Ohshecomfy Reviews [Sep] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Ohshecomfy Reviews

Ohshecomfy Reviews [Sep] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> This review will report on the genuineness of a new webshop that sells women fashion clothing.

Have you lately shopped on a new fashion e-store that sells women stuff? We can tell you about the one that got recently launched on the internet? It is Ohshecomfy.com, which sells women fashion clothing like tops, bottoms, etc. To give you Ohshecomfy Reviews, we have analyzed the new e-store for your benefit. That is for your safety and safeguarding your crucial details.

Due to the ongoing fraud in the web world, it has become essential to know about the genuineness of a new webstore. We will make you aware of this new e-shop’s positive and negative aspects using this report. The website is from the United States that sells women apparel. It is relatively young and was set-up recently. Thus, it is a prerequisite to judge it accurately before purchasing anything from it.

What is Ohshecomfy.com?

The website is new on the web market and sells women apparel like dresses, tops, bottoms, and other fashion. Discounted products are available, and charges to ship are taken based on the country. The delivery time taken is around 21 to 35 days, and returns are accepted within 14 days. Some of the products are not eligible for a return, as some accessories. 

The methods used for payment include PayPal and Credit cards. The customers can contact them using an email ID given on the website. However, no contact number or address for the United States webstore is available on the website.

Specifications of Ohshecomfy.com

  • Webstore Type – Online Store for Women Apparel
  • Webstore Country – United States
  • Shipping cost – Free above $79
  • Returns – Within 14 days are acceptable
  • Email – service@ohshecpmfy.com
  • Contact Address – None
  • Contact number – Nil
  • Payment modes – Credit cards, PayPal
  • Social media – Nil presence is available

Useful Aspects of Ohshecomfy.com

  • There are several designs of women’s clothing available to be chosen.
  • Returns are acceptable within 14 days.

Useless Aspects of Ohshecomfy.com

  • The webshop is too new (only 48 days old).
  • There is negative feedback available for the webshop.
  • Not many Ohshecomfy Reviews are available for the new e-store.
  • There is nil availability on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Is Ohshecomfy.com Legit?

The website Ohshecomfy.com is only 48 days old and is not well-known on the web. The webstore has been set-up for a short time duration and is associated with a corrupt nation known for fraud and scam. We looked for Ohshecomfy Reviews on the web but could not find much feedback. Some reviewers have declared it as a suspicious site and a possible fraud.

There are no social media links available for the website, and it has nil reviews available on leading review sites. There is a non-availability of any customer feedback for this webstore that sells women fashion. Thus, you can consider it as a not-in-demand webshop. There is some missing information on the website from the owner’s end, which is a bad sign again. People doubt its legitimacy, and hence we suggest them to read further for a final judgment.

What do People say about Ohshecomfy.com?

When a website gets launched, it is usually unknown among people, but it gets customers who give real reviews after some time. Thus, to get Ohshecomfy Reviews for our readers, we researched the new e-shop but could hardly find one or two reviews. But these were not customer reviews as it is a webshop that is unknown among online buyers—people who have analyzed the site call it a possible scam.

We checked for its online presence and found no links with social media sites available anywhere. It is not a good sign, as the absence of any social media presence makes a webshop suspicious. People do not trust such sites easily and prefer shopping on other well-known sites. The biggest flaw here is nil customer strength and the absence of Ohshecomfy Reviews on the web. A webshop with nil buyers and no reviews is usually considered a threatful site.

The Final Verdict

We checked the website carefully for its genuineness and found it a possible threat for the users. Correct details are absent about the owner and the presence of nil feedback from any customer. Links with a fraud nation also indicate illegitimacy on its part.

We suggest the online shoppers be wary of such threatful sites and try to shop for your needs on other legitimate sites that are genuine. That will help you safeguard your essential details and money ultimately.

0 thoughts on “Ohshecomfy Reviews [Sep] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

  1. This is a dodgy website i just purchased clothes and none fitted so the sizing was not only wrong if you try to return anything they wrote to me saying this:

    Hi Karen Mcfarlane,

    We are really sorry for the unpleasant shopping experience.
    Our return warehouse is located in Guangzhou, China. And in the process of returning goods,the Custom tax you will be charged is high and the cost exceeds far more than the value of the goods.

    So to avoid the hassle to return the item back to us, how about we refund you 10% payment of the amount of unfittable items and you keep the item?And we can also offer you a good discount on your next time.
    If you still want to return/exchange the package, please contact us again and we can offer you a return address.

    Note: The shipping address on the original package is not our return address, if you return back with that address, we will not get your return package and we cannot refund/exchange for you in this case.

    If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to email us

    Best regards,

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