Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text 2020

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews. >> In this article, you are provided with the scam text’s details, which might be a fraud and will use your information illegally.

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text was recently in the news where the scammers trap people by sending text messages. You need to be aware of the fake messages. The message will contain a link to click on, which directs you to a fake page.  

If you are not sure about the sender, we advise you not to click on such links. A scammer can hack the details and information collected through these fake links. You may end losing your account or the amount hacked through the bank details you provided on the fake website.

This article will provide you with the details of a recent text message scam in the United States.

Is Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text safe to reply to? 

Many people in the United States received the Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text, a fake message. People who have provided their personal information or bank account details got trapped by the scammers. These fraudulent messages misuse the information provided by the user.

Therefore, we recommend not replying to any such messages whose sender is unknown to you. Avoid clicking on the links sent in the message. It is unsafe to reply or click on the fake details sent by scammers.

What is the Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text?

Recently a fake Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text was sent to lots of people in the United States. The message is addressed to the receiver’s name, which made them believe in the message. The message contains the details of a sender stating that the USPS Parcel Sorting Center found a package with your name, and the last date of pick-up is Friday, September 18, 2020. Besides, a link is provided to track the package found.

Many receivers’ clicked the link. It directed them to a fake website where the personal information and bank details were required to be filled by the receiver. The details entered by the users resulted in the loss of information and the amount from their bank.

We advise not to believe any scams that are sent to get your information

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text Reviews:

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text is a fraudulent message from scammers. It was sent to many people across the United States. Many users have provided their details and are worried now. 

The users are alerting other people not to believe in such scam messages. We advise not to share your personal information or bank details to any unknown sender.

Final Verdict:

The fake alert was sent to Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text many people addressing to their names. Anyone who provided their details should contact the concerned authorities or police to protect their account details. 

Therefore, we recommend not to believe any suspicious or phishing or fraudulent messages. Kindly share this information with your family and friends to make them aware of such scams. 

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  1. It is a scam. It provides your info to the dnc and registers you as a biden voter. It fills out your info and automatically casts your vote for all Democrat candidates. It is intended for the stupid and elderly.

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