Mishot to Win .com (July) Know The Detailed Information!

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Mishot to Win .com (July) Know The Detailed Information! >> Read this below content to know a sweepstake that is now going on; know the eligibility criteria, prize amount, applying process, and much more.

What if Covid-19 vaccination can allow winning millions of cash- pretty nice, right? Yes, recently, a lottery-type raffle has begun in the United States.

After the announcement, the contest has received huge applications. Are you willing to know how to win the grand prize on Mishot to Win .com?- then please stay on this page.

What is the contest?

According to official data, the contest that has been initiated recently is an awareness campaign to give incentives to the Michiganders to obtain the Covid-19 vaccines as early as possible. The main motto to this campaign is to enhance the percentage of the state’s vaccination by around 9%. Meijer is powering this giveaway event by collaborating with the ‘State of Michigan’ and ‘Michigan Association for United Ways.’

As per the internet news, this giveaway event received more than 464K applications on Mishot to Win .com in the United States within 1 day of the announcement, done by Governor’ Gretchen Whitmer.’ Additionally, the Governor’s office has notified that the announcement and the news coverage generated massive free publicity and awareness of the Covid-19 vaccine’s importance.

Who is eligible?

Currently, a total of 4 types of different giveaways are going on-

  • 1 Million USD Drawing.
  • 50000 USD Daily Drawing.
  • 2 Million USD Drawing.
  • Scholarship Drawing.

The Eligibility Criteria for 1 Million USD:

Anyone can participate if they are above 18 years old and get the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines between 01/12/2020 and 10/07/2021.

The Eligibility Criteria for 50000 USD on Mishot to Win .com:

A person who is 18+ years old and received the first dose of vaccine on the date is eligible for it.

The Eligibility Criteria for 2 Million USD:

Applicants who have an age of above 18 and received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines between 01/12/2020-30/07/2021.

The Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship Drawing:

Eligibility age criteria is 12-17, and those who have the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines between 01/12/2020-30/07/2021.

Note: The timing for participating in the daily drawing is on the previous day within 11.59 pm ET. 

How to participate on Mishot to Win .com?

The site says people have 2 ways to enter the sweepstakes-

  • Online.
  • Via Phone.

Online Application: Visit the official site and put the credentials to complete the entry form. Then you will receive one entry pass for this giveaway.

Telephonic Application: Via phone, you have first to dial the Covid-19 hotline number and then enter 1 to give the information you have been asked to receive one entry pass for this event.

Note: Only the applicants should make an entry; otherwise, it will be treated as invalid.

Final Thought:

If you are more than 18 and have already received coronavirus vaccination with the mentioned, you can apply on Mishot to Win .com to win this massive amount. The event started on 1st July 2021 and will end on 3rd August 2021. Kindly tell us if you have any queries about it. For more details, please visit the official site of Mishot 

Have you already participated in the event? Share your experience below.

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