Online Websites Reviews Reviews [June] – Is This Site Fooling You? Reviews Reviews [June] – Is This Site Fooling You? -> This article contains a complete review of a web service that helps to protect your privacy.

Your address, email, and phone number may not be private anymore. There are many websites on the internet that give a list of all the information about a person.

These people finding search engines are usually used to find information about unknown or strange people. However, anyone can use it for evil purposes, such as identity theft. Many people can become an easy target if their information is public.

The Officer Privacy software can help a person remove their information from the people finding search engines and other websites to solve this problem. In this article, we have given one of the most detailed Reviews. After reading it, you will find out what services the website provides to the officers of the United States.

What Is

It is almost impossible to keep our information private in the digital era. We have to submit our private details on many websites to use their services. As a result, it has become easier for anyone to find our details.

Officer Privacy is a software program that deletes your private information from people finding websites. It is made for anyone who is concerned about their online privacy. 

It mainly focuses on police officers as they get more vulnerable if their information is public. It has a free trial service so that you can test it before you decide to buy it.

Specifications Of

  • Product: Privacy Software
  • Contact Number: 916-245-2544
  • Trial Period: 14 days
  • Premium Subscription Charges: $199.99 initially
  • Monthly subscription bill: $19.99
  • Bonus Offer: Free Data Blocker Device
  • Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay, Bank Account
  • Money-back guarantee: Applicable

Pros Of Using Officer Privacy:

  • It can delete your information from more than 30 websites
  • It is easy to use and has clear instructions
  • You can complete the entire process within an hour
  • You get a free Data Blocker as a bonus if you buy their premium service
  • They offer a 14-day trial period

Cons Of Using Officer Privacy:

  • They don’t offer PayPal as a payment option
  • The deleted information can be listed again on the people-finder websites
  • You have to use it again and again as your information is listed repeatedly
  • You can’t hide your information from the government or Google using the software
  • The initial subscription charge is too high

Is Officer Privacy Legit?

According to the WhoIs website, Officer privacy registered its domain in 2018. Since then, the website has constantly updated itself. 

There are no negative remarks about this website. It mainly focuses on the police officers as its audience. If you sign up for it, the website won’t collect your street address or phone number. 

The website has proper contact details. However, it does not have a social media presence.

Since the website has been around for more than two years, it can be trusted. Moreover, its 14-day free trial period can help you ensure that it is risk-free.

What Are People Saying About Officer privacy?

The website doesn’t have many online reviews. Moreover, it also doesn’t have any social media presence. This makes it difficult to find out public opinion about its services. 

It was started by a person who worked in law enforcement for 25 years. The main audience of Officer Privacy is police officers. This may be one of the reasons that the website didn’t use any conventional marketing methods.

However, you can find some reviews of the clients who have used Officer Privacy on its website. Most of the reviews are positive and they are given by police officers as well as general audiences.

Final Verdict:

Lack of online privacy puts people at risk of identity theft. It also makes people more vulnerable than before. Moreover, the police officers and their families become easy to target by their enemies.

Therefore, it is important to take back control of our information and limit who can see it. Officer Privacy helps you to do this task effortlessly. You don’t need to learn any complex stuff to use the software.

If you care about your privacy, we recommend you try the free trial of 14 days to see whether it is useful for you.

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