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newtoki82 com {Jan} Read Complete Details Now! -> Get to know about a streaming platform that offers a myriad of webtoons and manga.

Are you an avid user of streaming sites that offer a variety of webtoons and manga? If so, then let’s take a look at 

We came across many posts of people enquiring about newtoki82 com. In today’s post, we’re sharing info about the site. 

In South Korea and other countries, many people use streaming portals to read web cartoons, stories, watch videos, communicate with fellow webtoons fans on community forums, etc. 

In case you’re eager to know about this site that is gaining popularity, then continue reading on. 

What is 

Newtoki82 com is a streaming portal with numerous cartoon series and related videos. The main sections on the site are general webtoon, BL/GL, complete webtoon, Japanese manga, guarantee toto, and community

The site lets people become members. On the homepage, the site lists many titles under different genres. From the looks of it, one thing is clear that the site’s content makes it unsuitable for children. The site features a variety of adult comics. 

Things to know about

  • It is a streaming portal.
  • The site features genres like Japanese Manga, Korean Webtoons, etc. 
  • The site lets people either read cartoons or watch the episodes. 
  • The content on the site is categorized as an adult, and therefore, it is not suitable for kids. 

Who should know about it?

Fans of Korean webtoons and Japanese Manga who’re interested in genres like BL/GL, and general serialization, can check out this streaming website. People who’re looking to read comics or watch back to back episodes will enjoy newtoki82 com as it offers a vast array of comics collection. 

How does it work? 

Anyone interested in reading the comics or watching episodes of a particular title can just click on the title’s name. They’ll be directed to the page where they get to choose between comics or videos. The site features a community forum where site visitors can interact with fellow readers or video watchers. The site also lets users leave comments on the episodes page. 

What are people saying about

On newtoki82 com, we came across many comments posted by users. People are sharing their feedback on the stories and interacting with other members of the site. These posts and comments indicate that the site’s members are impressed with the quality of videos and the frequency at which new episodes are uploaded. 


Newtoki82 com is a streaming site with a myriad of comic content listed on it. The site offers comics under many categories that are quite popular among adults. The site features adult content. Therefore it is not suitable for children to access it. 

The site lets interested visitors become a member and participate in community conversations. 

In case you like reading webtoon or watching videos on Newtoki82 com, then do share your experience in the comments section given below. 

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