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Onnrons Website Review [May] Is This A Reliable Site 2020

Onnrons Website Review [May] Is This A Reliable Site? -> This article is about an online store that deals with fitness products, masks, and forehead checking thermometer.

Hey citizens!!! Hope become very much conscious about hygiene in this tumultuous situation, don’t you?

As per the Onnrons Website Review, provide you with two types of shipping methods: standard shipping takes place with 7 to 10 business days, and expertise shipping takes 3 to 5 business days.

The whole world has been surpassing through a tough situation. Therefore, most of the citizens in the United State are busy making their homes clean, and every family member sanitized. In this situation, Onnrons is one of the famous names in the world of hygiene because of their thermometers and forehead temperature checking infrared thermometers.

The world is running through a pandemic situation where the top class doctors-scientists are coping with its vaccination; we must keep ourselves safe and protected. As a result, responsible citizens of the world start checking their health condition of their own. As a result, a lot of people are ordering inferred forehead check thermometer, three layered sterilized masks for personal safety. Onnrons face mask, and the infrared thermal check products from the online store become popular.

What is Onnrons?

It is one of the online sellers as well as manufacturers of the specialized forehead check thermometer and three-layered masks. The temperature checking machines are both for babies and adults. They have already created a big market for manufacturing and selling the thermometers and OEM. 

According to the sellers have different payment options, including PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc. 

Product description:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone No.: +1(888)843-4188
  • Physical address: Not found
  • Shipping: 7 to 10 working days for standard, and 3 to 5 working days for expertise shipping
  • Delivery: Right after the shipping process
  • Refund/ Return: 30 days after the product delivery
  • Exchange: Available on the products that are not defective or damaged
  • Payment option: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard

Why should you choose Onnrons?

  • The sellers have a good collection of thermometer and forehead checking inferred thermometer.
  • They have a wide price range and several models of the infrared thermometer.
  • You will get an extensive collection of three-layered sterilized masks.
  • You will get a lot of designers, trendy and funky style of masks that not safety your fun-loving self and requirements. 
  • The site is dealing with a huge collection of safety clothes and bandanas at an affordable price.
  • A massive collection of fitness collections such as sports bra, latex waist wear, bodysuit, high waist push up shorts, and many more are there on the website.
  • They provide you with two types of shipping- standard and expertise.
  • The different payment system is available- Visa, PayPal, Amex, MasterCard.

What are the red flags of Onnrons?

  • Some products are very low in price. Too much cheaper than the market value.
  • Most of the contents of the website are copied from other sites.
  • Some of their images of the products are not their own.
  • The website probably does not have an SSL certificate.
  • No physical address has found on the website. 
  • No customer review section is available.
  • Zero activity in social media sites

Customer review of Onnrons

The website has neither a customer review section nor active existence on social media. Therefore, it is clear that you are not going to experience direct contact with the past customer of the site. With the help of our referrals and other insights, we come to know about some facts about Onnrons. The website has a tendency to attract people with the lowest and cheapest price than the market price. Experts say that it is the quality of a scam. Most of the hackers and scammers want mass attention. Therefore, do this type of activity in their fake sites.

No relevant information about the physical address of the website is a red flag situation, indeed. The website link has already gone through a lot of tests and analytics. Almost all test results are not in favor of the website. According to the results, this website is not older than six months. Also, the site scored a low grade on online trust registration.

The final verdict:

In the concluding lines, we want to say that Onnrons is not a 100% scam site or a wrong website to purchase. One must have very careful while shopping from the site as they have no tracking system. Scammers cannot harm if we do not help them. So, start asking yourself about the excessive low price or the best collection that no other website can provide.

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  1. Onnrons never delivered the purchase that I paid for. They offered me a 10% discount on an item that didn’t arrive. They said it would be too costly to return it to China. They keep telling me I should have it in a few days. The post office has never received it, despite the tracking number Onnrons gave me. They remove my comments on their site. Don’t purchase from them

  2. They definitely have “cheap “ products. I ordered a infrared thermometer that is only centigrade . No way to convert to Fahrenheit!
    Took 6 weeks to arrive.!! Poor quality and difficult to communicate with . Would not use this site!

  3. I ordered this company and was concerned but did finally receive my oximeter. It took about a month to receive product. Never got a estimated delivery date, from china shipping to waypoint shipping in USA in Melrose IL, no one provided an estimated shipping nor delivery date. In my case it would have gone a long way for the company to say in the beginning that shipping from original destination to customer could take up to 4 weeks or longer which would have helped me decide whether I was purchasing from them.

    Again I did receive product. What they called customer service was a couple of emails poorly written in what we usually view as scam format with broken english and all times it was the exact same message.

    So far product seems to be good and in working order.

  4. I have the tracking order for 4PX

    I followed the tracking route to our home. It was to be delivered on 6/24 at 3:15 p.m.

    We never got it.

  5. where is our masks? Do I need to report to the USPS and Federal Shipping Fed Ex that you are a scam business!!!!!!!!

    1. See above!!!!!! I need immediate response.
      I have the tracking order for 4PX

      I followed the tracking route to our home. It was to be delivered on 6/24 at 3:15 p.m.

      We never got it.

  6. Hello,why can’t I get a hold of anyone at this phone number,! Because it’s telling me that this number is unavailable! Is this a scam?! My name is Susan Goudreau and my email is Please contact me about my order I’d like to know when I will receive my masks I ordered!

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