Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews (April) Is It Worth Money?

Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews

Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews (April) Is It Worth Money? >> A hair care therapy product has gained several customers’ attention. Read to know what do consumers’ opinions about the product’s legitimacy?

Are you not satisfied with your current scalp treatment product? Then check on this Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews, you will get to know about the product and features, pros and cons, etc.

When it comes to scalp treatment, your main focus is to choose the right hair care product that suits your hair type. Neuma Scalp Therapy has been designated to alleviate your worrisome that suits every hair type with no additional fragrance and botanical ingredients.

Let’s see what United States users’ opinions-

What is Neuma Scalp Therapy?

It is a hair care product under the brand label of Neuma. The product is formulated with natural, eco-friendly ingredients for all scalp and hair types to remove mineral build-up and products. As per the Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews, the organic botanical blend protects the hair from UVB and UVA oxidation. It fights against and reduces dry scalp signs and heals irritation & flaky scalp that is caused by dandruff. It also reduces itching. The Neuma Scalp Therapy has ‘USDA NOP’ certified natural ingredients.

Main Ingredient list:

The product is manufactured with all-natural ingredients with zero per cent artificial Fragrance, Sulfates, Phthalates, Sodium Chloride, Bromides, Parabens, Aluminum compounds, Urea, etc. It includes-

Bay-laurel leaf extract: It helps in reducing scalp irritation and flakiness.

Lavender stem extract: It reduces scalp itching problems and soothes the scalp.  

Bamboo stem powder: Stem powder is a wonderful exfoliator of dead skin cells.

Pea sprout extract: It stimulates hair and scalp.

Using Procedure:

According to Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews, take a small amount of Neuma Scalp Therapy shampoo and lather it into wet hair. Massage for around two minutes and rinse thoroughly.


  • Manufactured by: Neuma.
  • Product Type: Hair treatment shampoo.
  • Product Dimension: 5.63 X 1.5 X 6.2 Inches.
  • Product Weight: 1.6 ounces.
  • UPC Number: 814891012314.
  • Product Price: 28 US dollars.


  • The product is for every hair and scalp type.
  • It amazingly soothes an itchy scalp.
  • It contains Glycerin, Seed Oil, Essential Oil, Sprout Extract, Corn Mint, etc., organic ingredient to reduce flakiness and dryness.
  • It protects hair and scalp from UVA and UVB oxidation.
  • Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews reveal a pleasant aroma that is purely natural (Essential Oil fragrance). No synthetic aroma has been added.
  • It is parabens and sulfate-free.
  • Besides the seller site, it is available on the various reputed online retail portal.


  • The first launching date is missing.
  • It has mixed reviews.
  • Comparing the price, product quantity is a bit less.

Is Neuma Scalp Therapy shampoo legit?

To verify if the product and the seller site is genuine or not, we have to review some points-

  • First Availability Date: It is not available on the site and other external sources.
  • Reviews: It possesses mixed Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews.
  • Site Domain Age: Neuma brand was established on 10th March 2003.
  • Address Information: Address is given.
  • Any Missing Information: No information is missing.
  • Trust Index: Trust score is more than average; it is 86%; hence it indicates low risk.
  • Social Media Links: It has Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.
  • Copied Content: 95% of the content is original, and 5% is plagiarized.

The site and the product seem genuine and legit; however, due to mixed reviews, buyers should verify again.

What do customers think about this product?

This hair care product has attracted people in the United States. On the Neuma site, the product has Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews, which is favourable with five stars.

Along with the Neuma site, this particular product is sold on the leading e-retail portal- Amazon, where it has received a number of reviews. 72% of remarks show the product is excellent; it exfoliates scalp wonderfully, it is ideal for dry and itchy scalp. 

Rest percentage indicates the product is somewhat worthy; users said that the product quantity was very less. One user mentioned that it was not effective on dandruff reduction, but she wanted to recommend the product because it made her hair soft and soothes the scalp.

The Conclusion about Neuma Scalp Therapy Reviews:

The product claims to be worked excellently on the dry and itchy scalp, and it is suitable for every scalp type. It does not possess any harsh chemicals and is blended with the organic extract. 

However, it has cultivated Customers’ mixed reviews. Plus, we did not get an idea when it was launched on the market.

The site has adequate details and a good trust score. So, if buyers want to purchase the product they can purchase, research is needed for safety purposes.

Which hair care product do you prefer to use? Kindly comment below!

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