Penipuan Mark AI {Oct 2021} Know Its Working Condition!

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In this post, we have discussed the Penipuan Mark AI app and the issues Mark AI members are facing currently.

Are you interested in technology-based trading softwares? Or are you facing any issues with your favorite trading app? If so, this post will be helpful. 

The Mark Ai app is among the most favourite applications favoured by all AI trading users. Currently, it is facing an issue, and people in Indonesia want to know more. So, in this post, we will discuss the popular trading app Penipuan Mark AI.

About Mark AI 

People are highly passionate about spending on this newest technology in the present advanced and sophisticated age. There are a plethora of applications available that provide a modern technology-based investing industry. The Crypto Mark AI trading robot program is one of them.

Mark AI is among the most well known robot trading firms among traders. Mark AI is a program that can assist you in trading cryptocurrency assets. You can reduce capital losses and enhance trading possibilities by utilizing this Mark AI trade robot. Let us know more about the services at Mark AI before knowing more about the Penipuan Mark AI app. 

About the services provided by Mark AI

Mark AI mainly provides two services – one is the Mark AI app, and another is the Mark AI Robots. Let us take a deep dive into the services provided by Mark AI and how they function. 

Mark Ai is a trading software company that creates algorithmic based trading software which are great at investments. They have named their trading software Robot Mark AI. Following that, all trade activities are completed electronically. 

Also, the transactions are automatic and require no human touch, just as its name suggests Robot Mark AI. This Robot Mark AI is behind the Mark AI app. 

About the Problem in Penipuan Mark AI 

Despite the fact that the Mark AI application provides many investment benefits and guarantees consumer privacy, the Mark AI application has been unavailable since 17 October 2021. 

Mark AI members are unable to deposit or withdraw funds from Mark AI due to a unique and unwanted set of conditions. The app is not at all working, and users are facing a lot of difficulties. 

He stated that he would resume the app no earlier than a week. However, the app is still unavailable. The app has even vanished from the Google Play Store, and there is no trace of the app Penipuan Mark AI

What seems more strange and wrong is that the official Mark AI website currently shows Error 504 Gateway Timeout. So, they also cannot be accessed, which makes us doubtful of the company and its intentions. 

There also seems to be an issue with the company address at Unit 16D Jl. at Voza Premium Office Unit, Muhammad No. 31, Major General HR, East Sonokwijenan at Kec. Sukamanunggal in Surabaya City near East 60189 Java.


The Mark AI app that runs on Robot Mark AI is very popular in the electronic trading community, but its latest crash has brought speculation against it. Visit this link to know more.

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