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Nintgame com Reviews [June] Is It Legit or a Scam Site?

Nintgame Review

Nintgame com Reviews [June] Is It Legit or a Scam Site? -> In this article, you get to know about a brand that serves customers with excellent quality games.

Are you among those who have been looking for a website that can provide you with the best games? Nintgame com Reviews will be the best guide for the readers to get all the answers they are looking for by flipping the pages of various websites over the internet.

A brand is budding up in the United States and is spreading its roots to serve a more significant proportion of the crowd.

The company has bought all the games that you have looking for on a single platform so that shopping become a completely hassle-free experience for the shoppers.

Thus, go through the Nintgame com Reviews to know more about the brand.

What is Nintgame?

Nintgame is an online shopping store that claims to sell Nintendo Switch and all its accessories. The company also provides games, controllers, docks, and refurbished Nintendo switch.

The company offers the best deals and discounts on all products. They also offer free shipping above $50 all over the world.

The company provides various modes of payment. Customers also get 30 days of warranty for free repair over the product they have purchased from the brand.

Specifications of Nintgame:

  • URL of the company’s website: offered by the brand: Nintendo switch, Joy-con & Controllers, Nintendo Switch Lite, Docks, Games, Nintendo Labo, refurbished, and accessories.
  • Shipping time taken by the company: It takes approximately 1 – 6 weeks.
  • Shipping fee policy put forward by the company: $10 on most items. Some items have a weight-based shipping fee—free shipping worldwide above $50.
  • Return policy put forward by the company: Within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • Exchange policy put forward by the company: It is done within 14 days from the time of purchases made by the customers.
  • Warranty policy put forward by the company: 30 days warranty for free repair.
  • Refund policy put forward by the company: The product is processed once the return is received and inspected.
  • Mode of Payment offered by the company: PayPal, Visa, Stripe, MasterCard, Cash on Delivery.
  • Email Address of the company:
  • Company contact details: 0086-15522902501
  • Company address: Tianjin Changjia Trading Co., Ltd., Room 207,
  • U.S. Warehouse Address of the company: 52 butlers st. Unit A Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206 United States

Pros of Nintgame:

  • The company provides the best gaming consoles and accessories.
  • The company also gives 30 days warranty for free repair to its customers.
  • The company has produced multiple modes for payment, including the cash on delivery for the convenience of the customers.

Cons of Nintgame:

  • The company takes a lot of time to deliver the package.

What are the customers saying about the products they purchased from the brand Nintgame?

Customers are not happy about the fact that the deliveries take a lot of time. The company is not able to keep its words on the part of the shipment.

Whereas, the customers are pleased on the other grounds. People have been seen appreciating many different aspects, like the quality of the games they have received from the company.

 The customers have overall given a happy response to the company and the products that it is offering to the people.

The Final Verdict of the brand Nintgame:

The brand is entirely legit. The statement has many proofs to be supported.

The brand has a presence over the internet. Anything can be easily found about the brand over Google. People know the name of the brand well as the company is working well in its domain.

The brand has launched many products, and all liked by the people across the globe. People are happy that they have invested money in a website that knows the real worth of the most valuable resource.

The company has maintained its website very well. Everything can be quickly figured out. All the products come with an in-depth and complete description, making it easy for the people to choose among the pool and make the right choice.

Thus, it will be a smart choice for the people who are crazy over gaming. Rest, it is the choice of the people whether to buy products from this website or not.

We request our readers to add their feedback and comments if they engage themselves in a trade with the establishment.


  1. This sites and other like it are a scam. How can you approve of it. Many people have not received their products (after months) or the products they received were counterfeit. I would reexamine an do a thorough investigation

    1. this site is a complete scam, dont listen to the Idiot that wrote this article. I ordered from them and they sent me a ripped up box containing junk. I am currently in a dispute with Paypal to get my money back. Crap ships from some scam in China.

  2. Website states 2 day free shipping…however, when you go to pay, you see it isn’t two days. I added on a $20 fee for two days. Long story short, product has not arrived. When I went back to website, it says in fine print that it can be up to six weeks. Why then did they take another $20 for two day shipping. VERY sketchy.

    Hoping my product comes at some point but really feeling like this website and their advertising are all a big scam. VERY unethical and super disappointed. I would caution everyone to use a different site.

    1. I bought my June 15 and haven’t received anything and Don’t know anything about it. And I want it for my son’s Bday. Someone help please.

    2. Hello please tell me ur order arrived. I literally spent 200 on this website please please tell me this is real

      1. It’s a scam. After 2 months I got a piece of junk ripped up box in the mail. Currently trying to get reimbursed with paypal.

  3. Web site says 2 day delivery. There is no email address, no phone number and paypal seller comes back as ?????. No one will contact me. Sketchy at best.

  4. This site is a scam. I bought my son a pro controller for his switch back in May paid $75. I just received a package and it is not the pro controller I ordered, instead it’s fidget cube. I have sent multiple emails and no response.

  5. Garbage. I have reported this site and all the dozens of spin off sites to every possible authority. they keep spinning up new sites on godaddy and they are even advertising across the web. They have messed with the wrong people so now it is time for some action.

  6. This site is a total scam. I used PayPal and have gone through the PayPal issue resolution with the site after I received not the Switch I ordered but some piece of plastic to put on my phone. In order to issue my refund, they have offered me to send back the item I received to some fake Chinese address. I submitted back to PayPal that they are trying to avoid refunding my money as Google maps indicates the address isn’t legit either. Luckily, PayPal typically sides with the customer in issues where the vendor is a total scammer, so just wanted to warn others…. stay away from this one!

  7. This is a scam site. My sons birthday is July 31st and I’m not going to be able to get him a switch now. You have to dispute the transaction with however you paid. I’m on the phone with PayPal now. I ordered June 22 and no switch. I disputed with PayPal yesterday and I got a tracking number today. No I just want my money back.

  8. Completely a scam and I have proof. We need an attorney. I ordered a switch console months ago. Never recieved it, my son is crushed.

  9. paypal denied my case. looks like the website is down (3 sep 2020). if it ever comes back, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. THIS IS A SCAM.

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