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Clothing is an important aspect of that we wear on our personality. It can make or break our image at just an instant. The way we dress-up speaks a lot about ourselves, in terms of mood, taste, character, and overall demeanor.

However, many of us don’t realize the importance of looking great through clothes.

Every occasion that we face in our lives, whether it’s personal, professional or social has it’s own significance of existence and wearing the proper outfit to suit the same isn’t an easy task at all.

Here’s, a company registered in the United States.

What is

Pink-lotus is all about clothes. The company graciously wants to project itself to be a sought after online store in clothing.

The attires are designed by European designers keeping in mind the modern lifestyle and demands of young women. Not only clothes, a lady would find several complementing stuff here too, like footwear, revealing and intimate clothe line, accessories and so on.

We women are extremely conscious of the outfit that we wear because the right kind of wearable makes us look the best wherever we be. Sometimes going through this quest, we land short of choices, when it comes to buying from a particular shop.

However,, for a change, is flooded with options in apparels. One can find endless deals at much affordable prices over a single platform.

The company also promises speedy shipping with fast order processing, which sounds quite exciting. It ensures safe delivery through durable poly bags and envelopes, which is another positive vibe from the company.

Who should buy from here? seems to be a solely women centric store and the kind of clothes that it displays would typically be bought by the street smart young ladies.

Women, who are fond of stylish and trendy outfits, and do not shy away from flaunting themselves amidst crowds, will definitely buy from here. The prices are quite low and the products look classy, if we go by the images shown.

Is pink lotus clothing legit?

But, is pink lotus scam real? Here, we shall discuss the viability of this vibrant shopping site. The pictures and particularly the $0 outfits will raise anybody’s eyebrows. It’s too good to be true.

There are actually certain clothes present in this store, for which you have to pay nothing except the shipping cost, which is less than $15. Now, here is the catch. How can you be sure of the quality then? Any good product will require a cost otherwise it’s not up to the mark.

Moreover, this website has a recent registration so it cannot be depended upon. Any new company has several external links to secure it’s presence in the virtual world, but has none.

Few customers, who have ordered products from here have lost their money and have received nothing. When they have tried fishing out the contact details of the owner(s), they didn’t find any as this novel online shopping site has deftly hidden all crucial information about itself.

How can someone depend on such a site? It clearly shows that such companies have an ulterior motive of cheating people off their money and disappear from the e-commerce business platform outright.

Be extremely careful about such fraudulent sites and do not divulge any of your vital personal data. The latter might be misused and you might get trapped in an undesirable situation.

Images can be copied and prices can be forfeited. Low costs and huge discounts are easy ways through which buyers are attracted and trapped. There’s no COD(Cash on Delivery) option available in such sites, that’s because they are not trustworthy.

The website lacks proper construction as the content isn’t good enough. The description of products is absent. There are no laudable comments or testimonials from the buyer’s side. Of course that can be ignored as customer experiences can also be faked.

I would suggest not buying from here as there’s not a single point of reliability. The company addresses and contact numbers are missing. There’s no return address mentioned, if one wishes to give back the items.


According to me, is an online company which is not at all reassuring. It has tried to position itself to be ‘the ladies choice’ but has failed to do so in reality. Certain attributes are so conspicuous that any experienced online shopper will easily identify.

In short, I would suggest you to discuss about this particular online shopping site in your social media groups, so that more and more people become aware of such skeptical launches.

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  1. I bought items from them and have yet to receive them ordered on 3/18/2020 got an email said it shipped on 3/19/2020 I have yet to contact them because the site don’t exist please don’t buy here

  2. I also ordered and received an email on March 17th saying that they shipped my items. I sent them an email to follow up a few weeks ago and now their website is shut down. Do not spend your money. I’m just glad I’m only out of $14.00

  3. Saw an ad on Facebook that you could receive all these jeans, coats, dresses, etc. if you just paid shipping. Now almost a month later I go to check the status of my purchase and the website has disappeared. So I pretty much lost my $14 to a scam!

  4. This Company is a SCAM I ordered some clothing on March 10 they took 14.95 from me and I still have not received any clothing such a shame what people do to get money from other’s

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