Minzy Store Masks Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Minzy Store Masks Reviews 2020

Minzy Store Masks Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you got to know about the best place to look for the best quality masks.

Ever wondered of the most effective and efficient method to protect you from the rising levels of pollution? Let Minzy Store Masks help you.

We see a lot of health issues rising due to an increase in pollution levels. It has now become one of the major factors for the ill health of people. The crowd has been seen suffering from varied diseases like asthma, cancer, infections in lungs and throat, etc, resulting from pollution.

Currently, when people are becoming more health-conscious, Minzy Store Masks bring an excellent product to accomplish their basic health requirements. Keeping in mind the basic precautions for a human body to be healthy, the store is an expert at providing “Filter Activated Carbon PM 2.5 masks”.

The company is serving its best in United State and gaining high popularity. 

What is Minzy store all about?

Minzy Store is an online store that is into selling a variety of products. Water tumblers, bedding sheets, handbags, masks, etc, are a few items from the long dropdown of products. It has various types of designs, colours, patterns, shades, etc. in bags and bedding sheets. For tumblers, variety comes in ranging from kids to adults. 

The prices are reasonable for anything you choose to buy. The store has popped up with masks which provide the best quality in best prices. Minzy Store Masks comes with filter activated carbon. It can stop dust, minute chemicals, pollens, and all the allergic components away from you; hereby promises to keep you healthy.

But, is it always a brainy decision to invest in a product or a seller without having a complete knowledge? Maybe not. Claiming any product as useful or waste of money would be unfair; at least until we provide you with the complete summary of authenticated information.

Specifications of the Minzy Store:

  • Shipping time- 5-10 business days
  • Delivery time- 5-10 business days
  • Exchange- applicable
  • Return- applicable (item to be returned in 30 days)
  • Company address- 679 Santina River New Bethany, Virginia
  • Email address-  support@minzystore.com
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard

Possible cons of ordering from Minzy Store:

  • Product delivery takes too long that might frustrate the buyer.
  • The store does not support cash on delivery, which is another issue.
  • Even after waiting for so long, if there is any issue with the product, it would take even longer for getting replaced.

Points that make Minzy Store Masks unique and smart to invest:

  • Soft and comfortable nose clip which helps in easy adjustments
  • Rapid airflow valve system reduces heat and moisture yielding sniff exhale
  • Earloop strap keeps the mask on preventing it to slip down
  • Has 2 activated carbon filter layers for enhanced purification

How is Minzy Store Masks different from the ordinary masks?

These days a large percentage of the populace is allergic to many substances around. Few are allergic to dust, few to dirt, few to pollens and even few too strong smells. People who are prone to such allergies already possess low immunity, and may increase in future. 

These problems may even result in fatal situations. Cure in early stages helps in better results in future. But, wouldn’t it be better to take precautions rather than curing it? It has always been a medical fact!

 Minzy Store Masks have the capability of protecting the wearer. They can be worn while doing the gym while exercising, while trekking, while skiing, and while random walks. Ordinary masks are generally not capable of holding the outside particles. These unwanted substances enter nose and mouth causing health issues. 

Ordinary masks also not promise this level of quality. Most masks can be seen as one-time use, which also increases the cost of the buyer. One time investment in Minzy Store Masks can make a huge difference.

Mask helps in cutting off the chance of any disease of transmitting when you come in contact with an infected person. However, masks make a lot of difference when you are just walking around the town or travelling in some public transport or attending a meeting with a large population.


Hence, the entire context can be concluded as, Minzy Store Masks can be proved highly important for many. People can protect themselves from the unwanted environmental particles. Masks simply act as a protection shield not only for the people who are immune to allergy, but also the general crowd.

0 thoughts on “Minzy Store Masks Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. They are very deceptive! The adress says Virginia, but they are really in China! I ordered from them on April 5th and still do not have my masks. There is still no tracking number, just days processing. I got a hold of paypal who in turn got a hold of them. They gave paypal a trackng number for my order, but when i tried it, it was a broken link! NOW I’M OUT $104.83 DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

    1. I have ordered my mask on April 18th. $210. Still no mask. No response to my emails. I’m filing a claim now.

  2. My Order number is MIN13965 and I ordered it April 14 and I was wondering when is it supposed to arrive

  3. Stay away from these crooks! Ordered April 9th, and never received the mask. They eventually sent me a tracking number for shipping, but it’s not a valid number. This is a total SCAM!

  4. I ordered my masks over a month ago or longer and received nothing. Have my order number and no one to reach. Facebook should be responsible for my money back.

    1. DONATO ,

      I have email them several times , they are stating it is being delayed because of them having to make them and because of the covid19. they keep telling me to be patient they are on there way .The tracking # states that is in 2 towns away since 05-10-20 . Left several emails even to the CFO and nothing ..

      I am getting ready to call my credit card company to get the money back .. You should do the same ..

      I hope you and everyone else gets this resolved soon .

  5. I ordered April 14th and nothing! Do not order from Facebook ads.. turns out they are all from China and are all scam artist!! Reporting to my bank as fraud.. and now the website is gone.. 100000000% scammers!!!

  6. I ordered on April 15th order #MIN15095. I sent a message on April 30th as to when I could expect my order no reply. I would like to know when I can expect my purchase please.

  7. I ordered 3 mask on April 4, 2020 and still haven’t received them. I received an email on April 15th saying that the order was on the way, and now May 18th, still haven’t received them. Now I’m out of almost $100. Initially when I emailed I received a response, now, no one is responding. This place is a TRUE SCAM!!!!

  8. I ordered in April they still have not got my package I’m contacting PayPal and I’m contacting federal government because they scamming people left and right and it’s a crime

  9. They. Are a scam I called the federal government about it and they are going to start investigation . I keep getting bullshited I ordered in April got track number says it in chinco ca but it’s bull shit . .I contacted them and they keep bullshit or don’t answer I informed them that I contact the federal government and I also contacted our bank and a lawyer I’m not playing when it comes to our hard earned money

  10. Total scam! I ordered as well 4/14 but never got them. I’ve sent several emails but no response. Do not order from them

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