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Nanomagic Cloth Reviews [2020] Read This Before Buying

Nanomagic Cloth Reviews 2020

Have you ever felt pain seeing a scratch or scuff in your new and shinning car? Well, we all do. How much it hurts to see a tiny yet terrible scratch in our most favorite possession? You would probably go to the repairing shop and get the damage fixed by paying a hefty amount of money. 

Yes, that is what most people do. But you don’t have to pay huge sums anymore to remove stains from your car. All you need is to buy a Nanomagic Cloth to clean scuffs, stains, and scratches in your vehicle with this one single piece.

You must have used many car cleaning devices, gels, etc. but you would be amazed to see the difference with this product. This fabric is not any ordinary piece of cloth. It is a fabric made of nanofibers to allow deep cleaning of your car. If you haven’t heard or seen this magic cloth yet, read the Nanomagic Cloth Reviews to get more details. 

Also, we will share some interesting features of the other products – E-Cloth Window Cloth, Shine Force Scratch removal Kit, Bamoer Multipurpose Scratch Repair Cloth. These are quite popular worldwide so that you can compare all these products and choose the best one amongst all. 

Moreover, their presence on Amazon makes them perfectly legit, and you can also read other reviews and feedback given by the buyers.

So, please continue to explore more about them. 

What is Nanomagic Cloth?

The Nanomagic Cloth is a fabric that uses nanofibers to allow deep cleaning of your car to remove scratches, stains, and scuffs. This magic cloth is made with the help of nanotechnology and is permeated with mineral oils and metal powder. All these ingredients enable the magic cloth to remove scratches well and serve you as the best cleaning agent.

With its best qualities, Nanomagic Cloth is appealing to masses across countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The users of this cloth are all praising for this tiny bundle of magic.

You have to use this magic cloth for about 3 minutes to wipe out your car stains to get the best results. Of course, you would love to see the effect as your car would shine as it never did before. 

Who does Nanomagic Cloth cater?

Nano Magic Cloth caters to everyone who loves their cars, or we should say who are possessive about their cars. This product is undoubtedly working magic for those who can’t see a bit of scratch on their four-wheelers. 

The Nano Magic Cloth is making life stress-free for many, especially those who like to drive luxury cars. That is because, even if they get a scratch or two by mistake, they can quickly get them removed without anyone noticing.    

Doesn’t it sound interesting? The Nano Magic Reviews can help you know about the product further.

Benefits of Nanomagic Cloth

Here are some of the advantages of the Nano Magic Cloth:

  • The product is one of the easiest means of cleaning scratches and stains from your car
  • It is made up of nanotechnology microfibres infused with the goodness of mineral oil and metal powder to clean your car well
  • It takes only 3 minutes or less to get stains removed from your vehicle making it easy convenient to use
  • The magic cloth will help in keeping your vehicle ever new and shining 
  • Works wonderfully on different surfaces of diverse materials
  • The seller is offering a 50 per cent discount if you place your order immediately
  • The magic cloths serve best for removing scratch, stains and scuffs
  • The seller offers 90 days guarantee

Product specifications of Nanomagic Cloth

  • The nano magic cloth is made with the help of nanotechnology. 
  • The product has the benefits of metal powder and mineral oil 
  • It serves as the best cleaning medium 
  • Takes less than 3-minutes to clean robust stains
  • Works on all surfaces and different materials
  • Saves money on auto body fee
  • Enables seamless removal of car blemishes

How does Nanomagic Cloth work?

The Nanomagic Cloth works like a regular cleaning cloth. However, since the fabric is made with microfibres, metal powder and mineral oils, it works excellent on scratches and stains. You can wipe the stains and scuffs in your car with the help of this cloth to see best results. 

All it needs is to clean the scratch on your car with the magic cloth for less than 3-minutes. And all the spots on your vehicle that might be giving your heart an ache will be gone.

How to use Nanomagic Cloth?

Use the Nanomagic Cloth like any other regular cloth. Just wipe scratches with the help of this magic cloth for over 3 minutes to see the result.  The best thing about the product is that you get many benefits from just one simple fabric. Every spot in your car, including stains, scuffs, scratches, dirt, etc. gets eliminated in no time. 

What makes Nanomagic Cloth better than other similar products?

The primary thing that makes this simple cloth better than others is that it helps in saving heaps of money of the users. The same repairs will charge a considerable sum if you do it at a repairing shop.

Besides, the seller is offering a 50 per cent discount on the product on an immediate purchase. The magic cloth is very easy to use and takes almost no time to clean stains and scratches.   

What are users saying about Nanomagic Cloth?

Most of the Nanomagic Cloth users are extremely happy with the product and its service. This product is not just saving them money but also helping in keeping their prized possession in excellent condition. This product is also helping them in retaining the look of their car and making it blemish-free. The cloth works seamlessly and does magic to your car by making it deep clean.

Now it’s the time to read about some more products: E-Cloth Window Cloth, Shine Force Scratch removal Kit, Bamoer Multipurpose Scratch Repair Cloth

1) E-Cloth Window Cloth: It is one of the best microfiber cleaning cloth that could be used for scrubbing and polishing as well. 


  • Dimensions-6.25 x 1 x 7.75 inches
  • Weight- 4.3 ounces
  • It is a set of two clothes, one to clean windows, sills and frames. The second one is designed to dry glass.
  • It is cost saving and gives guaranteed results.
  • It has microfiber textiles.
  • It could work with just water.
  • It is ecofriendly.

  • It could be used for moping, washing, polishing, wiping, dusting, scrubbing

  • It has many happy customers worldwide

  • The package includes Glass & Polishing Cloth and a Window Cloth

  • It is Recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute in the UK

  • 4.8-star ratings on Amazon

  • Ranked as #2,673 in Health & Household on Amazon

  • Ranked as #7 in Household Cleaning Cloths on Amazon

  • Bleach can’t be used with it

2) Shine Force Scratch removal Kit– It is one of the best Car Scratch Remover Kit uses nanotechnology.


  • Dimensions- 7.99 x 5 x 0.24 inches
  • Weight- 0.776 ounces
  • Color- Black, Yellow
  • It has microfibers and the latest nanotechnology.
  • It contains- lubricants, emulsifiers, polishes, emollients, and mineral oils
  • It is already tested on 100+ vehicles.
  • It could be used to remove- bird dropping, paint oxidation, dirt, asphalt, etc.
  • It could also be used on Appliances and furniture.

  • It could be used for SUV’s, motorcycles, trucks, bikes, boats, and any other vehicle.

  • The company gives you 30-day money-back guarantee

  • It is cost-saving and fast to apply

  • It is safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Ranked as #4,191 in Automotive on Amazon

  • Ranked as #3 in Automotive Paint Removers on Amazon

  • 5-star ratings on Amazon

  • Deep scratches can’t be removed by it.

  • It could be used for light-colored paints only.

  • Available in only two colors

3) Bamoer Multipurpose Scratch Repair Cloth: It is one of the best polish and paint restorer which easily repair scratches as well. 


  • Dimension- 2 x 2 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight- 2.39 ounces
  • It easily repairs light scratches and, swirls
  • Nanotechnology
  • It will also restore shine and glossy look of your paint
  • It is safe to use on all colors and paints
  • It is used to remove- Nail scratches, Sand scratches, Slight scratches, Scraped with other vehicle’s paint and many more

  • Ranked as #3415 in Automotive

  • Ranked as #2 in Automotive Paint Removers on Amazon

  • It has received 3.8 star ratings on Amazon

  • It can’t be used to remove Deep scratches

  • It can’t remove the black plastic

  • It can’t remove Peeling to the bottom ash

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite product right now and give your car a professional like cleaning look. 


To conclude, Nanomagic Cloth seems to be a powerful tool to keep your car spot-free. This cloth looks like spilling magic on users worldwide. The 50 per cent discount available now is the added advantage of the product. Try your luck and see if this magic cloth can indeed work magic on you and your car.

Dear readers now its your turn to share feedback with us. 

Please feel free to share your views and your own Nanomagic Cloth Reviews. We are waiting!

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    1. NanoMagic magically took 15$ extra from me by tricking me into doing a survey for a supposed ‘free gift’ for participation. Shipping charge for this gift was 15$. Gave me no chance to decline the offer after seeing this charge. Very nefarious!!! BUYER BEWARE!

      1. It’s a big scam. If you google the address you can see it’s in the middle if the street. Not a valid address. Total fraud..

        1. I agree I believe it’s what is called drop shopping, I have been waiting 2 months for nanomagic cloth the tracking info is rubbish .its a scam avoid at all costs I ordered direct from their so called official site

      2. A bunch of garbage. I’m a professional detailer and wanted to try the Nano cloth and had a horrible experience. I tried a hair-line scratch before attempting a major scratch and I had to wipe for extended minutes, trying to remove this scratch, and with all the wiping, it left a haze on the car finish, leaving me no other option but to buff it out. Plus, the scratch was still slightly visible. Should have buffed it from the beginning. Killed me in time. Very disappointed.

      3. So did mine. No instructions as to how to use it came with it.How many times can we use one cloth ?No idea.First 2 were £22.00 and their enticed me into buying a third one at half price which is £15.00.A very good trick.Be watchful.
        I shall give proper review once I have tried it.

    2. If you did not go to you most likely found a scammer that gave you a one dollar cloth and some paste. The actual Nanomagic cloth that works great has no paste is uses metal infused into the cloth along with mineral oil. Also one should never use any provided links on Youtube. Anyone can use a video capture program and steal actual videos of a product working as advertised and then make a phony website with those videos. Always go to the manufactures website.
      Again the true Nanomagic cloth has NO PASTE!!!!

    3. If you did not go to you most likely found a scammer that gave you a one dollar cloth and some paste. The actual Nanomagic cloth that works great has no paste is uses metal infused into the cloth along with mineral oil. Also one should never use any provided links on Youtube. Anyone can use a video capture program and steal actual videos of a product working as advertised and then make a phony website with those videos. Always go to the manufactures website.
      Again the true Nanomagic cloth has NO PASTE!!!!

      1. Good advice. I learned that the hard way. Trusted the info. on the site. Spent a hundred bucks for nothing!
        After waiting a very long time for the product, looked up the company online and called, was told it was not them, but a fake site that stole their ID. I was out the $100. So sad, to bad! Can’t trust anything online!

    4. I ordered a Nanomagic cloth from the United States on the 26th June 2020. I keep tracking it and getting conflicting information. On the 12th July 2020 it said that my package was in the United Kingdom at a Post Office, but another e-mail says its at a Post Office in the United states. I am worried now having read some of the reviews that I have paid £34 for this and Im not going to receive my package.

    5. Greetings, I am a senior who does not order online, however, I was taken by your nanomagic cloths & on checking them out decided to order a couple. Not being familiar with Groupon ordering I realized when your confirmation came back that I had ordered more cloths than I wanted. I fired off an e-mail & asked that my order be changed for only 2 as that what was I wanted. To-day on going over my Mastercard bill before paying it, I noticed that I had still been charged for 2 lots, one @$45.20 & one @ $48.00. As times are more than a little challenging for we seniors these days I wud really appreciate you putting thru a credit for one lot or the other.
      I volunteer at our local food bank & was showing some of the men there this week how pleased I was with the results I got from your Nanomagic so, you will probably get a few orders from them over the next little while. Many tx for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Gerry Irwin
      Purchase date : Aug. 11
      Nanomagic I.D.: 828-6154525


      I tried it and ruined my car. Not only that I haven`t removed scratches but made them worse because nanomagic has left bad discoloration around where I was applying it. STAY AWAY!

  1. Tried this product on my ’17 black Camaro. Did absolutely nothing to remove scratches or even diminish them.

    James Jines
    St. Pete, FL.

    1. Same here! Bought the genuine article but it made no difference to several light scratches on my car’s bonnet. I feel ripped off!

  2. This product is a total waste of money.These people should be jailed. I bought the product, did didly shit , a waste of time.DO NOT BUY

    1. THANK YOU!! I was just filling in all of my purchase info on the NanoMagic site and decided to check and see some independent reviews. I am so glad I did. I’m sorry you lost money and I thank you for saving me money.

  3. I ordered a Nano Magic cloth and Promo Nanomagic nearly a month ago. They took my money but never delivered the goods. They have been sending me false tracking information. Despite several e-mails to them all they are doing is to send me false tracking information.
    Please check them out before you place an order to avoid getting duped.

  4. Beware of the “free” gift! I have not received my cloths yet but after taking a survey you can pick out a “free” gift worth $9.95. When you pay, the shipping is quite high. After some investigation, I found that they charge you an extra $9.95 in shipping for the “free” gift.

    1. I saw this cloth and the reports looked great. I ordered 2 ..about 6 weeks ago they took the money easy enough and never saw the product or my money again. sick of bastards like this online

  5. ordered about a month ago of an ad on KIJIJI and nothing but responses that go nowhere. Requested my money back but nothing but false information. SCAM

  6. Got Nano Magic Cloth in post after long delay. USELESS. No difference whatsoever after using the cloth for half an hour. THIS IS A SCAM AND THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM GOOGLE ADVERTISING>


  7. I tried it on my black 2008 Hummer 3 and it totally removed scratches which were done by a key. I followed instructions the first time and there were a few scratches left. I applied a second application and there were totally removed. How long it will last,only time will tell. I did thes two days ago, so we’ll see. Sc far, I amazed at the results. I use to paint cars so I’m familiar with all types of rubbing compounds. Too much rubbing especially with a courser compound and the paint will be removed.

  8. I’m a retired autobody, paint tech and trust me this is a ripoff. Remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. The only way to get rid of dents and deep scratches are bumping, sanding and repainting. Why do you think we have so many body shops, so as a cloth can do what they do? What a joke this crap is, don’t waste your money save it for your deductible. Hope this saves a few from wasting their hard earned money.

    1. Being you are the only positive response and sound exactly like the ad, I suspect that you are either with them or in cahoots. I will negate your review totally.
      Sounds as it always does – “If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!”

      1. If you did not go to you most likely found a scammer that gave you a one dollar cloth and some paste. The actual Nanomagic cloth that works great has no paste is uses metal infused into the cloth along with mineral oil. Also one should never use any provided links on Youtube. Anyone can use a video capture program and steal actual videos of a product working as advertised and then make a phony website with those videos. Always go to the manufactures website.
        Again the true Nanomagic cloth has NO PASTE!!!!

  9. Google take some resposibility
    Everybody is geting there money stolen
    Stop helping them to do the crime
    Take off there adds

  10. Everybody should report to the Police and make a complain to get more information and refund from the Scam .
    Problably they’re doing this for long period of the time. Solucion is contact a lawyer and rip them of.

  11. I have just ordered this product and the company added other items on that I did not order, so I ended up with a $170 AUD for a $44 cloth!. I think it is a SCAM and unfortunately PayPal are not taking calls at the moment to sort it out. I would not recommend buying this as you will end up with a huge bill and by the sound of the comments I have now read, it’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t work.

  12. What humanity will do for greed is unfathomable. During this Covid19 Crisis, some still care more about the almighty dollar than trying to help one another.
    I am so sick of these people with false promises trying to rip of the public, they should be lined up, and i better stop there.

  13. What humanity will do for greed is unfathomable. During this Covid19 Crisis, some still care more about the almighty dollar than trying to help one another.
    I am so sick of these people with false promises trying to rip of the public, they should be lined up, and i better stop there.

  14. Yeah it is a scam I ordered before finding out there were reviews I have sent numerous emails to them and they come back with the Corona Virus is holding up the shipping and when looking into the tracking that is about 8 different places where it has supposed to have been in the USA on its way to me. I have put it in the hands of authority and I suggest that you all do the same to retrieve your money.

  15. Folks, this is a SCAM. Plain ans simple: these ‘saviors’ provide you with a $1 rag micro fiber impregnated with $1 of polishing compound, in a bag…with NO directions. With no directions, these jackals can claim you did not apply the product properly. Never mind the fact that you can’t fix the lack of hardened clear coat by polishing, or even depositing a soft coating of ‘nano’ particles (whatever the hell those are). And if you ave scratches that have gouged paint, don’t think for a minute, that anything less than color matched paint will fix it.

  16. Thanks everyone. I won’t be wasting my money. Surprised the author hasn’t made a comment given the poor reviews.

  17. I ordered the cloths on 27/04 and they took my money and have not had any word from them. To me it suggests it is a scam

  18. Is this the USA, the BEST country in the world or a third world country. How can this people get away with this SCAM. I CANT believe that something like this would be allowed in our great Country.

  19. I wish I read the reviews before ordering!
    I pressed go and received no confirmation of my order
    So I did it again and no confirmation!
    Why do you tube allow this advert to continue if its a scam !!!!
    Kevin WA

  20. Thanks for your reviews. I just about considered buying but sounded to good to be true so I checked reviews. Just as I thought another rip off. What a strange and careless World we all live in.

  21. Thank god i read the reviews , never read so many damming reviews about anything
    what an absolute scam …do not let them advertise any more

  22. If you paid by Pay Pal, put in a dispute to them. I recently encountered a fraudulent company and read that another person used the same company and goods did not arrive. This person received a refund My goods did arrive and the item was trash! As soon as I put in my dispute to Pay Pal, the company offered a refund. Previous to this the company patronised me by sending emails informing the item was of good quality blah blah. I am still surprised that Pay Pal can intervene like this. I haven’t received my refund as yet but the company sent an email informing I was going to get it.

  23. Well, I did not appreciate the attempt to hujack my credit card info and make me buy more of the product. My order came without an invoice showing the charge and no address to send it back to. I had a scratch the length of a ruler on the back passenger door of my brand new navy blue (with sparkles) Toyota RAV 4. I must say, it did not totally remove the scratch, but it no longer is noticeable unless the light hits it just right. Then it is a barely noticeable, thin, blue line, I am pleased. There was a phone number with instructions for contacting customer care. I received two of the cloths and hope my credit card is billed correctly. Most shipments come with an invoice and return address. I am keeping the two cloths and will judge the scratch more after it goes through the car wash. I probably will buy more of them. They did work somewhat.

  24. I have reported to the police, not sure their interested, need to send to fraud squad.
    Paid and not received

  25. Thanks guys for saving me from another fraudulent scums. I did order last night but for some reasons it did not go through after I put in my payment info. Being a little suspicious, I decided to do a wide review search before I go back to reorder. I guess I have to look for other means to clean out the scratches on my vehicle.

  26. Just finished using this product on some light scratches on my vehicle. Sadly, this product did not work for me. Unfortunately, I saw no improvement in the scratches that I attempted to erase. I patiently rubbed lightly and remained doing so for many minutes per scratch and found no improvement in the car’s appearance. Be careful with this product as I have noticed some dulling of the paint where this product was used. A good buffing from a body shop should fix everything anyway. I’m out $36 which included shipping.

  27. All the comments above proved to me that this cloth is a “POS” so therefore am not buying. Thanks reviewers.

  28. This is a very dishonest, sneaky company. I never approved any purchase, as soon as you enter your payment details it automatically charges your card without showing you the price. How is it that this company is allowed to swindle so many people (i have read all the other complaints here), it seems that some people were charged hundreds of dollars for a simple cloth. Does anyone know how I can punish this company. I am willing to dedicate a large amount of time and energy to bringing this company to justice, it is about what is right and wrong.

  29. Well they seen me coming as they took my money ($45) a month ago and I haven’t seen anything. First time trying to purchase on-line and look what it got me….a scam. In the infamous words of Homer Simpson….. Dooh!!

  30. I have bought the cloth and it came with a pouch with some kind of paste in it. How do i use my cloth with it???

      1. Read the above comments. It is the scammers who sent your product. The real cloth does not use a paste. Be careful as it may damage your paint job. So sorry you lost your money. I do understand! So happy I looked for information on line before I made the purchase. Of course, I had a hundred dollar lesson before. Always look for reviews prior to making any online purchase.

  31. Thanks to all that have written a comment I have been reading heaps on this product and as one comment states: If it sounds to good to be true it isn’t ! Its a good scam as although being extremely suspicious and cautious there is still a part of me that wants to buy this cloth as I have a car I love and so much want to get rid of those unsightly scratches and its so expensive: Hence why scams work! they play on emotion instead of intelligence and even me being old and wise LOL I wont buy it but I want it! BUGGAR!!!

    1. Steve, you called it! Being old doesn’t mean we can’t be fooled! These scumbags need to be punished! They simply hi- jack a legit site and put their false info on it and wait for us to send them $! These are so bold they just add things to your card for extra money!

  32. I ordered the NanoMagic Cloth on 31st May as a birthday present for a friend and 20 days later and I am still waiting. I got so fed up with it all and cancelled the order. NanoMagic refuses to refund my money. Total waste of time and money. DO NOT DEAL WITH NANOMAGIC they are bunch of CROOKS. They never answer your questions, they never tell you the truth, they work on the assumption that you will finally hand them over you hard earned cash and give up. You can smell the bullshit miles away when they reply. Please keep your cash people.

  33. The Nanomagic cloth is a total scam, you order and don’t receive the order. tell you that it’s on it’s way, it’s in transit.
    When you request a refund they tell you , item is in transit.
    You will have to return items at your cost for postage first to get refund.
    The item never arrives, the tracking is fack.
    You will never get your money back
    Do not buy,
    Goggle you need to shut them down this scam!

  34. Another unsatisfied customer – having ordered and paid for back in early February, withe the usual confirmation and email with tracking details etc.
    Am still waiting for delivery in June.
    Google should listen to the voices of those that have had a similar experience and shut this company down, they are fraudulent to say the least and outright crooks.

  35. After about one month, the tracking number given showed my “cloth” had been delivered to some fantasy address in another state.
    I disputed the charge with my credit card company, and was credited right away. They will get the money back from those thieves.

  36. I made the mistake of ordering six pouches if this scratch pads. I have some minor scratches on hood of my car, i have used all six pads on the hood and the scratches are
    still there. This took a couple of hours with absolutely no change, not even the smallest scratch. This Nano garbage does not work. Its nothing but an expensive wax.

  37. BUYER BEWARE! This is a total wast of your money and the review you see in their website are total lies! not only I wasted my money also got my car paint removed by this awful piece of cloth sxxx! I asked for refund and made massive complaint plus sent pictures of the car paint being removed and all I got was this :
    Angelie (HelpWithMyOrder)
    Jul 4, 2020, 11:16 PM PDT
    Normally, when a customer return their items, they have to make a trip to the post office and then pay for shipping. Shipping the item/s back can cost anywhere from $8-$18 depending on your location and how many items you are trying to return. In addition, it takes time for us to receive your items and to process your refund. Between the shipping times and the time it takes to process your refund, it can take up to 2-3 weeks for you to get your money back.
    To save you time and money, we would like to offer you a quicker solution:
    We can refund 65% from the amount of the item right now – and you can keep the items. In the end, you don’t have to make a special trip to the post office or pay for shipping (which could end up costing you more). You also get to keep the items and we can process your refund right away!
    Please let us know which option you decide to choose.

    So you loose anyways and they get your money anyways! BIS MASSIVE SCAM! Do not buy!!

  38. THANK YOU all for your honest reviews! I was on the verge of deciding whether or not to try this….NOT NOW!! I’m sorry so many lost money and time 🙁 but I appreciate your reviews

  39. Paid for the cloths 3 weeks ago no confirmation,tried to contact them no response,it appears to be a scam,lost my £26.00 let this be a warning to others.If they do arrive will post how well they work or if they are rubbish.

  40. OK i’ve ordered a bogof 2 cloths because i have key scratches on my ecosport but ordered via paypal .. If they do not arrive claimback of paypal. If they don’t work lesson learned .. At least its not pension being scammed ..

  41. This stuff is a GIANT rip-off. Not only doesn’t work money guarantee big joke. Was unable to contact the company. PayPal hasn’t been able to contact the company for reimbursement. This is how this company is making millions of dollars by selling junk product. DON’T BUY THIS JUNK.

  42. I did not purchase one of the items nanocloth for 2 $36.00. No phone # to reach them. BIG TIME RIP OFF What can we do?

  43. I too was filling out my info and got to where you enter credit card number and decided to check further. Was about to kick out $70 for 5 of these. Thanks Marcia and all others replying for saving me money also!

  44. If you’ve read this far, you can probably see the next part coming, but here it is anyway: This isn’t for big scratches. Test one with your fingernail before you buy—if it’s deep enough to feel, you need more than a kit.

  45. Thank you. I think this product might work; however I did some research and found many OTHER similar products that may be nearly as good if not better for less than a THIRD of this “special half price offer” ($7 US). ADDITIONALLY, many are available on Amazon, and probably will not have the delays that direct ordering is causing. If I am going to risk money on trial and error, I’d rather it be $7 than $30.

  46. Hundreds of complaints here and yet this company is still operating how can this be- DO NOT BE FOOLED THEY ARE NOT LEGIT AT ALL!
    But how do we take them down – they just keep operating!!

  47. I used for the first time this morning to remove a small scratch from my the door on my new 2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum. It totally remove it. I’m so happy!😀

  48. Light finger nail scratches appeared to disappear, but were back within 2 days as were others.
    total waste of time and effort and costly. keep clear 5 and save your money Extortionate.

  49. Its definitely not nice getting scammed l have been caught 2 times myself but l do not buy anything online without buying thru PayPal you can do a claim online at the resolution centre and they do refund the money if found dodgy l have now done this several times as there are so many scammers out there. l hope this helps also you can look up reviews and use google to search cheaper items as l have been caught with Us dollars paying way more than l should have. Online buying is def a love hate relationship.

  50. Nano cloth claims it can repair paint that’s been scratched through the top paint into the primer. It even shows slight dents removed by this magic nano rag. If you look close their advertising screams SCAM! I tried bringing this out in their comments and it was rejected saying their server was busy. This product is a 100 per cent SCAM!

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