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Plebage Reviews [April] > Is It Trust Worthy Store?

Plebage Reviews 2020

Plebage Reviews [April] > Is It Trust Worthy Store? -> This article aims to pr sent a detailed review of the site to provide clarity on the credibility of the same.

If you like to shop online for room decor and kid’s essentials at affordable prices, then Plebage is the site you should try.

The site spoils you with abundant options of fancy home decorations, lighting, stationery and kid’s essentials. This online store is offering huge discounts on its goods. A detailed description of each item is mentioned on the site. You can get fashionable and trendy items for your rooms at reasonable rates.

Plebage Reviews notify us that the site is designed for the users in the United State and is enable to provide with a vast range of items.

It may be difficult for a person, especially mothers, to browse through multiple offline stores and choose the desired item. But this online store makes it possible from the convenience of your home.

This site claims to be a subsidiary of Thatony and promises to deliver high-quality service to all its customers.

The only concern of unsatisfied customers is the unrealistic price of the commodities, thereby, raising doubts regarding the authenticity of the site.

What if these low prices are bait to make you lower your guard and share your account details? To be sure, let us together find out Is Plebage Club Legit?

Is Plebage Club Legit?

With the advent of digital marketing these days, the rate of fraudulent online sites have increased significantly. Therefore, it is vital to be vigilant of these seemingly ‘genuine’ sites.

Online stores like Plebage club sells products at pocket-friendly rates. But we have a question to ask ourselves. Is this affordability of their products a bait to attract unsuspecting buyers?

Thus, we would recommend you to go through the entire blog and find out the answers to these doubts.

What is Plebage?

Plebage is an eCommerce website which claims to bring you the best deals on various products. These products include stylish pillows, hanging planters, candle holders and other home decor items along with shopping items for kids.

It is one of the best solutions for a home-maker who is looking for an online shopping option while performing daily household chores.

Why is Plebage so unique?

Plebage club is one of the sites which knows the way to please its customers. The incomparable discounts offered by this online store attracts customers like never before.

Additionally, the site provides a tracking page for you to trace your international orders, hassle-free and you do not have to take the pain of using a third-party app. A tracking number is provided in 36-48 hours after receiving your payment.

Before reviewing the customer feedback of the site, let us discuss the specifications, pros and cons of this store.

Specifications of Plebage:

  • Product- Home decor and baby essentials
  • Website-  
  • Email-
  • Address- 1527fruitland  dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Contact number- +1 8456360200
  • Shipping- 1-2 weeks
  • Processing time- 1-5 business days
  • Delivery time- 8-19 business days for worldwide delivery
  • Shipping fee- non-refundable
  • Exchange/returns/refunds- No clarity 
  • Mode of payment- Only online payment

Pros of Plebage:

  • Appropriately secured as it provides an SSL certificate.
  • Separate tracking page is available to assist you in tracking your orders
  • No need for third-party apps to monitor the orders
  • Items available at cheap prices
  • Detailed contact information is provided

Cons of Plebage:

  • Too good to be true prices which create suspicion
  • Multiple details of the email address
  • Fake address and contact number
  • Forged “About Us’ page
  • No clarity on return policy
  • Thatony proves to be a non-existing company

Customer feedback on Plebage:

Countless websites have already used the address mentioned in the Contact Us page. Therefore, customers have complained about the lack of transparency of this site.

The phone number, About Us page and poor website design have also resulted in several sceptical customers.

Unsatisfied customers have complained about the delivery of counterfeit goods.

Some of them have not received anything at all and have been extracted money as well as financial details.

Final Verdict:

The site claims to be a subsidiary of Thatony company. After careful analysis, we realized that it does not exist.

The unbelievable reduction in prices seems to be a trap to lure customers.

Unclear “About Us” page and Return policy section creates a dilemma in the minds of customers.

Overall, we are suspicious about this site and would not recommend it to our readers.

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