Orcinus Quirk (March) Checkout the Complete Information!

Orcinus Quirk 2021

Orcinus Quirk (March) Checkout the Complete Information! >> Please read this article as the news describes the quirks of the hero to let players know more about the character in the game. 

Do you love to play the game Boku No Roblox? Well, then you must be familiar with the killer whale hero Kugo Sakamata alias Gang Orca. 

Kugo Sakamata of Boku No Roblox is powered with Orcinus Quirk and turns into Gang Orca. The online game lovers of the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, and Brazil are curious to know about the character and its power in detail. 

Read the news till the end to know more about the killer whale power of the hero in the game. 

Knowing the game Boku No Roblox

Boku No Roblox is a popular Japanese manga series which released in 2014. The very talented writer Kohei Horikoshi illustrated the story. The manga series is also popular as My Hero Academia. 

The story is of Kugo Sakamata, famously known as a killer whale hero, Gang Orca. The tall, well-built man is powered with Orcinus Quirk

The appearance of the Hero, Gang Orca

The super-powered hero Gang Orca is a tall man who has a structure like a killer whale. His deep white eyes have many rings, those circles on his red pupils. Gang Orca looks exceptionally frightening, and he is the third hero among other top heroes who look like Villains. 

The original costume of Gang Orca alias Kugo Sakamata is a white suit with a high collar. The collar reaches to his chin. 

The personality of Gang Orca

Gang Orca seems to be a serious hero with a calm personality. He takes every situation seriously and always aims to protect people in the cities. 

Being powered with Orcinus QuirkGang Orca faces the villain Tomura. He is amiable and a good companion of his other fellow heroes. 

You will notice Gang Orca in a ruthless persona only when the situation requires so.  

Know the abilities of Gang Orca

Gang Orca seems to be a mighty hero, and he has gained his place among the top ten specialist heroes. His fighting skills are incomparable. He can dominate two first years’ students, Inasa Yoarashi and Shoto Todoroki, in encounters. 

Gang Orca possesses enhanced durability and can endure despite entombed inside the spiraling spark. He is also able to block the enhanced kick of Izuku Midoriya. 

What is Orcinus Quirk? 

Quirks denote the abnormality in a human being, and this quality becomes a big part of civilization. Here in the game, Gang Orca’s skill, the hero of Boku No Roblox. 

Gang Orca comes with the quirk of a killer whale and can win over the villains in the game. With this ability, he is also able to paralyze his opponent. Quirks of Gang Orca work great on the water as well as on land. 


Boku No Roblox has become extremely popular worldwide. Online game lovers are incredibly fond of the character Gang Orca and his superpower. 

Do you also love the Orcinus Quirk of Gang Orca? Do you find this new helpful for you?

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