Node.js: A list of the Year’s Top Development Trends

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Node.js is recognized as one of the most reliable frameworks. It is inexpensive, but convenient and in demand, and has already gained attention among developers. Special events in the development and popularization of the platform took place in 2022. What are the Node.js trends this year?

Node.js is a relatively new cross-platform environment. It is designed to execute JavaScript while being open source. The engine used is V8, which allows you to execute code outside of browsers. It features a non-blocking, reactive, event-driven input and output system. Thanks to Node.js, it became possible to combine client and server scripts into one.

Many companies have adopted this framework because it reduces dependencies between repositories and speeds up the development process. Our company – is not an exception. Professionals from our team know exactly how to use the framework to make the product effective, interesting for users and customers, the target audience and people in general, and also reach the top of the best.

Node.js Top Trends 2022

The cross-platform environment has grown rapidly in 2022. And here are the main trends and directions that the creators of Node.js have focused on.

GraphQL Implementation

GraphQL can now work with Node.js. This enhancement allows you to receive JSON responses when you make a request to the server. With this service, you can also set up API calls, while they can be adapted to specific requirements.

No more separate servers and hardware

Node.js does not require separate servers to be maintained and additional hardware. This cross-platform environment features an innovative serverless architecture that dramatically reduces development costs.

Serverless architecture provides many advantages:

  • less time and effort required;
  • the workflow is simplified;
  • improving the quality of the code;
  • the overall cost of the project is reduced;
  • significantly increased adaptability.

Thanks to these advantages, the platform has become very popular with modern developers.


Node.js uses two popular development stacks, MEAN and MERN. Both platforms work with open source codes, and also open up wide opportunities in creating front-end web applications. JavaScript is supported by all stack components.

MEAN is completely free and is used for dynamic apps and websites. MERN does not require a code switch. The stack features simplified navigation, great for application development.

Real time applications

Node.js has the ability to develop online action apps. They are the most in demand right now. With a huge set of useful features, maximum user engagement and high speed, these real-time applications guarantee success. In addition, you can introduce gamification elements, tools for live communication and a lot of other details into them. One of the most famous applications of this type is Trello.

IoT – what is it and how to use it?

IoT, or the Internet of things, is a complex of devices, including actuators, sensors, beacons and other elements. Data is exchanged between these devices. Node.js is used as the runtime for applications that power the Internet of Things. The platform is used to write real-time microservices.

Flexibility and speed

Node.js is highly regarded as a single-threaded and asynchronous language. This is useful for developing scalable and versatile applications of various types. This makes it possible to increase coverage and quickly implement updates with ease. With Node.js, you can drastically change applications without breaking the foundation, which also provides flexibility.


Without microservices, it is impossible to provide a serverless method. This is extremely important for the implementation of corporate projects. By separating individual application services, performance is improved. Node.js makes it easy to create microservices. This is a successful solution for a serverless architecture.

Node.js allows you to scale, maintain flexibility, speed and performance. And the creators do not stop there, the platform will develop and acquire new, even more useful functions and tools. Thus, it will expand its scope, reach a new level, collect a new target audience, get new potential customers, and, of course, improve. Many experts with amazing confidence call it the formula for success.

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