Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam (August) A Fact

Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam 2020

Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam (August) A Fact >> This article will tell you about the notice users received about a settlement claim in Google Plus lawsuit.

Google is one of the biggest companies functioning right now. They’ve ventured in several businesses and came out victorious in all of them. But not all of these ventures have been as successful as others; Google Plus is one of them. You must have heard of this social media platform by Google. 

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Google for the information leak on Google Plus. Several users received a Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam. We’re going to inform you about the same.

It was reasonably accessible and boasted a massive number of users. In the United States, it was, however, shut down in 2018. A security bug in the system led to the public exposure of some private information of the users. Due to this bug, app developers were able to access this information easily. This lead to a lawsuit.

Is this notice and the settlement claim authentic?

Recently, several users in the United States received an email from Google informing them about this lawsuit. The email told the users that they were entitled to a settlement claim from the security bug of Google Plus. Users who fitted the eligibility criteria could claim upto $12 as a result of this lawsuit. 

If you’re wondering if this Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam is authentic or not, then we assure you it seems genuine. It’s because the emails the users have received have been digitally signed by Google, ensuring that this notice is, infact, authentic. Google has also publicly stated that this settlement is genuine.

How can I claim the settlement amount? 

In the email, a link is attached through which you can file your claim. Users were also suspicious of the authenticity of this settlement claim as this link is broken. Although the reason is unclear and Google hasn’t informed on the same, it’s likely because of the massive response and traffic the site generated when the news of this settlement claim became public. We expect the link to become operable soon and so we need to wait for sometime.

Final Verdict

The flaw in the security of Google Plus allowed third-party app developers to access users’ personal information. Some users affected by this breach filed a lawsuit against Google, which resulted in a settlement claim. Under this settlement claim, all users affected by this bug are entitled to an amount of upto $12. 

After the users received this Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam, several users suspected it to be a fraudulent email as the attached link was also broken. Upon further research, we can confirm that this settlement claim is authentic, as even Google has verified it. 

The broken link is supposed to be up in an operable condition soon, till then we need to wait for some time. If you have received this notice and you’re wondering if it’s authentic or not, we can say it is.

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