Ownerly com Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This A Scam Website?

Ownerly com Reviews 2020

Ownerly com Reviews (Feb 2021) Is This A Scam Website? >> In this article, you will learn about an online store that will help you calculate your asset and mortgage value.

Are you planning to sell your house and buy a new one? Are you aware of your home’s value, or do you know your asset’s mortgage value? If you don’t know, then come, let’s read this article.

It is about an online store that started its operations in the United States. Doesn’t that sound very interesting that just by surfing your laptop screen, you get to know the exact value of your asset and that too at prevailing rates in the market.

It is astonishing for me, and I think this article on Ownerly com Reviews will surely help you know the value of your house and sell it at the best possible market rates. Also, if you want to buy a new home, it will help you.

And don’t worry about the legitimacy of the site as you will come across various facts and information about the store.

What is  Ownerly com?

Ownerly is an online website that helps in calculating the asset value that is the house of the customers. Also, it will help in knowing the best price at which you can mortgage your home. The website will help you understand monthly payments if you mortgage your house and at various interest rates and loan term cycles. 

Apart from this, the site will help you know the various options for taking the loan to buy a new house. Yes, the website not only helps you to sell the house at the best rates available but will also help you find your dream house that too in your budget. You can find a new home near your old one through this website.

Some of the services provided by the website are:-

  • Home mortgage provider
  • Home insurance
  • Refinancing
  • Home equity credits
  • Home warranties
  • Data on various solar companies

Specifications of Ownerly com

  • Website type:- Real Estate value calculator
  • Website type:- https://www.ownerly.com/
  • Return:- Not mentioned
  • Refund:- Not mentioned
  • Company contact number:- 1888-2128460
  • Company Address:- 414887, P.O Box, 105168, Atlanta, GA
  • Mobile application:- It is there on Apple phones
  • Company e-mail address:- support@ownerly.com
  • Mode of payment:- Only the digital amount. 

Positives of Ownerly com

  • The website will give you expert advice
  • The data is available on various properties at different locations.
  • There are customized insurance policies available.
  • Apple mobile application is available, and the android app is coming soon.
  • Their newsletter services are also available.
  • There is a social media presence, and pages are active.

Negatives of Ownerly com

  • The essential information of yours is with someone else now.
  • The website shares your crucial data with a third-party.
  • Your location gets disclosed.
  • You don’t get to know the person behind financial advisory.

Is Ownerly com legit?

You have to disclose essential information about your home and the property to the website if you want to buy or sell your house, and you might think that it will be safe to share such necessary information with an online site. Let Ownerly com Reviews help you to know the legitimacy of the website.

The domain was created back in 2016 and thus can be trusted. Also, the website has https protocol, and therefore your data is safe with the website. The site has it’s page on various social media platforms and are very active and engaging. So, the website is technically secure to surf. Before sharing any crucial data, you should still take the necessary precautions to protect your data.

What do users want to say about Ownerly com?

We have done a detailed study and tried to find the customer’s reviews on various social media portals, and after that, we found mixed reviews of the customers. Most of the reviews are from the United States.

 Some customers think that the website helped them buy and sell houses at reasonable rates, whereas some of the customers feel that the site is complete junk and is of no use. Some of the customers found the services provided very satisfactory. 

Final Verdict:-

After going through a lot of data and information, Ownerly com Reviews can say that the domain age is four years old and can be trusted. Also, customer reviews are not true to satisfaction. Apart from this, it follows safety measures like https protocol and has a safe payment gateway.

The website also has many pages on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and thus can be trusted. The pages are updated and have very engaging content. Therefore, we can say the website is technically sound and safe; customers should be cautious before sharing vital information. 

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