Oviicha Reviews [Mar 2021] Is It a Legit or a Hoax?

Oviicha Reviews 2021
Oviicha Reviews [Mar 2021] Is It a Legit or a Hoax? -> Are all the online clothing stores provide safe services to customers? Read here to know about one of the online shopping stores!

Hey readers, let’s try to have an idea about Oviicha Reviews in our today’s content. The Oviicha.com Store offers various tactical jackets and boots, including other accessories, to the United States address basically.

In today’s Era Online platform is being mostly preferred to get things done efficiently and quickly without much waste of time and energy. So online shopping is one way to avoid wasting time by going and shopping from physical stores and markets. 

But before spending any money or going to have any products from any online store, it’s necessary to get out the web store facts from the internet and check it’s customers feedbacks and legitimacy.

So here we will see the details of Oviicha.Com!

What Is Oviicha Com?

So people seem to be curious to read Oviicha Reviews. Don’t worry, guys; you can get all the information regarding Oviicha.Com below!

Oviicha.com is a website that offers numbers of men and women wearable along with other garden accessories. The web store was created on the 2nd of October 2020.

The webshop aims to offer the best quality, full-range and best service to all their buyers. The clothing category of the web store includes women clothes, swimsuit, sportswear and active tops.

The website tends to give free delivery on orders over dollar eighty- nine. For any queries and complaints regarding this website, you can email 2853105182@qq.com.com.

But don’t miss out on reading Oviicha Reviews that we will demonstrate further in the content beneath!

Specifications Of Oviicha Online Store:

  • The webshop URL link is https://www.oviicha.com/search
  • The web store seems to offer swimsuit, sportswear, active tops and women clothes.
  • The email ID of the Oviicha Online Store is 2853105182@qq.com.com
  • The website accepts fourteen days returns of the purchase 
  • The website provides a full refund within three business days 
  • The web store accepts payments only through a PayPal account 
  • You can have a live chat with webstore customer service Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM
  • The physical store address is not available 
  • The website contact number is not present 

Well, now we will present you with the Oviicha Reviews! Continue reading further!

Pros Of Oviicha Online Store:

  •  The website gives heavy discounts on all the items 
  •  The website ships its products internationally 
  •  The website provides a full refund within three business days.

Cons Of Oviicha Online Store:

  •  The website is only five months old
  •  The web store lacks reviews and response of the buyers
  •  The website contact information seems to be suspicious 
  •  The website has very briefly presented the mission and aim of the Oviicha store on the About Us page.

Is Oviicha Online Store Legit?

Before reading Oviicha Reviews, let’s see whether the website is real or a scam. Let’s see the website facts that will help determine the Oviicha store’s trustworthiness or scam nature!

 The web store is only five months old.

  •  The web store is not available on social media sites 
  •  The web store lacks customer reviews and feedbacks everywhere.
  •  The website About us page gives only a brief description of the Oviicha store 
  •  The web store email address seems to be a suspicious one.
  •  The web store hasn’t shared its warehouse address 
  •  The web store name is differently cited on the About Us page 
  •  The web store accepts payments only through a PayPal account.

So, the Oviicha.com webshop seems to be a highly suspicious one. Buyers, be aware of this type of dubious web store!

What Are People Saying About Oviicha Reviews?

As the Oviicha.com web store is only five months old, it still needs some time to gather customer response and feedback. We didn’t come across any of the Oviicha store reviews anywhere on Google, and the website has shown no presence of its pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Though the online page of the online Store depict the Facebook and Instagram icons, when we click on it, we usually end up getting to the home page of Instagram and Facebook account.

So, it might be that the web store still needs some time to receive the customer’s views and feedbacks online. So let’s wait Until we welcome many positive comments about the Oviicha store. 


Lastly, we will advise the readers to wait until the customers give any positive and concrete Oviicha Reviews. Till then, try to stay away from making any deal with Oviicha.com. 

Many things about the web store are missing out on the online page of Oviicha, as we have discussed above!

Have you ever tried to purchase anything from Oviicha.com? If yes, please share your views about this Store as it will help other buyers to know about this Store!

3 thoughts on “Oviicha Reviews [Mar 2021] Is It a Legit or a Hoax?

  1. I ordered the fence from this side. A total rip-off. Do not buy this fence. It is 10 inches wide and 4 feet tall, completely opened. This is a SCAM. I have been e-mailing them and no response. There is phone number.
    I am trying to find where I can report them for scamming.
    looked on face book for their page and found two ugly women making faces. No place there to tell them what trash they are selling. Since they know that they’re selling trash products, i guess they don’t need to hear about it.

    Any ideas where I can turn them in so other people don’t get scammed, would be appreciated.


  2. It is a scam, I have been waiting 3 months for my Oder and have sent numerous emails asking for updates and no response. The payment company is funyroot, a scam company in China!

  3. Don’t use it! The product received was horrible! The fencing was Che’s-, and falling apart. Nothing like the description and will not respond to my request for a refund. Website says both no refunds after 3 days AND somewhere else says 14 days! Label is cut off so sending back is impossible.

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