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Polaire AC Review {July} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Polaire AC Review {July} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> In this article, you will learn about a website with mini air conditioners.

Are you looking for portable air conditioners that consume very little space? Let’s check out Polaire AC Review and see if this website worth our time and money, or we should be careful from this website.

Many questions rose from customers from the United Statesand people are confused about the legitimacy of the website, and it is safe to shop from this website or not. They are wondering Is Polaire AC Legit.

Polaire AC Review

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Sometimes when you visit a website and find their products innovative and at an affordable price, there is a high chance that you get tempted by the product and buy it before investing in the website and become a victim of cyber phishing. 

Therefore, we have come up with detailed research and in-depth technical analysis to give you insights on the authenticity of this website so that you know about the techniques using which you can find whether a site is legit or not and make a wise decision. 

What is is an online website that sells mini and portable air conditioners and can be easily adjusted in a small place. 

The website is recently launched and claims to have energy-efficient mini air conditioners. The site claims that the products are travel friendly, and it is suitable for personal cooling necessities. 

The website follows the HTTPS network protocol; therefore, you will have a safe browsing experience, and there is no possibility of a Man-in-middle kind of cyber fraud. There is online Polaire AC Review on various online reviewing websites.

The website claims that their products are portable to an extent where you can pack them and take them anywhere and are light in weight. 

Why are products of unique?

  • Mini air conditioners are small and compressed 
  • Saves energy 
  • Portable 
  • Zero Installation charge 
  • Humidifies the air
  • Zero sounds 
  • No disturbing element
  • Good for personal use 

Polaire AC Reviews Scam

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Specifications of

  • Product Type: Mini Portable air conditioners
  • Website Link: 
  • Email Address: Not Mentioned
  • Address: Not Mentioned 
  • Delivery Time: Up to 30 Days
  • Return / Exchange: Available 
  • Refund: Available 
  • Order Tracking System: Available
  • Shipping Charges: Free Shipping 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payment Only 

Pros of buying products from

  • Products safe electrical energy 
  • Free Shipping on all orders 
  • HTTPS network protocol followed 
  • Safe payment gateway 
  • Initial 50% discount on your first order
  • Worldwide Delivery 

Cons of buying products from

  • No contact information available 
  • It is only a one-page website 
  • Website lacks transparency 
  • The website has a majority of negative reviews
  • The site has a fake reviewing system 
  • Exceptionally long delivery hours 

Polaire AC Reviews

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Is Polaire AC Legit?

The majority of online Polaire AC Review is negative, and the website does not have transparency and is not informative about the origin of the website. Therefore, the site seemed highly suspicious.

The website does not have any contact information available, so even if you buy the products from this website, but you will not have any way to contact the staff and get information about your query.

The website is a scam and does not have any supportive evidence to prove its legitimacy. 

What is customer feedback about

According to Polaire AC Reviewthe website is a scam, and the customer felt helpless after buying the products from this website as they could not contact the staff.

The extremely long delivery periods make it more difficult to order products from this website. The customers are still asking whether Is Polaire AC Legit.

According to the various technical reviewing website, the site has a shallow trust index and has little traffic on its server. Therefore the website is not safe to buy products. 

The website has its reviewing section in which you will find that all the reviews are positive, which seemed fake to us. 

Polaire AC Where to Buy

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the website seemed a scam website; therefore, we would not recommend you to shop from this website. The website showcased all its information on only one page. 

The contact information of the website is not given; therefore, we cannot claim that it is even registered with an official domain. The site needs to work on its user interface so that use can access the website with ease, and the website should look informative. 

We recommend you stay safe from this kind of website and look for all the safety measures before buying from a new website.

Please comment below if you find this report useful. 

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  1. I have a ‘POLAIRE’ It is really so wonderful…..At failing! It can not in anyway cool a room in 60 seconds or indeed 60 hours, Unless your room is inside a shoe box.
    But on the box i had it cleverly says in the small print that it could cool the air near you! Even this is being very optimistic. Then the website says for best result use ‘Ice water’ but even that makes very little difference.
    I build PC’s so I immediately recognized the Fan in the Unit. It is just a low power PC case fan, Literally the type you put on the front of a PC to draw air inti the case. Now Even the largest Gaming PC is not exactly room sized and some cases (mine included) have 3 or more of these exact size Fans to try to cool the ambient air in the PC case, so how on earth they expect the POLAIRE to cool the square metres/yards of a family sized room is beyond belief
    FINAL VERDICT; DO NOT BUY …EVER! save your money and put it towards saving for a real proper air-conditioning unit!

  2. Looked at the website and was a bit bothered about 1 page info, that’s why I looked at the review of the company. Interesting info. Thanks.

  3. Yeah it looks like Polaire is taking out fake ads on YouTube that are eerily similar to the “drone ads” that are like 5 mins long. This whole thing is scam central y’all. Be careful and don’t give in. I hope YouTube is better than this in giving airtime to misleading companies.

  4. Yep I think I saw exactly the same basic ad format for a little yellow LCD projector on Youtube – 2 disgruntled ex-employees, secret the industry doesn’t want you to know about, decided to go their own way blah blah blah….

  5. Thank you. These types of sites should not be allowed to air to trap gullible buyers. Your reviews are valuable to avoid scams like these.

  6. The so-called science behind their “revolutionary” invention is malarky. Don’t waste your time. This is an overpriced, underpowered humidifier.

  7. Their ad on YouTube has so many typos, misspelled words and grammatical errors, I don’t see how anyone with half a brain wouldn’t automatically be wary. No legitimate company would put out an ad like that.

  8. the advertisement for polaire is a joke. Spent years in the HVAC industry doing design and this device is completely incapable of changing the temperature in a room. Heat has to be removed from the air to make it ‘cooler’. And let’s not forget about ‘latent heat’. True air conditioning (versus evaporative colling, which is what this product really is) removes heat AND humidity (latent heat) from the air. If you have ever been to a southern state in the summer with humidity levels > 60%, you know that dry air feels cooler and more comfortable. That being said, evaporative cooling does work in areas with lower humidity, but you also need to have windows open to expel the hot air to the outside. This device in a closed room would merely raise the humidity level (latent heat goes up) and do nothing to remove the (sensible heat) that migrates into the structure from the outside (heat gain)….

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