Oopsneed review [July] Is it an Another Scam?

Oopsneed review
Oopsneed review [July] Is it an Another Scam? -> In the above article, you read about a website specialized in retails website sales.

The Internet is booming with new technologies all across the globe. People are now switching to online shopping platforms for a convenient experience in shopping. Been said that one must shop from a legitimate website. Is Oopsneed.com legit? Take a look at this review; all your questions will be answered.

Everyone wants to get rid of the long queues and the prolonged waiting hours in the billing section. All of us desire to shop from the comfort of our couches. But online shopping experience is different from the real-time offline experience. Therefore, you must be aware of all the details before making the final purchase on any United States website.

Oopsneed Review will give you a better overview of whether this website is legitimate or not. Read further to know more!

What is Oopsneed.com?

Oopsneed.com is a retail website sale that has now moved to e-commerce services. This company claims to provide its customers with dedicated, high-quality, low-cost products, and professional customer service.

To read more about the specifications of this website, you can refer to the below mentioned Oopsneed Review.

Specifications of Oopsneed.com

  • Website type: Retail Website Sales
  • Delivery time: Depending upon your location
  • Shipping time: 7-30 days
  • Shipping cost: They provide free shipping on all the orders that cost above $39+, $4.99 for Standard shipping and $19.99 for Express shipping 
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Refund: 2-5 business days
  • Exchange: Except only defective or damaged items via email
  • Order cancellation: 20% of the order value will be applicable on cancellation 
  • Company Address: Ho King Commercial Centre, 2-16,Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok
  • Contact number: No details found
  • Email address: service@oopsneed.com
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Maestro.
  • SSL certification: Yes

Benefits of Oopsneed.com

  • Valid HTTPS found
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Provides free shipping for all the orders above $39
  • Easy to access the website
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Safe and secure checkout

Cons of Oopsneed.com

  • The website is brand new, and we can’t judge it yet.
  • No ratings and reviews are specified on the site.
  • No contact number is found on the webpage.
  • No social media references found.

Is Oopsneed.com a scam?

Before we conclude, we would also like to highlight about the newness of this website. This website has started its operation from 2nd July 2020 onwards. It seems to give out snare information, as they have mentioned that the company is registered in 2017 in their ‘About Us’ section. 

There is no doubt that most of the scam sites do not use any social media platform as we all are aware that social media is one of the essential ingredients for any e-commerce platform.

In addition to this, the images they have used on their website seem to be copied from other sources. 

Thus, all the above points prove that the site is a scam, and it cannot be trusted.

Customer reviews:

This is an honest review that we have not found any Oopsneed Review on its webpage. Some of them found on the other platforms are thus mentioned below for more clarity on the same.

Customers are not much satisfied with the site and its products. They have mentioned that the site deals with duplicate products. They also compromise with the quality, to make the product available at lower costs. 

Also, they have mentioned that the images used for product display are copied, and the same can be found on other websites as well.

Additionally, as per our research, it has a low traffic volume. This website has not been rated by any user so far.

Final Verdict:

With all the mentioned factors, we can safely say that this website is using fraudulent practices. So, if you do not wish to lose your hard-earned money, don’t shop from this website. I hope this review helps you with the question – Is Oopsneed.com legit?

After reviewing the website, we can say that it is a scam. There are many facts which indicate the same. The site has many loopholes, which can act as a hurdle for the customers. The website has not mentioned much about its policies, which arouses a second thought in the buyer’s mind. 

Hence. We recommend you not to place any orders from the same unless entirely sure of it.

We would like to hear your thoughts. Do not forget to share your comments down below.

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  1. I buy electric car and february and never recive and i buy other item and i never recive trackin number

  2. I think you are working for Walmart or target or some rich ass folks that don’t want online shopping to be where any one with a phone and 1.99$ for big Daddy and a bunch of Affiliate contracts what poor people can do the same thing as us and I’m sure a lot cheaper cause their not so Dang greedy heck I was happy with the $600 /week unemployment but y’all had to stop that. It seemed to me that the Future in Retail can be made by anyone with ahh Ambition, Drive, public education, ya the free one with the big yellow busses. Wow level playing field. Who wants it. Not well Son it takes money to make money.
    Not with affiliate and drop shipping I can do it from the side of town You never been in. But hey I’ll leave the light on for you ,In case doing bad reveiws on a company you have never made a purchase from ends up going sideways. You really are ok with in your Hot Shot opinion you can say for sure they are a scam. How about accountabilities, how about actually making a purchase from them and write a review. It seems to me y’all ain’t got a Dog in the race, then you don’t know a dam thing about shit. Everything you said is Bullshit, and even a poor uneducated kracker like myself can see right though that . I think them wired cars y’all drive suck but since I don’t buy or know any thing about them I’ll stay my ass out of it. So if you do end up in my neighborhood Mind your own Business is your number one thing u need to work on.

  3. 52 mabelle avenue Etobicoke 2011 Order ID: RLZ76318, Order ID: XUB16579 M9A4X9 Where is my order

    I didn’t receive any thing till now 

    I checked tracking number

    No information

    Please refund my money 

    If you can not send the order

    I buy in two months. I didn’t get it. Can you please send and give me the truck number, correct?

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