with us in the comments below. 

0 thoughts on “Popumart Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

  1. SCAM…They have EXACT same website, that name changed on every few days. I ordered from Popumart, then few days later saw EXACT same site, same products, pics, prices, wording, etc. Under the name Housemart. Nothing ever shipped. Read return policy, you only have 24 hrs to cancel or they give you a runaround with no phone number to call. Basically, there’s restocking fees if you cancel, you can ONLY email them & you MUST have a return # they supposedly will email you, which I’m betting you will never see. It’s been 2 weeks nothing shipped, no response from email. Then saw a different name again today, but couldn’t remember the name they are using now. I just called my credit card co & disputed, so not responsible, but will take 60-120 days to resolve. BBB has no record of them BBB site says they claim licensed in WI, but WI has no license for them. Items showed up charged to FabFashion LTD. Online sites say that company is a scam. So there’s a WHOLE lot of fishy things going on here, so seems they are preying on peoples’ fears of trying to stay safe during a crisis. So in my opinion, this has to be a scam all the way around.

  2. No phone number. Haven’t received item and it’s been over two weeks.
    Beware !!!!! Horrible service !

    1. It’s a Chinese Company ? I ordered two masks
      Received nothing – tried to email – received this message : Your message wasn’t delivered to service@popumart.com because the domain popumart.com couldn’t be found. They advise putting the Arrive app on your phone to track shipment – does not track but gives access to your phone – DO NOT USE THIS APP – DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS CHINESE COMPANY

    2. Samething with me and know can’t get on there web site says no IP address found. I emailed them I probably won’t get any answers.

    3. I ordered from Pooh mart and never got my order this was almost a 40 dollar order I emailed them no response there a scam for sure

  3. Homeandmart is 100% scam! I never received my shipment of face masks. Also, they dont respond to any emails. They also are DBA popumart.com

    1. Placed a $37.00 order 3 weeks ago. I have sent 3 email inquiries with no response. They send us Covid virus but not our purchases. SCAM

  4. SCAM!!! I clicked on their banner ad on worldmeters on the 9th. Was charged and got email. Tried to email on 16th asking where my order is and now the site is down. Calling my credit card company for a refund.

  5. I cant believe I was taken in by this. No phone number, and when I emailed today, my email was returned, no domain found. I went to popumart website and it can not be found either. This teaches me not to buy anything from Facebook advertising as well as research a little before I caugh up my cc#

  6. I placed an order for toilet paper, wipes and sanitizer more than two weeks ago , and still do not received anything. They charged my master card, but under a different company‘s name. The master card company is investigating , but still I do not have their response.
    I have sent two email to the email address advertised without any reply. I started believing that it is a fraud.

  7. Ordered two face masks from Popumart at first they were very nice answered my emails, when I texted them outright an asked if I had been scammed popumart stopped any answers or emails after that !!! “What goes around comes around “ Kay

  8. How come Facebook thinks that its unethical to criticize Hillary Clinton and they remove anything that criticizes the left.
    However, they allow these ethics lacking scam websites… I dont get it..

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