Pack Crown Royal Scam (Nov) Misunderstandings Lead To

Pack Crown Royal Scam 2020

Pack Crown Royal Scam (Nov) Misunderstandings Lead To -> Bust the popular possible scam claiming to be running in the name of the United-States Army.

When it comes to United-States, citizens have a different kind of respect for army personnel. Several companies across the country run programs to favour those who fight for us at the border. They offer attractive deals and discounts for their families as a gesture so that they know people love them and respect their love towards the country.

However, there comes the time when some cheaters or fraudsters utilize their gestures for personal benefits and earn some money. Recently, we came across the similar Pack Crown Royal Scam. We do not know if it is a scam or not, but we do know one thing the people are now worried about the same. To protect our readers from possible trouble, we are trying to find details about it.

What is Pack Royal Scam?

Recently, a whiskey manufacturer called Crown Royal announced their plan to send a million packages to the army troops of the country. As per the reports, the packages comprise messages for their families, and packages will be sent to them. The users can choose their favourite combination and send a box at no extra cost. Pack Crown Royal Scam is a trending scheme by a whiskey manufacturer.

The company aims to send the finest whiskeys to deployed soldiers from their homes, and to do that they have collaborated with different non-profit organizations to complete this task. However, to identify it as a scam, we need to discuss a few more things to find that out.

What is the scheme?

To find Pack Crown Royal Scam, we need to understand everything about the scheme.

  • Crown Royal is a whiskey manufacturer available in various countries
  • They have partnered with a non –profit organization called Packages from Home.
  • It aims to send packages to army personnel.
  • The partnership allows users to send care packages to the army people at no cost.
  • Anyone residing in United-States can log on to the website and send packages for them.

Is it a scam?

There have been several inquiries about the scheme. It has created a buzz online; we need to find out if it is a scam or a genuine scheme helping people. As per the claims by creators, the company follows the project called Purple Bag Project to send gifts to the most important people, our soldiers. They are claimed to be working with the organisation for more than ten years to send gifts thanking troops who are staying in other countries.

The Pack Crown Royal Scam is not cheating people as it has been doing the same for more than ten years. The first bag was sent in September 2010. However, due to the massive traffic on the website, it failed to open. When you open the website, it returns the message, “site under maintenance”. Due to the same reason, some people took it as a scam.

In reality, the event is available on the official website for the Crown Royal Official Website. The whiskey brand is well-known in United-States, and the event is genuine.

Final Words

There are various events run by several companies to favour the army. People misunderstood it as Pack Crown Royal Scam as the website went to maintenance due to sudden traffic. It is a genuine help, which is sending gifts for a decade. If you have any questions, do check with us.

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