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Plygonow Reviews [June] Spent Money On Legit Site

Plygonow Reviews

Plygonow Reviews [June] Spent Money On Legit Site -> Review this online website from where you can buy good quality swimming pools at a very cheap cost.

Are you one of those who love to enjoy excellent splashing water along with spending some pleasurable time in the swimming pool? Then, you must check out the website named As here you will get the enjoyable supplements with just a click of the mouse. But before going ahead with the shopping, we need to check out the Plygonow Reviews on the internet panel.

It is a United States-based company that will take care of all your enjoyment needs.

An inflatable pool in a back garden is a prevalent sight these days. Swimming has always been one of the favourite activities for children during the summer holidays. With an inflatable pool in your garden, your children can happily splash away every day of their summer holiday, with no extra cost to you.

You are saved from paying any travel fees, and no more admittance fees. Your children can play in the water, and you can continue with your daily chores or job that you need to do, without having to worry about them getting bored and wondering what else you can do to keep them happy.

What is is an online company that sells, Swimming pool, water slide sprinkler, portable outdoor LED Flame lightlantern, automatic water irrigation control system, camping hammock tent with mosquito tent.

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Can you specify a few of the specifications of this company?

The specification of the company are listed below:

  • Hosted By:
  • Contact Number: (219) 710-9664
  • Official Address: 117 Birmingham St. Chicago Ridge IL 1055,USA
  • Refund Policy- Applicable
  • Return Policy- Applicable
  • Payment Gateways: Credit card, Debit card, digital wallet

What are the benefits of purchasing the products from this online platform?

The benefits of doing online shopping from this portal are mentioned here:

  • The graphics and picture quality of all the products are beautiful. The online platform also looks like an authentic place for doing the shopping.
  • The company ensures the refund and return policy within 30 days.
  • The website gives free shipping services to all the customers for orders above 90 dollars.

What are the negative aspects of doing online shopping from this website?

The negative aspects of doing online shopping from this website are:

  • The website does not have anything relevant that proves it to be authentic.
  • Even the address of the company found on the website is not found on the google maps.
  • Even the domain of the company is very recent.
  • You might receive the cheap quality of the product due to its pricing factor.

Is this online website a legit place to do online shopping?

Well, we have gone through the youtube reviews of this website, and as per the researchers, this website sells the cheap quality of swimming pools. Even the prices of all these products are low, that might appear suspicious to many of the buyers.

One person has posted that it is next to impossible to get such products at a little cost. He said that it is rather appropriate to do the online shopping from the legitimate portal that has vast experience in all the product segments, and that tends to deliver the best quality of products. One should go with the reputed brand.

What are the customer’s reviews for

The website has created its own review section where it has posted its customer’s reviews. The thing that looks unusual when we see all the positive reviews on the site. So, it is a bit doubtful for us to trust such a brand because we know this fact that no brand is perfect and it always has some of its flaws.

Final Verdict

After checking all the Plygonow Reviews on the website, we found that this place is not a legitimate place to do online shopping. Due to its low popularity, people did not find enough reviews about the company. After collecting information from various sources, we found that this place is not at all the right place for doing online shopping. The prime motto of such companies is to take the financial information of the buyer and give it to the scammer.

Even some of the customers reported that they did not get the home delivery of the product after making the full payment of it.

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  1. I also ordered a pool 15ft×48 inches i got it, but it is only 7ft× maybe about 24inches dont know how to contact and get my money back

  2. is not accessible now .. potential fraud ….
    I placed an order with plygonow online and the PayPal charge was to Gangtou and never received any confirmation other than PayPal’s charge email.
    I researched the plygonow purchase site more fully and caught wind of a scam – tel #’s and email addys did not correspond to real world company of any kind.
    Fortunately I had purchased with PayPal credit and initiated a stop payment (fraud) with them. I( NOTE – you can only do a stop pay with PP Credit OR initiate a fraud investigation with PayPal service – NOT both ).
    It took several days but the charge amount was credited to my PayPal Credit account.
    The site page I purchased from is now inaccessible.
    I have since received one email from seller with a tracking number that appeared legit but China Post (as I write this one month later) reports as “No information about your package. Package has not been sent yet or you entered invalid tracking number.”
    So report as fraud and get your money back if you can.
    Good Luck

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