Perfect Homes Competition (March) Is It A scam Or Legit?

Perfect Homes Competition 2021

Perfect Homes Competition (March) Is It A scam Or Legit? >> This detailed article will provide you with all the details you need to know about the lowing price payments and competition which seems to be a scam.

Do you keep dreaming about your perfect dream house? With all those required furniture as well as the gadgets needed, there.

Then you will surely be like today’s article on- Perfect Homes Competition because indeed the house is not just a building; it should give you the feel of comfort. 

You are longing to buy your own house as well the necessary furniture but Alas! You are suffering from some financial crisis. Perfect Homes is your solution based in the United Kingdom.

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What are Perfect Homes?

Yes! The ideal home services are there to provide you with houses on your low budget. They also provide you with the required furniture at a trust rate of 86%. According to — Perfect Homes Competition, they have unbelievably low prices credit available for you.

Their main aim is to help you create your ideal home without giving you many burdens on your financial situation. They claim always to have a way of payment for all their customers. They claim to understand your financial situation.

They provide you with arrangements for your struggle in buying a house with keeping it well furnished at low prices. They also deliver products with extreme safety on their accounts. They have provisions of weekly payments with low prices with security.

 Perfect Homes Competition Scam or not

 If you have observed the social media handle, specifically Facebook of the said page, you’ll find a competition to advertise on their page of winning the house with three bedrooms that look too good to be true. Also, they are offering 150,000-pound sterling in-case you don’t want the cash.

Do you know what is more suspicious? This page has been created just on 15 March 2021. Yes! Only two days ago. This social media handle is managed by someone other than the original website, making it suspicious enough.

 Participation and Review 

According to The Perfect Homes Competition — the participation process is hilariously weird to believe in it. The process is. First, you need to open their page, and then, there’s just an album posted over the page. You have to like that, comment on the posts, and share the post, and you are done with the participation.

In the competition, they are giving a three-bedroom, three bathrooms, and one reception set. They have more than 219k comments and 298k shares. It seems that the motive to advertise the deal well enough.

Some customers are also suspicious, but some naïve are excited about the same.


After observing through the Perfect Homes Competition, it seems pretty suspicious, and we are confident that the competition is fraud though the website has a trust score in a good sense. 

We advise you not to participate in this competition, as scammers’ activity is nothing less. Keep reading the articles for the latest updates. 

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