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Myblackreceipt com Reviews [June] Understand Truth and Decide!

Myblackreceipt com Reviews 2020

Myblackreceipt com Reviews [June] Understand Truth and Decide! >> The article is about the movement going on against racism and inequality against the black people.

The movement began when a recent horrific incident happened in Minneapolis last month. The whole world was shocked when a man from a different race was harassed and pinned down until his last breath. The website is about the revolution of changing the mindset of the narrow-minded people. In this article, we will study the Myblackreceipt com Reviews.

Millions of articles have been published against racism in the United States. But no action has been taken since from when the incident happened. The public are marching for justice for equality from the government. Several protestors were injured during the protest against the government policy.

The website is all about showing the black people’s contribution to American history, community, and participation in the nation-building. The site is showing the power of the black community that how much they finance the country.

What is the main aim of this website?

The website Myblackreceipt is more for publicity as per a few reviews to earn money. But most of them are seeking this as an opportunity to show the power of black people living in America. According to the website, they are requesting to black people and from their allies to buy products from a black-owned business or shop.

It is to show the community power and on June 19, which they called Juneteenth. They want to continue this movement until Independence Day of America that is July 4.

The Receipt Movement

The Receipt movement will show not only the community power but also the impact on America buy black people. If a buyer purchases the product, they will receive a receipt, and that receipt will be a weapon against the racism. It will encourage others to buy black that will change the mindset of the others about the black people and give Myblackreceipt com Reviews.

The movement is not only upto the receipt; the website is also asking for donations. If anyone wants to donate funds, they can donate, and they will receive a receipt to show the revolution. The fund will be used for arranging programs, March, protesting, and for feeding the people who will attain the protest against racism.

The website will launch on June 19, and it is requested to all the black people and from allies to purchase the product from a black-owned business.

How will the black movement work?

For that, you can visit the website on June 19. Then you will have to fill all the details about you like name, input the black-owned purchase, and then put the amount. After then you will receive the receipt which you have to upload it with a Yes.

The website will start on June 19 and will ends on July 4 during Independence Day. So, you have to upload the receipt during that day. The site is looking to form a group of fifty organizations. Any organization can also join, or if a group of fifteen people wants to join the movement, they can backup it by purchasing from the black-owned business.

Anyone can also add their business to the Myblackrecipt list; the more the people will join the movement, the strong it will go. Other business owners can register themselves on the list to enroll themselves in the black-owned business directory. The file must increase to show the contribution of the black people financially to the country.

The organizers who are behind this movement are:

  • HBCU Wall Street
  • Knox Street Studios
  • WeBuyBlack
  • Black upStart
  • Broccoli City

The movement is planning to generate 5 million dollars within 15 days and are seeking to raise the fund above the cutoff mark. Many of Ngo’s and organizations are sharing their hand to help the movement. The donation will be used for the noble cause only after deducting the tax as per the website.

The movement will continue until July 4, so the organizers are looking to get more and more people’s involvement. Their main objective is to raise an army of black-owned buyers and sellers and cooperate and unity among the black people. It will help to increase the voice against injustice and what is happening against the black people.


The incident that happened last month is a dent on the status of the country. During our study, we found that organizations are participating in the movement, but whatever you do, maintain the law and do with all safety.

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  1. I love this I’m a black businessman I have my own company with my two beautiful daughters and to see the love and care we are starting to have for one other is amazing

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