Novisor Among Us {Feb 2021} Know All About The Series!

Novisor Among Us 2021

Novisor Among Us {Feb 2021} Know All About The Series! >> Read this news article to know about the web series based on one of your favorite video games.

Have you heard about the legend of Novisor Among Us? It is entirely in the news these days. The online video game Among Us has become one of the most widely played games in the United States

Those who are real fans of this game must read this article to update the recent news. Let us know about this upcoming series in more detail. 

Both with criticisms and appreciations, this series is gaining a lot of popularity. Go ahead with the story and decide whether you would like to watch it or not. Would you like to become its one of the fan or not?

What is Novisor Among Us?

The world-known video game Among Us has launched its series of 18 episodes. In this series, a group of players is given a task to find the imposter while going through different weird circumstances. 

Novisor is a faceless, mythical ghost that kills the crewmates both in the game and real life. The series is based on the competition in Among Us so, there is some killing, but it is all comical.

This is a comedy, sci-fi, mystery, and animation thriller. It is mainly available in English and Japanese languages. The series was launched on the 19th of February 2020 in the United States.

Cast and Crew 

Novisor Among Us is directed by Kaleb Sherretz, Mary Clark, Mitch Fernandez, and Elizabeth Dettmann. The writing credits are given to Kaleb Sherretz and Ryan Stewart. It is also popularly known by the title of Among Us Logic.

This is series has two seasons, and the second season has arrived in 2021 itself. It is produced by the NewScape productions company and has an official YouTube channel with the name “GameToons.”

What is the Feedback of the viewers? 

This TV series has 9 out of 10 on IMDb, which means the viewers have much appreciated it. However, Novisor Among Us has got critiques as well.

One of its viewers has claimed that it barely has any funny stuff and is more or less kind of a simple horror story; while most of the viewers are enjoying it. 

Bottom Line

It is a popular web series that is becoming popular among the masses, especially for the fans of among us. It is mainly based on this widely played online video game.

It has fresh content which comprises of comedy and thriller at the same time. The series is preferable even for kids as it does not contain any foul language or irrelevant scenes. However, some found it to be scary but only a few instances.

Have you seen this sci-fi thriller? You can mention your views about Novisor Among Us in the comment section below.

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