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Here is the good news for the citizens of Georgia, United States. The Government has launched a website that enables the citizens of the state to get Covid-19 vaccines.

Eligible residents can register themselves with the site Governor Brian Kemp announced on February 18, 2021, the launch of the new website. He mentions how residents can get registration for Covid-19 vaccine shots. 

What do you know about the Myvaccinegeorgia?

Myvaccinegeorgia is an official website where the citizens can enlist their details to get vaccines for Covid-19. The Government set-up the official website twelve days ago. However, the website is under maintenance at present. Hence, users will find it tough to register with the site. 

As per the Governor, residents eligible for Phase 1A vaccines for Covid-19 can pre-register them with the website. 

How do ineligible candidates can get vaccinated?

The citizens who are ineligible at present can also get registered with Myvaccinegeorgia.comThey need to sign up and will get emails once they are eligible for the vaccine shots.

Who are eligible to get the vaccine?

The Government has announced a priority list according to which the citizens will get vaccinated.

  • All health care workers who are working at the front line during this Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Citizens who are 65 years or more and their attendants. 
  • Persons who are working with the law enforcement department.
  • EMS, firefighters, and 911 operators. 

The Government mentions the priority list, and as per the announcement, people can pre-register with the Government website to get vaccine shots at first. 

Procedure to get registered with

James Stallings, the Director of Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, mentions the registration process. 

  • At first, the users need to open the website of Myvaccinegeorgia.
  • They have to fill in the necessary details to continue to sign up. 
  • After signing up, the user will receive a mail within 24 to 48 hours. 
  • The mail will include additional information relating to the appointment schedule. 
  • The registered person will get a QR code that you can download on mobile. 
  • Showing this QR code, you will get the vaccine at the vaccine site. 

Reviews of people about the official site

We have checked whether is working or not. Citizens of the United States will find it unable to open the site. It is a new website, and hence it is under maintenance now. It seems that intended aspirants need to wait for some time to get registered with the website. 

Final Thought

Setting up an official website for the citizens to get an appointment for the Covid vaccine is no-doubt a praiseworthy effort taken by the Government. People will find it easy to enlist their details and get the vaccines when their turn arrives. 

The citizens of Georgia have to wait a while until the website starts working to receive applications. 

Are you eligible to get Covad-19 vaccines? Do you want to get registered with Myvaccinegeorgia.comPlease share your valuable outlook in the box mentioned below.

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