Own Gym Pro Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Site Or Not?


Own Gym Pro Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Site Or Not? >> If you want to set up gym at your home at a reasonable cost with higher product durability, read.

The people who are fitness freak missed the gym to a great extent in this pandemic, and in the situation where you can get the virus just by touching the surfaces, is it a good idea to go to the gym?

No visiting a gym in this pandemic is a terrible idea as the chances of getting Corona infection are the highest. The article is on ‘Own Gym Pro Reviews.’

The people work on the same machines, and they sweat, and it sticks on a device and makes it moist. Thus, in this article, we will share information on a website getting popularity in the United States and Canada to help you create a gym at your home within your comfort levels.   

All the equipment that you find in the gym is available on this website at reasonable rates. We will also tell you about the site’s legitimacy, so read the entire article to know the website’s details. 

What is the website?

The website is an e-commerce platform that deals only in gyming equipment. As per ‘Own Gym Pro Reviews,’ the website is gaining popularity in the United States and Canada, but at the same time, there are rumors that it is not legit.The website sells many types of equipment like dumbbells, various working out machines, yoga mats, adjustable benches, and gloves. You will find a lot more products available for your home gym. According to the website, the product quality is premium, and you also get free shipping worldwide on all the orders above $50. 

This article will discuss the pros, cons, customer reviews, and the legitimacy status of the website to ensure that you do not get trapped in any fake websites. So, do read ‘Is Own Gym Pro Legit’ further.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Gym store
  • Website link: https://owngympro.com/
  • Website registration date: 07-11-2020
  • Shipping: The shipping takes place within 2-3 weeks
  • Cancellation: There is no information.
  • E-mail address: There is no information available.
  • Social Media Presence: There are no reviews anywhere on the internet.

Pros of the website

  • You will find all the necessary equipment on the website essential to make a gym at home.
  • The quality of the products and machines is premium, and they are durable.
  • The companies are providing free shipping on all orders above $50 worldwide.
  • As per ‘Own Gym Pro Reviews,’ the website has a secure HTTP connection.

Cons of the website:

  • The website registration is only ten days old.
  • There are no reviews available on the web.
  • You will not find the ‘about us’ section on the website.
  • The website does not give details of the owner and the contact address.
  • The mail address and the customer service number are missing.

Is Own Gym Legit?

The website does not provide any details on the website’s establishment, and there are no contact details available. The website’s registration date is only ten days old, and therefore we do not find the website legit. 

Other aspects that can answer ‘Is Own Gym Pro Legit’ are: unavailability of the contact address, missing e-mail id, and the contact number. There is no ‘About us’ column on the website, informing the company policies and the owner.

Thus, the website is not legit. Therefore, all the users shall stay away from the website and be cautious. Now, read the reason behind it.

What do the customers want to say?

Customer feedback is essential to make a purchase. The product’s ratings and customer service details play an indispensable role, but we do not find any website customer reviews. We can conclude that there are no ‘Own Gym Pro Reviews’ available, so people should stay away from any such website that does not provide customer reviews.


The website’s final line says that it is a suspicious website that is only ten days old. The website will help you to make a home gym. Numerous reasons point out the website’s illegitimacy, and therefore we can quickly answer some of the questions.

The website does not give details on the owner and the establishment. Also, no customer reviews are there, and the contact details are missing as well. Thus, the answer to ‘Is Own Gym Pro Legit’ is a big no, and we ask readers to share their experience in the comments below. 

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