Pacamask Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Pacamask Reviews 2020

Pacamask Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Thus, the article mentioned above is about a website named Pacamask that is a company that sells masks.

2020 is the year of the pandemic. It is the time when masks have become an essential part of our wardrobe. It is the time when there are a lot of emerging companies that sell masks. 

Pacamask is one company that sells masks and has its design unit based in the United Kingdom

In case, you are looking for Pacamask Reviews; you must go through this article where we try to analyze this site.

We have tried analyzing various aspects of the site to bring you an unbiased review of Pacamask. So, read on.

What is Pacamask?

Pacamask is one company that sells masks online. It has the product designing of its masks based in the United Kingdom and the manufacturing unit based in China. The company claims that it has silver ion treated material that is used in creating the face mask, and these ions are known to kill 99% of the bacteria till 50 washes.

The company claims ion silver to be the best material that can be used to create masks in the non-medical category. This mask works in stopping the spread of bacteria. For Pacamask Reviews, one must also know that the company works in three countries. Various modes of payment are present for the site such as Maestro, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Visa etc. 

Most people have faced disappointment with their order from Pacamask. The website doesn’t have a strong social media presence; though the site has gained a lot of popularity as the site receives a lot of traffic every day. There is an excellent variety of colors and patterns of masks that can be found on the site. Also, the site invites designers to send their designs for innovative masks.


  • Website: The website sells ionic silver masks.
  • Mode of Payments: Google Pay, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Apple Pay etc.
  • Return/ Refund: Not applicable due to hygiene issues.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned.
  • Availability time of customer care: 10 am-4 pm
  • Email Address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Website URL: 


  • This website sells masks that are made of ionic silver.
  • The website has an SSL certificate.
  • There is a great variety available on the site to suit everyone’s style and needs.
  • There is a variety of payment options available.


  • There are mostly negative reviews for Pacamask.
  • The website is comparatively new.
  • Three countries have been associated with Pacamask manufacture.

Is Pacamask legit? 

When we were doing our research for Pacamask Reviews, we found that most of the user reviews for the site are negative. Customers are not satisfied with the product. Various users have not received anything after placing the order, and for some users, it took a long time to receive their orders. 

The website is operational in three countries that surely adds some suspicion for the website. The site claims 2-3 days for an order in United Kingdom but asks the users to allow the wait time to be 28 days.

Customer Reviews:

The fact that cannot be missed while going through Pacamask Reviews is that there are mostly negative customer reviews for the website. Some people have claimed to receive bad-quality products. Though, some of them have received nothing at all, despite paying in advance. It inevitably strikes a dent on the reputation and goodwill of Pacamask.

This site receives a lot of traffic and has gained a lot of popularity in a short period. Though, customers are surely not satisfied with the late delivery that this site makes.

Final Verdict: 

Thus, this website has mostly negative reviews from the customers. There are a lot of customers that claim not to have received their products. There has been an upsurge of companies that have been started in the time of the pandemic. Many of them have been scam. There is a high chance of Pacamask to be in this league.

For Pacamask Reviews, we must say that the company is too new and three countries are involved in the functioning of this company. All of this raises suspicion on the company and points towards the company not being legit.

Thus, we request our readers to consider all these facts before they think of placing an order from Pacamask. These points will help the readers make a well-informed decision before placing an order

Also, we would like to know your thoughts about the website, feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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  1. Product at Pacamask is an excellent quality: good material, good fit, I’m really satisfied. Also, customer care is excellent. I have placed three orders with the company, and two of them, which came by DPD, came the next working day. Third one, sent by Royal Mail, went missing. After waiting a little over two weeks for delivery, I wrote a message yesterday, and within one hour I received a response with information that my order must have gone missing with the Royal Mail, and was re-sent by DPD. Due to come today! I also got one extra mask as a gesture of goodwill. Very happy with the product and with the customer care: excellent company!

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