Popcorn on Mask Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit?

Popcorn on Mask Review 2020

Popcorn on Mask Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit? >> The review sorts out the legit information on a product for better online shopping. Learn more.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still on parade, there’s a new normal in our life that we have become an inculcate idea, and that is MASK. To shield the face, are you fed up with those bland masks with plain black and white colour? Are you in dire need of a cover with a pinch of creativity and vibrancy? Are you a cinema fan?

100% Cotton Popcorn Mask soothes your inner restlessness of going funky and stylish while staying safe. A mask that is to be placed most of the time of the day on our mouth should be comfortable and light. With the news going viral on the internet, some parts of the United States people refused to wear a mask. 

Going trendy and adhering to a country’s regulations when it seems challenging, there’s always a solution in the next step. As the number of cases increases day by day, Popcorn on Mask Review makes it simple to gather information on the mask to make the best choice. 

What is 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask?

To prevent making the mask-wearing routine a burden and moaning-worthy, 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask is a purely handmade cotton mask claimed by the owner for all the cinema lovers. 

The mask’s design is alluring with pleats added to it to make more room for the mouth to breathe in and relax. Some give a feel of suffocation if put on for a more extended period. But with this design, one wouldn’t get smothered. 

Amidst the on-going politics in the United States, citizens residing in Georgia have a slight resistance towards the mask. But with a thin nose wire to make it befitting and use of 1/8″ elastic to avoid persistent rubbing, it’s irresistible and uncanny not to wear it. 


  • It is a pure handmade cotton mask with pleats to present more space.
  • 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask has double layers of cotton fabric.
  • With the beautiful funky design of popcorns spread throughout the mask, it grabs attention. Perfect while watching a movie.
  • It comes with a thin nose wire to make it a perfect fit and keep the mask in place.
  • The mask’s fabric is pre-washed and pre-shrunk, which clarifies the doubt of getting shrunk after a wash.
  • They have used 1/8″ elastic to make it more comfortable and prevent chafing now and then. 
  • This mask costs US$ 10.99 with free shipping in Canada. 

Pros of 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask

  • The product is very comfortable and smooth while wearing double layers. 
  • It is 100% cotton and handmade with extra care on details. 
  • It provides a thin nose wire to make a perfect fit and does not have to adjust every minute.
  • The design giving pleats makes enough room for the mouth to function correctly. 
  • For people wearing glasses, this product is best as it doesn’t create a stir. 
  • The fabric is pre-washed, which checks the cleanliness.
  • It is also pre-shrunk to ensure the material does not get shrink after washing. 
  • Popcorn on Mask Review recommends buying this mask with a positive response. 

Cons of 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask

  • The mask is not a medical product, which may raise doubt on safety.
  • There is no refund or exchange in customized orders.
  • It may take 10-20 days to arrive in India after ordering the product as it is dispatched from Canada. 
  • It may become out of budget to spend on one mask and is too expensive when added shipping charges. 

Is 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask a Legit or Scam product? 

The owner of the mask- based in Ontario, Canada- has been associated with the website since 2019 for their marketing. Depending upon Popcorn on Mask Review and all the information provided, this product is satisfying most of the people around the globe.

Though the price seems too high to spend on a single mask, it has successfully grabbed its customers’ interests. With popcorns as a design, it suits the entire selfies taker while on a movie-marathon. 

Customer’s Reviews on 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask

If looking at the product descriptions mentioned by the owner, it sounds a good idea to shop. But when it comes to Popcorn on Mask Review, there are not many to read. That may seem a little disturbing to find more reviews on other products than this one. 

The product is designed under WendesignCA, which has received innumerable positive responses on their masks; it is believable to accept 100% Cotton Popcorn Mask as the right product. The reviewer has also appreciated the active reply by the owner when in need.


After reading a lot about the product and the owner’s active response to queries, this product seems legit to buy. But there is not much Popcorn on Mask Review on the product; it is highly recommended to give thorough research on an individual level before purchasing. 

If you have experience and knowledge of the product, please mention it in the comment section below.

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