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Oxidstion Club Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Oxidstion Club Reviews 2020

Oxidstion Club Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> The article informs you regarding the authenticity of the site and valuable customer feedback which helps you to check the legitimacy of the site.

Are you looking for products to accessorize your rooms or offices? If yes, then go ahead and browse to Oxidstion.

Building a beautiful home is one’s dream. And, this site provides you with a exquisite collection of table lamps, candle holders, and sofa cushions, to go with your theme-based interior designing. The site also promises to provide excellent shipping and customer services at a discounted rate.

Oxidstion club reviews tell us that this online store is known for selling stylish and colorful products for your rooms at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a fashionable candle holder for your space or a table lamp to go with the theme of your home, then the Oxidstion club proves to help fulfill your desired needs.

As per the online trends, the site is operational in the United State but the customers are suspicious about the legitimacy of the site.

For your better understanding, let us provide you with a detailed review of the site so that you can decide if the is legit or a scam?

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What is Oxidstion?

Oxidstion website is an online platform that provides you with numerous options of table lamps, loveseat and sofa cushions, and candle holders. 

A person with a passion to decorate a home likes to design the living room with a chandelier and place a candle holder at appropriate heights to match the style of your room. A sofa is an essence of the living room. It is imperative to beautify these sofas with trendy cushions to create a statement in any room.

This is where the Oxidstion club comes into the picture.

Now, one might wonder what is so unique about the Oxidstion club.

The answer lies in the wide range of exceptional products provided by this online store.

A variety of table lamps are available, to match your specific style. Sofa cushions of every color and size are in stock. Additionally, candle holders to go with your antique looks or patio furniture are all a click away.

What wins a customer’s heart completely is the fact that the Oxidstion club sells all these products at affordable prices.

Moving further, we would like to inform you regarding the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of the site.

Specifications of Oxidstion:

  • Product: Sofa and loveseat cushions, candle holders and table lamps
  • Address: 1527fruitland  dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 8456360200
  • Shipping fee: applicable
  • Exchange: within a few days
  • Returns: only if a product meets guidelines
  • Mode of payment: Online payment only

Pros of purchasing from Oxidstion:

  • Huge collection of lamps, cushions and candle holders are at one’s fingertips.
  • Great offers on all products are applicable.
  • Exceptional shipping and delivery are provided.
  • After-sales customer service helps you to build trust in the brand.

Cons of purchasing from Oxidstion:

  • Delivery may take longer than expected.
  • Address details do not seem to be genuine.
  • Only online payment is available.
  • Shipping fees are deducted from refund money.

Customer feedback on Oxidstion:

According to most of the reviews, the site seems to be a fraud website. It does not guarantee the delivery of products ordered by the customers. Also, it fails to refund the order amount, in case of no delivery.

A few reviews state that the site uses a fake address. Also, this address has been utilized at multiple sites. Not only the address, but this site also claims to sell different categories of products to extract customer’s account details.

Earlier, the same site has claimed to sell jeans, sweaters, and gifts for kids and babies. Online shoppers were delivered poor-quality goods or nothing at all.

Unsatisfied customers have been asked to contact their banks to cancel the payment, post-shopping on this untrustworthy site.

No detailed information on return/exchange policy also raises suspicions in the minds of customers.

Final Verdict:

After evaluating many reviews about this online store, we would not recommend you to shop on this platform.

The highly discounted offers and multiple claims of selling products online puts the credibility of the site in jeopardy.

The failed delivery of products has resulted in several unhappy customers. It becomes tedious for the customers to claim their refund amount.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, the site is categorized as a scam and we would advise you to research thoroughly before ordering anything on this site.

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  1. I order a kennel fence on 4/19/20. I received an email receipt the same day. After concerns about the legitimacy of this company, I inquired by email ( on 4/20/20 regarding the length of time for shipment. I received a response back on 4/22/20 along with a tracking number. I have been able to track the order to China on a legit tracking service (verified by also tracking some of my recent Amazon purchases). The order appears to have gone through a couple of processing centers and is now in Shanghai at an international shipping facility. We’ll see if anything arrives in the next couple of weeks.

    1. I placed an order yesterday without doing research and now I’m scared that I’ve been scammed. The phone number on the site is false and I haven’t had a response to my email for tracking info or refund requests. I am so worried.

      1. I too ordered a dog crate 4-21-2020 and received 2 cheap face masks for $67.00. I researched prior to ordering and saw that the company was in Bellingham, Washington. The masks came from China.

  2. I ordered a pet trailer and after 2 weeks of waiting time, I received 3 FACE MASKS!!! I was suspicious since the price was lower than other website, but it’s clear it was a scam. $60 for 3 face mask, not even close to what I ordered, I’m claiming refund.

  3. I ordered a dog kennel as well for $78, waited about 3 weeks, tracked it and checked the mail today and I had 8 face mask too! Not happy! My bank did refund me though, I have contacted the BBB!!!

  4. I order a dog house in April 17 I cancel my order with in 24 hours and I never receive my refund as of July. I’m contacting the BBB and my bank

  5. Scam website, I ordered a rabbit hutch and four months later and after many rude excuses I received a package containing two masks. Thankfully the bank already refunded me.

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