National Chocolate 2021 (February) Scroll for Some Fact!


National Chocolate 2021 (February) Scroll for Some Fact! >> This article is about some interesting facts on chocolate that you may not hear evert before. Please read it to explore.

Valentine’s week has been started. This is the time to send the most valuable gifts to your loved one. Any gift becomes incomplete without chocolate. A giant chocolate bar is the mood setter that can bring you to positivity instantly.

A piece of chocolate is more than just a food item. For the loved ones, it is an emotion. Nothing starts suddenly. Therefore, the chocolate giving too has a long history. Therefore, National Chocolate 2021 will celebrate in different parts of the world, including India, United Kingdom, United States, Canada.

Why Do People Send Chocolate As Gift?

Chocolate is one of the aphrodisiac foods that inflame your burning desires and performances. From the Aztec’s time, chocolate is considered as a food that satisfies hormonal imbalance. This is a reason people send their beloved chocolate to make them physically fit.

 In ancient Europe, it was a tradition to send chocolate mixed with amber that stimulates adrenalin rush. It helps people give a better sexual performance. Also, chocolate has a significant impact on the emotional level. Giving someone chocolate is a sign of being with the person emotionally. So, you can send chocolate as the best gift to your friends, offspring, and parents too.

When Is National Chocolate 2021?

Chocolate is considered the best gift in most of the countries in the world. Also, they like to celebrate a different day for this mood setter. Different countries have their days to celebrate chocolate. However, there is a long history behind it.

In this year, 2021, October 28 is considered the National Chocolate day, and it is going to celebrate all over the world, including India, United Kingdom, United States, Canada.

National Chocolate Day History in a Nutshell:

Going back to 2,500 years, you will find the Aztecs, who were the founder of chocolate. They discovered chocolate in liquid form from Cocoa seed. They related this to Quetzalcoatl, the God of Wisdom.

That was the day when Cocoa seed was used as a means of currency. So, chocolate was valuable for them. After that, they started modifying their chocolate with the mixture of sugar. And the “bitter” chocolate became lip simpering for all.

It was the 16th century when chocolate turned into a sweet tooth. That was the time people start celebrating the chocolate day. 

Let’s have a look for some more information about chocolate before celebrating National Chocolate 2021.

Chocolate Gets Milky:

Nestlé was the first company that came out with a new idea called mild chocolate. They mixed condensed mink with dark chocolate and made a new thing called milk chocolate.

New Punch on Creating With the Old Chocolate:

Coenraad Van Houten, one of the famous Dutch chemists, invented chocolate power by pressing the cocoa seeds under hydraulic pressure; in this process, the cocoa butter separates from cocoa. Therefore, cocoa power has been produced.

Hershey’s Park on Cholate:

Here is one more fact on chocolate to make your National Chocolate 2021 worth celebrating. Milton Hershey, an American chocolatier, businessman, and philanthropist, created a park to give a more pleasant environment to America’s chocolate workers.

The Final Verdict:

Do you think that a piece of chocolate is just a means to carving? It’s more than that. There are lots of insider stories behind it. Also, it changes its formation when the chocolate starts travelling from one place to another.

Hope this piece of information will make your National Chocolate 2021 are great day. Do you have more share-worthy information about chocolate? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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