Milmelo com Reviews [Aug] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Milmelo com Reviews 2020

Milmelo com Reviews [Aug] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not? >> Fond of artificial grass mats, seeds, and pots for lawn and gardens, read the reviews here.

Do you want to purchase grass to decorate your garden or looking for some greenery in the backyard?

Most people look for grass to make their balcony pretty or look for pasture for their new lawn. Many don’t go for the traditional grass seeds that were used before for many purposes. Nowadays, markets have expanded, and innovation has taken place. The time to grow the grass and then style them is long gone. It takes only a few hours to install artificial grass mats in homes. The concept of fitting artificial grass is famous in the United States.

By Milmelo com Reviews, we have found that many companies are selling a variety of options to pick, and it can be not easy to choose the best that accommodates your garden or lawn.

We have done our research and discovered one such company. In this section, we have provided all the vital information to check Is Milmelo com Legit or not. 

What is Milmelo?

The Milmelo com is the installation company for artificial grass that is operated from the United States. The company provides custom products delivered directly from the suppliers and production houses and meet our intense collection process. The artificial grass for lawn or garden is an All-in-one grass covering that is placed immediately. They offer potted plants and decorative items for the garden and perfect for patio or balcony. The site surprisingly has a sports section but includes only one option. 

Specifications of Milmelo:

  • Website type: Online store for artificial grass and garden pieces 
  • Website link: 
  • Shipping: Shipping 3-5 days with different shipping charges
  • Returns: 14 days of purchase
  • Return address: Not mentioned 
  • Cancellation and Refunds: Not mentioned  
  • Company address: Not mentioned
  • Customer contact:
  • Company’s email address: not mentioned 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal and Credit Cards 

Pros of Milmelo

  • Worldwide shipping available. 
  • Biodegradable grass installation.
  • Suitable for fixing and patching lawns
  • The process is easy to install
  • The products are fire-resistant.

Cons of Milmelo

  • It takes an effort to grow the seeds.
  • Many navigation buttons on the site are not working. 
  • Limited product option to choose from.
  • The domain was registered a few months ago.
  • No company details and addresses are mentioned. 
  • This website is not popular by Alexa ranking. 
  • The domain uses a free email id. 
  • The high price of all products. 
  • No social media channels are mentioned. 

Is Milmelo legit to consider?

From Milmelo com Reviews, we have looked at all the specs of the site whether the customer should trust the site. 

First, the site was newly registered and is flawed. The people who scam the customers always have a new site to trick them. If you buy anything from the site, there is only limited modes pf payments option to its customers. There is a great risk of spending your money by purchasing grass mats or pots through this shop.

The site has no owner information and also the company details to check if it can be trusted or not. The email id for the customer contact provided on the page is also not real. The domain has a free email, and the shops that work on free mails like Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook are suspicious. 

According to the Alexa score, the website is not accessible, which checks if the customer is buying from the store or like it. There are also no social media accounts and online presence. The site cants are trusted if it does not feature the customer review or ratings. Thus the conclusion to Is Milmelo com Legit is that no the site is fraud and scammed many people. 

How are the customer’s views about Milmelo?   

The Milmelo com Reviews found that the absence of any social media accounts. There is no customer base and online presence of the site. The site can only be trusted if the product has reviews and ratings, but it has none of that information. 

The shop is operated from the United States and found that many customers filed the scam reports against this website. Many customers listed this site as a scam and confirmed nothing was delivered. The customer support is nil. 

Final Verdict:

After examining Milmelo com in detail, one may instantly say that the site is a scam and swindles people’s money. The company has no presence outside the store, and the information on the website is also misleading and plagiarized. The site is not to be trusted if it’s new, and this is the case with it. The customer has filed many complaints against this site form scamming them. We want the buyers to be conscious of all such dubious sites and not buying anything from here.

0 thoughts on “Milmelo com Reviews [Aug] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

  1. I purchased TWO leaf, privacy screens. The products were shipped from CHINA with the most nauseating smell. The privacy screens look cheap and nothing like the online photos.

  2. I did buy from them and eventually received cheap inadequate goods nothing like the photos or description total rip off and unable to do anything about it .

  3. Milmelo is a Shopify store. I got scammed too by Milmelo. If you did too, you can complain to Spotify and they will take down the website. Right now, they think I’m the only one who has gotten scammed. I bought five of their privacy screens and it took two months to receive the items FROM CHINA, when they say that they ship from the USA. Also, the items were garbage!!! Not at all what it shows on the website.

  4. DO NOT BUY FROM MILMELO! Bought $100 worth leaf privacy screens. After over 2 months, I get something like a school project with cheap fake leaves with lots of zipties (worth about $10).

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